Clone Wars Clonetroopers 3 pack

There's a new guest reviewer here tonight - Chris!  He picked up the new Clone Wars three pack of troopers (of which there will be five or six variations), and whipped up a great little review for us.  Take it away!

About Chris - My name is Chris, and I'm 21 years old.  I've always had toys since I was much younger, but I haven't really started collecting until about a year and a half ago.  I collect mainly LOTR, Marvel Legends, and Star Wars.  I have tons of WWF/WWE figures, but that really died out with me.  I'm a big fan of your site, and I visit it quite often.  Your reviews are usually very accurate, and I agree with them very much.

Packaging - ***
This is a fairly new color set up for a Star Wars figure.  The card isn't really blue anymore like the Saga figures.  It's now a Tan and White set up, with other figures in the set on the back.  Pretty standard I suppose.  The figures are easily displayed, and held in place with one to two twist ties each.  Unfortunately, my younger sister made short work of the card before I got to get a shot of it.

Sculpting - **1/2
There's nothing to write home about here.  The head sculpt seems the same from the Ep2 Clone Trooper figure.  Each figure on the card (3 total) has it's own sculpt for the body: Crouching, Standing and Prone.  I've taken a liking to the crouching trooper.  All 3 stand perfectly well without any type of base or figure stand.

Paint - **
I couldn't really give these guys more than 2 stars, because there isn't much paint there!  All 3 are simple black and white.  The whites nice and shiny, and the black is, well, black.  There was some black running onto the white around the shoulder area, and it made it look sloppy.  All the other cards on the peg had this same problem, so I looked for the best one.  There's no paint on the guns, they are all a solid black.

Articulation - **
Again, I couldn't give the articulation more than 2 stars because there isn't much at all.  Pretty much just the shoulders, waist and neck move.  No elbow or knee joints, but the articulation they have serves the purpose well enough if you choose to display these out of the card.

Accessories - **
2 Rifles and a pistol.  Thats all.  Nothing special about them.  At least the Clone Trooper from Ep2 had a nice painted rifle.  These are just solid black.

Value - ***
At $12.99, it's not a bad deal.  Even though there is barely any articulation or paint application, your still getting 3 figures.  A standard Star Wars figure runs anywhere from $4.99 to $5.99 at most retailers, so it's really a good deal.  If you have a brother that works at a Kay Bee Toy Works and has an employee discount, the deal is even sweeter ;)

Overall - ***
Overall, I'm gonna go with 3 stars.  If the price was anymore than what I paid for it, the rating would drop a half a star or so.  They are simple figures, and great for building your Clone Trooper army.  They really don't compare to the Storm Trooper or Sand Trooper troop builder kits, but I really cant complain.  For me, they do their job well sitting on my shelf with the other Troops.

Where to Buy - 
I found these guys at my local Kay Bee Toy Works, but I've seen other figures from the assortment at TRU.  I'm sure Target and Walmart will be getting these in also.


Figure from the collection of Chris.

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