Detective Series from Action Figure Paradise

A couple years ago, you couldn't turn around in a comic shop without tripping over a new line from a new action figure company.  These days, new companies are far and few between.  But there's a few brave souls looking to break into the market.

One of those is Action Figure Paradise.  They are trying to break into the sixth scale market, and their first release is the 'Dectective Series', made up of three figures - Sgt. Mike D, Vice Squad, Nicky, Crime Prevention Unit, and Brett out of Robbery Division (left to right above!).  They are designed to be New York City detectives. Suggested retail on these is $18-$24 each. 

Packaging - ***
The boxes are fairly straight forward, with good visibility of the figure and accessories.  The backdrop in each box looks good, and the box has no wasted space.  It's also collector friendly, and you can remove the figures easily and put everything back later if you so desire.

Sculpting - *
I know how tough it is for new companies, but the sculpting on sixth scale figures is a crucial aspect.  Unfortunately, these three need much better head sculpts.

About the best I can say is that they have heads.  Okay, so maybe it's not that bad, but these heads look very much like something you'd find in the doll aisle, and Nicky is the worst of the three - even Ken would kick his ass.

The heads are soft and hollow, so they should be fairly easy to swap out.  This is an area that AFP will have to focus on with later releases.

Paint - **1/2
The paint ops are acceptable, with fairly clean lines.  The only problem is really the lack of detail, particularly on the accessories.  They could have been much nicer looking if the radios or pagers had more detail added or highlighted with the paint ops.

Accessories - ***
There are a decent number of accessories, but the quality of them varies greatly.  There are 7; .38 revolver (die cast metal), radio, badge, pager, handcuffs, shoulder holster, and pouch for the cuffs.

The .38 is the best of the bunch.  Not only is it die cast, but the cylinder swings out, and the brass casings in the cylinder are painted.  It's the only detail item painted on any of the accessories.

On the other end of the spectrum are the handcuffs.  While the metal chain is a nice touch, the cuffs themselves are very thin plastic, don't open, and are too small.  They are definitely not in scale.

In between are the rest, as you might imagine.  The pager, badge and radio all fit nicely on the belt.  The cuff pouch opens and closes easily, and the cuffs fit nicely in side.  For a first line, the accessories are fairly decent.

Oufit - ***
The outfits are my favorite part of these figures.  All three suits are well made, with good quality material, good stitching, and good tailoring.

What surprises me most is that all three are actually stylish.  The colors of the shirts work extremely well with the suits, and the ties actually look like real ties.  The scale is great, and I love the little tie tack on each one.

The belts work fairly well to, with a decent buckle, and it fits on the figure and in the belt loops just fine.  There's also socks, and a decent shoe sculpt.

Articulation - **1/2
These are pretty standard, basic bodies.  Brett was more than happy to pose for the nekkid shot.  While the articulation has a long way to go to compete with the big boys, I had no trouble getting the figures to stand on their own, and the joints were nice and tight.

Value - **
The price point on these is currently around $20.  The biggest killer here is the Soldiers of the World line, which is able to produce similar figures with greater articulation in the $10 range.

Of course, SOTW weren't nearly as good at the start as they are today, so if AFP works at it we may see these improve as well.

Overall - **
It's nice to see another company trying to make it in the market, and I think that if AFP can improve the head sculpts, and find a better articulated body, they may produce some interesting items.  They have plans to do a western line, which I'm very interested in of course, and also to do an 'adventurer' series that will include a very Indy-like figure.

Where to Buy
You can buy these directly from their site right now, and there's a few on-line retailers carrying them as well:

- Entertainment Earth has the set of three for about $60 plus shipping. (MROTW Affiliate)

- or you can check out this month's Giveaway!  I'm giving a full set of the three away, so head on over and entire your email for a chance to win.

Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford.

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