Terminator T-800 Endoskeletons

Today's review is from a long time friend of mine, and major sixth scale collector - Brant Rusch.  If anything can be said about Brant, it's that he has opinions - so why not share!  Take it away, Brant!

First a quick thanks to Mike for hosting and maintaining one of the best Toy Review sites on the web!

Now that we have the "palm greasing" out of the way, lets get down to business. If you are a fan of the Terminator flicks, dig toy robots in general, or just plain love CREEPY METALLIC SKELETONS WITH HIGH-POWERED WEAPONS (like me), then RUN! (don't walk!) to your favorite Japanese toy import shop of choice and plunk down the $25 bucks (each) to check out these two figures. Made in China by Japanese toy maker Aoshima-BK these two Terminator T-800 Endoskeletons are pretty impressive. Standing about 8", and coming in two flavors: a Plasma Rifle version in standard silver color, and a Small Arms version (comes with Uzi, shotgun, and 45 long slide...with laser sighting I kid you not) which comes in a blue-ish silver color. In a word, awesome. And unlike the McFarlane Toys version due out in the next Movie Maniacs series, these guys are as articulated as any modern GI Joe or Dragon Models IMPRESSIVE. 

Heavy, sturdy cardboard with great frontal illustrations. Inside you'll find the same type of tray and "cover" you find in most 12" figures these days. Figure can be removed, assembled (pop on the head, pop in the arms and legs into the torso, you're done!) and then disassembled and returned to the box. Packaging for the two is nearly identical, with the Small Arms version coming in the blue box and the regular Plasma Rifle version coming in the red box..

I honestly don't think you could do much better in terms of sculpting. Since I don't have a life-size studio prop handy, I'll have to say from memory these guys look damn near perfect. The rear neck "wires" and those protruding from the top of the shoulders down into the chest area are not plastic tubing, but instead real metal almost spring-like material. As you can see it looks awesome. Small detail wins big points with me..

Silver or Blue, take your pic. Some parts are left in the standard dull grey plastic, knee joints and the "ball heel" of the foot. Not sure why, but its hardly noticeable, along with the "torso pistons" on either side of the ribcage. Red dots in the eyes complete the look. The only detraction I would give is the teeth are not painted white enamel, but I can't remember now if the T-800's in the movies had white or silver teeth..

The Plasma Rifle version comes with an extra right hand, and a Phased Plasma doubt in the 40 watt range, the preferred range of futuristic cybernetic killing machines everywhere. Small Arms version comes with a spare hand, and instead of the Plasma Rifle you get an Uzi, a Shotgun, and...hey didn't I already cover this up above? :) That's it however.......personally I would have liked to have seen a mound of crushed human skulls to stand these guys on, but I'm probably in the minority there :D.

Super Articulated. Think your basic modern 12" figure only scaled down. Wrists rotate, shoulders rotate and extend, biceps swivel. Head is on a ball-joint, jaw opens and closes. Waist tilts and swivels, hips and thighs swivel and rotate, shins rotate and bend, ankles are ball joints. Oh, ok,
a few points off...the fingers are not individually articulated. Pfeh......slackers. :).

Here is the best part...I only paid about $24 bucks each for these guys. Which, considering what you are getting, and considering its an import (think: expensive), I find more than reasonable. I've certainly paid more for lesser figures in the past, thats for sure. Making these 8" guys a real bargain. Granted they're plastic, not metal, but on the shelf its HARD to tell they're not actually made out of steel.

Overall - ***1/2
Come on, these are the best T-800's out there. I don't see them at alot of places, so check around and see who can get them. I have a feeling you'll be as impressed as I am.

Figure from the collection of Brant Rusch.

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