Target Exclusive B-Wing

Star Wars, Hasbro and exclusives - the three seem to be inseparable.  The latest exclusive comes to us by way of your local Target store.  Don't have one local?  Uh-oh.

This is the B-Wing Fighter, whirling dervish of the Rebel Alliance.  It comes nicely packaged, with another Nien Nunb, uh, Sullustan Pilot I mean.  And for only $40, you get all this!  Okay, now I'm just being sarcastic.

Paint - ***1/2
The paint ops are great, on both the vehicle and the figure. 

Accessories - ***
I'm counting the Sullustan Pilot as your accessory here.  If you don't have the Rebel Pilots three pack, then this is a great little figure.  If you have that three pack, then you've already seen this figure.

The only difference is the color of the gloves, and the colors on the front panel of his suit.  The face color is slightly off, but I suspect that's because they ran out of the original color.

Value - **
Well, it's an exclusive, so you can expect to spend more than this is really worth.  At $40, it's on the steep side, and while it's a good vehicle with a decent figure included, it's not worth that price tag.

I hate to think what the poor folks who don't have a local Target are going to end up paying for this.

Packaging - ***
Actually, one of the better Hasbro packages I've opened up.  Very few twisty ties, and you can get things out without any damage if you like.

The box is fairly sturdy, but the top of the window will tend to get dinged.  You can see everything well, and the box graphics are good.

Sculpting - ***
The sculpt on the B-Wing is very good, and the battle damage actually looks good.  The spinning cockpit works great, and is very smooth.

The best part of this is the pre-applied stickers on the interior.  They look ten times better than if you were applying them yourself.

I don't have an original to compare, but it looks an awful lot like the same mold.  However, one of the legs pops down from what I believe used to be the battery compartment, and the other leg drops from the wing - the original didn't have landing gear, did it?

Articulation - ***
I'm stretching the definition of articulation here.  Rather than just count the figure, which has the usual neck, shoulder, and hips, but the ship itself has moving parts.

The wings snap out cleanly and quickly with the twist of an engine, and another button snaps out the landing gear.  As I already mentioned, the cockpit spins freely and smoothly.

Overall - ***
It's not the best Star Wars exclusive to ever hit Target, but it is a nice ship, and one that the fans have been looking forward to for quite awhile.  If this had been $30, it would have scored much higher.

Where to Buy:
Target!  Get over there now, and ask the friendly stock person if they have any in stock.  They'll be doing a big toy reset during the first week of August, so don't be surprised if your store doesn't put them out until then.

Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford

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