USA Guile and Cannon Spike Cammy
SDCC Street Fighter Exclusives

SOTA Toys continues to rock the house with their exceptional line of Street Fighter action figures.  if you ask me 10 years from now what line I wish I had collected but foolishly didn't, I'll tell you Street Fighter.  Don't make the same mistake as me!

For this year's SDCC, SOTA produced two Street Fighter exclusives - Cannon Spike Cammy, and USA Guile.  Cammy was already in wave 2, but Guile is part of the upcoming (very soon) wave 3.  The edition size on both of these figures is 1500.

If you missed picking these up at SDCC, have no fear!  You can get them directly from SOTA for $20 each, or you can get them from CornerStoreComics or Amazing Toyz.

Series 4 will consist of Reimy, Fei Long, Birdie, Akuma and Ibuki.  Series 5 was just recently announced as Rolento, Deejay, Zangeif, and Juli and Juni, done as seperate figures.  It's a great time for Street Fighter fans!

Packaging - **
The packaging isn't the strong suit of this line.  It's a clamshell though, so at least it has the sturdy factor going for it.  Don't expect much in the way of leaping off the peg graphics or design though.

Sculpting - Guile ***1/2, Cammy ***
This isn't the first time we've seen Cammy, and while she's good, she still suffers from the same issues as her wave 2 cousin - the heavily articulated body simply doesn't look as good with a skimpy outfit, and the poor girl has no butt.  There's only one head this time, and it has a simple, basic expression.  The various hands are designed to hold the weapons well easily, and the funky skate sculpt works well with all the leg and ankle articulation.  However, she really does need the included display stand to stay up on her own.

Guile has that truly unique flat top hair cut, and two heads with different expressions.  One is the calm before the storm - the other is the constipated howl.  Most of the Street Fighter 'yelling' faces have been better than average, but this time there's just something about the look for Guile that doesn't work.

Still, his overall sculpt is top notch.  Lots of little details, and I love the work on his hair.  He shows off the articulation well, without it looking too intrusive.

Paint - ***1/2
Nice paint ops on both figures, although the work on Guile was ever so slightly cleaner than on Cammy.  She had some minor issues with her flesh tone being a little thick in spots, and some of the lines around her clothing bleeding into her skin.

Guile avoided these issues, although the white of his T-shirt was a little inconsistent between his upper body and his stomach.

However, at this price point, the ops were certainly above average, and the small details really shine.

Articulation - ****
If there's one thing to complain about with the articulation on these figures, it's that there's too much.

Now mind you, I'm not making that complaint.  You'll see four little stars right up there in this category, and I think these figures are among the best of the super articulated stuff on the market today.

But some folks prefer their sculpts unadulterated by obvious joints, and for them, these aren't going to be four stars.  Cammy particularly suffers, as I mentioned earlier, because her outfit isn't designed to hide anything.  If you were to see an actual woman wearing this outfit in public, your eyeballs would fly right out of your head.  Really.

The beauty of all this articulation is being able to pose them in lots of different ways, a critical aspect to a line of 'fighting' characters.  If anything screams "ACTION", it's Street Fighter.

Accessories - ***1/2
Both figures come with a plethora of nifty accessories.

Guile has his second head, three extra hands, and two blue energy blasts that fit perfectly over either fisted hand.  He also has his dog tags, which can be removed as well.

All his accessories look great, and the hand poses are particularly well chosen.  Of course the two regular fists work with the energy blasts, but the flat right hand can chop or salute, while the traditional thumbs up and comb are two signature looks for this character.

Cammy comes with a nice compliment of weapons, including a handgun that fits in her shoulder holster, a knife that fits in her leg sheath, and two machine guns.  She also has two additional hands, a magnetic base, and her eye/ear/mouth piece that fits in her right ear.

The magnetic stand is designed to work the her skated feet, which have metal inside.  It holds her up pretty good, although I did expect the magnet to be a little stronger.

The hands and heads pop off and on easily and tightly, with little chance of breakage.

Fun Factor - ****
Look up 'fun' in the dictionary.  Yep, that's a picture of these figures. You know how much SOTA has to pay to make that happen?

There isn't a kid alive who wouldn't have fun with these figures, and big fans of the game should be paying extra attention.  You are never going to get a 'better' line of figures based on the property - these are the defining versions.

Value - **1/2
The regular figures run around $12 or so each.  Since these are exclusives, $15 - $17 would certainly be reasonable.  $20 is pushing it though, but I can guarantee that it's easier to take a twenty from a con attendee than try to make change on every sale.

Things to Watch Out for - 
Zippo.  You might want to be careful with a few of the accessories, since they can be mighty easy to lose, and when the cat hacks up a blue energy blast, your wife is going to know who to blame.

Overall -  Guile ***1/2; Cammy ***
The Street Fighter series is one of the best action figure lines on the market right now, period.  Great sculpting combined with excellent articulation on the type of line that really needs it, with cool accessories through in for fun.  You really can't ask for much more, and SOTA has truly delivered.

Packaging - **
Sculpt - Guile ***1/2; Cammy ***
Paint - ***1/2
Articulation - ****
Accessories - ***1/2
Fun Factor - ****
Value - **1/2
Overall - Guile ***1/2, Cammy ***

Where to Buy -
I got mine at SDCC, but you can pick up yours now at several spots:

- SOTA has them for $20 each.

- CornerStoreComics and Amazing Toyz has tons of SDCC exclusives available, including these.

- Krypton Collectibles has great prices on some of the earlier Street Fighter waves. and Toy Fellas have great prices on series 3 figures as well.

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