Invisible Spray Fozzie

The latest Muppets convention exclusive just popped up this last weekend at the San Diego Comic Con - Invisible Spray Fozzie.  This figure is based on the movie Muppets in Space, in which Fozzie sprayed himself with a rubber duckie full of special invisibility liquid to sneak inside the government headquarters.  He had to use the little boys room though, and like any good citizen washed his hands, making only them visible.

The exclusive Fozzie lasted through out the convention, and will be offered to the Palisades Collectors Club members.  You can sign up at the Palisades web site.  He cost $15 at the con, and the regular version of Fozzie will be part of Series 2 in October.

Packaging - ***1/2
Like the Vanishing Cream Beaker, Fozzie comes in a terrific little window box designed by Keith Wilson.  There's great graphics, a nice little blurb on Fozzie on the back, and a great picture of all the figures up through series 2.

It's also 'collector friendly' - just cut the tape, take him out, and put him back later if you so desire.

Sculpting - ****
This is the Fozzie Bear everyone knows and loves.  This is the same sculpt we'll get with series 2, and the sculpted fur looks terrific.

I love the look they chose, with the eyebrows raised and open mouth.  It's such a classic Fozzie expression, that it was certainly the best choice.

And while it really isn't 'sculpting', I'm including the new magnetic hat here, since it actually improves the sculpt by removing the need for peg holes in the head.  The magnet works excellent, and there's no worries about the hat falling off easily or not looking good.

Paint - ***
There's not much paint here, but the color of the hands is a great indication of the overall figure we'll see later.  Those hands are terrific, and the color looks accurate.

The duckie isn't quite as perfect, with some gloppiness in the yellow application.  Also, I still don't particularly like the white on the eyes, but that's a Henson request, and they may very well be right about it looking better with them than without.

Accessories - ***1/2
There's one, unless you count the hat.  Okay, so let's count the hat - there's two.  And both make perfect sense.

Obviously, the duck was the applicator from the movie, and it fits perfectly in his right hand.  I already mentioned how well the magnet holds the hat on, but the hat sculpt itself is excellent and it fits on his head perfectly.

Articulation - ***
Fozzie has the least articulation so far, with only neck, ball jointed shoulders, and hips.  Cut joints on the arms would have been nice, because as it is you can't move his hands up by his mouth to recreate the photo on the front of the box.  Having the hands up like that fits with the head sculpt they chose.

Value - ***
Due to the exclusive nature of this figure, I'm not surprised by the $15 price tag.  Low runs and exclusivity tends to drive the price up, but I certainly wouldn't pay scalper prices for him.  Join the collectors club!

Overall - ***1/2
While this isn't a complicated 'repaint', it's still a very imaginative one.  Rather than some simple paint change, we get a figure from a specific scene in one of the movies, with a specific accessory that ties in.  Very imaginative work!

Where to Buy
Get your butt over to Palisades and join the collectors club.  They are going to offer the show exclusives to the club members, and that's your best bet to pick these up reasonably.  Click on the What's New button to get the full scoop on how to sign up and what the club offers.

Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford.

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