12" Jane Proudfoot

While it was one of the most unusual movies in recent history, Final Fantasy, The Spirits Within didn't tear up the box office.  But everyone was talking about the amazing CGI effects.  This movie was the first to show it's possible to replace human actors with completely computer generated actors.  While it isn't perfected yet, you can certainly see the day coming.

Palisades Toys has produced this set of 12" figures based on the characters in the movie.  In the standard line are four human figures.  This figure, Jane Proudfoot, is a Toys R Us exclusive, and the evil Phantom will be coming out later this year.  These retail for around twenty bucks depending on where you shop.

Packaging - ***1/2
Very nice work by Palisades on the packaging.  Again we see that collector friendly boxes are possible.  You can remove Jane without damage to the box, and only a couple of twisty ties were employed.

On top of that, the graphics and design of the box are extremely nice.  I always like gatefold covers, and I'm glad to see that Sideshow will be returning to that style as well.

Sculpting - ***
Since Jane isn't a real person to begin with, you'd assume they could get the sculpt pretty much dead on.  They have, although the faces on all these figures, like their counter parts in the movie, are relatively plain and unsophisticated.  That's not really a fault of the toy, but of the cgi constraints of the film.

Accessories - ***
Jane comes with a big honkin' gun, a knife that fits someplace, and a cool looking space helmet.

The knife is permanently sheathed, and obviously fits onto something, but I couldn't quite figure that one out.

The gun is true to the source material, and has a swing out stock made from metal wire.  But the best accessory here is the helmet.

It looks great in the box, but unfortunately doesn't work quite as well on Jane's head.  I'm betting it would look better on the larger male figures.

Paint - ***1/2
Jane's face paint is well done, with no slop or odd coloration.  The wash on the boots, along with the small details on the armor, are done with great care.  Great paint ops can't make a bad figure great, but poor ops sure can ruin an otherwise excellent figure.  Thank goodness that Palisades seems to realize this.

Articulation - **1/2
The body has pretty basic articulation - neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, waist, hips, knees, and ankles.  No double joints, and no cut joints at the thighs or biceps.

This is behind other companies, although I found that she did hold her poses well, and had no trouble standing on her own.

The arms are quite thin though, similar to the Sideshow Buffy.  The feel of the body - weight, strength - reminds me of Winona.

Uniform - ***1/2
Easily the nicest area for this figure, the uniform is well done, with great detail on the armor.  The style of the outfit really isn't to my tastes, but considering that it matches up well with the film, I'm not detracting for personal taste.

The only negative is that it would take great effort to swap this uniform on to another body.  It was not designed to be removed by the average buyer.

Value - ***
At twenty bucks, it's certainly a decent value.  The 1/6th scale market is getting to be mature, and twenty bucks seems to be the price point that most figures are being driven to.

Overall - ***
Coming off the Morpheus, Jane was a welcome departure.  She isn't perfect, but she's certainly far superior to the awful 12" Matrix figures.  The body needs some work, but I'll be very interested in seeing the Reservoir Dogs figures.

Where to Buy
Since Jane is a TRU Exclusive, that's your option right now.  I've seen plenty of her at every TRU, so don't resort to something silly like ebay yet.  The rest of the line is also available at TRU, and you won't find them cheaper on line yet.

Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford

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