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Disney Cosbaby vinyl figures by Hot Toys

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Jeff checks in tonight with a look some more of those damn adorable Cosbaby figures - this time it's Disney! What's the scoop, Jeff?

Thank you as always to Michael.
The Cosbaby look and indeed the whole ‘product idea’ is not for everyone, but it’s an aesthetic that lends itself more to some licences than others. Well, ultimately they all end up looking cute, and some look cuter than others, but sometimes they end up looking uber cute, and this set pull that off effortlessly. We already had a Disney set of Cosbaby figures a couple of years ago.

They were released to coincide with the Chinese Olympics and were dressed in traditional Chinese gowns to mark the year of the rat… sorry, mouse!

It was a nice set but the unusual outfits made them less than instantly recognisable, well I say that Mickey’s ears are so iconic, as are the silhouettes of all the main Disney stars that we knew who they were, but the outfits made us wonder why they were wearing them.
This time around they come just as Unky Walt intended, and the special edition set have just a little Christmas spice thrown in for good measure.

So, if you are die hard Disneyphile do you really need these for your collection, Oh, I think so… well, at least your favourite character anyway!
Disney Cosbaby vinyl figures by Hot Toys
Disney Cosbaby vinyl figures by Hot Toys

Disney Cosbaby vinyl figures by Hot Toys
Disney Cosbaby vinyl figures by Hot Toys
Disney Cosbaby vinyl figures by Hot Toys
Disney Cosbaby vinyl figures by Hot Toys
Disney Cosbaby vinyl figures by Hot Toys
Disney Cosbaby vinyl figures by Hot Toys
Disney Cosbaby vinyl figures by Hot Toys
Disney Cosbaby vinyl figures by Hot Toys

Packaging - Main set *** Christmas set ***1/2
The standard set of figures come blind packaged in bright red boxes. There’s a line of silhouettes of the figures on the front and various smaller pics of the figures over the rest of the box. Inside the figures are held in small plastic trays like with the recent Iron Man 2 set. The Christmas set comes boxed like the Goemon 2 packs, so we get a big front window through which you can clearly see the two figures. The package is then Christmassed up to the max with red tartan, golden bows and the whole shebang. Inside both figures are held secure by a double vac formed tray.
So, not packaging that will get you too excited, but it’s colourful, robust and relatively space efficient, so there’s not much to grumble about either!

Sculpting - ***1/2
These are exactly what you expect them to be, meaning that the chosen characters are taken and simply Cosbabied up. So we get the little oblong bodies, simple arms and legs and huge ol’noggins! The selection for the standard set here is-

1- Mickey
2- Minnie
3- Donald
4- Goofy
5- Stitch
6- Pinocchio

And the limited chase figure is….
7- Pinocchio, after telling a porky (his nose is long and has leaves sprouting from it)

The Christmas set has Mickey and Donald, both in Santa outfits.

The sculpting is all first class and gives them the classic Cosbaby style without deviating too far from the traditional look of the characters. The outfits are pared down to their basic ‘cuboid’ body forms, apart from Donald who keeps his poofy ass. Everyone will have a favourite, and for me it’s Stitch. Like a lot of people of a certain age, once you have kids you kind of rediscover the Disney films through them, and when one becomes the favourite of your little ray of sunshine it can end up on a constant watch and re-watch loop… it can get pretty… annoying!

But Lilo & Stitch (and ‘most’ of the subsequent sequels) still remain constant perennials in our household. And I have to admit to the cardinal sin of not actually being ‘that’ into Mickey Mouse. Don’t get me wrong I always enjoyed the toons when I was a nipper, but I don’t really feel any connection with the characters. Give me Bugs and Daffy over Mickey and Donald any day of the week.
There are still lots of sweet details to admire here and Mickey and Minnie even have delicate little tails sticking out behind. The chase figure of Pinocchio is cute, as not only have they made his nose bigger but they have changed his expression too, from happy to sad. As much as I love the extra Pinocchio, I have to admit I was secretly hoping we would get an angry Stitch with fangs bared, in his space suit with an extra set of arms, but c’est la vie!

Ultimately these are just what you expect, a very cute little set of figures that deserve to do well. But I guess having the Disney logo on the box usually pretty much ensures that, so go get em while ya can!!

Paint - ***
There are actually some sweet details picked out on these, nothing ground breaking but nicely observed nonetheless. Things like the joints on Pinocchio’s arms are carefully painted in (probably mechanically, but even so!) all the colours are bright with good depth and the division lines are crisp, neat and well applied. Not much more than that to report really, other than the quality is very solid for pocket money toys.

Outfit - N/A
All the clothing is sculpted, apart from Stitch who’s butt naked!

Articulation - ***
These have exactly the same articulation as every other set of Cosbaby figures. That means we get tiny ball and cup joints at the neck, shoulders, hips and ankles and little peg joints at the wrists. They’re not the most articulated figures on the planet, but there’s enough movement there to get some cute poses, and my youngest daughter has enjoyed playing with them, so they obviously did something right!

Accessories - N/A
I guess you could call Pinocchio’s hat an accessory as it’s removable, but it’s also pretty essential to his final look, so I’m giving them the same ranking, i.e Not applicable!

Value - ***1/2
Sideshow has them up for $8.99 each, but no mention of the Pinocchio variant, maybe they pack him at random for people ordering the standard Pinocchio… either that or there’s a warehouse somewhere full of all the rare chase variant Cosbaby figures Sideshow have ever received, probably to be auctioned off for the pension fund, yeah, that’ll be it!

Anyway, back to the matter at hand. At $9 a pop these seem like a sweet pocket money priced deal to me. You get exactly what you see, and the quality and paint app seem well above the average for a $9 toy. Not the deal of the century but on the whole they’re good value for money, and they might even prove to be a shrewd investment… who knows?

Fun Factor - ***
As I said, my youngest daughter (6) enjoyed playing with them, but really they more intended as collectibles for your shelf. As such they are a fun item, and the fact thy have some articulation raises them a modicum above the usual little plastic statues that Disney put out.

Overall - ***1/2
Each one represents the character well and the details are nicely observed, the price point is affordable and the selection of figures is a nice opening choice, leaving the doors open for countless other sets should the demand be there.

The quality is consistent throughout and the new packaging innovation of the tiny vac-formed tray means they are even more likely than ever to arrive in A1 condition. Highly recommended as either a cute addition to your own desk or as an unusual gift to the Disneyphile in your life.

Where to Buy -
Sideshow has them for $8.99 each or you try Michael’s sponsors Big Bad Toystore who are selling them for $9.99. Alternatively many traders are also selling them on eBay.

Disney Cosbaby vinyl figures by Hot Toys
Disney Cosbaby vinyl figures by Hot Toys
Disney Cosbaby vinyl figures by Hot Toys

Disney Cosbaby vinyl figures by Hot Toys

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