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Today's review is a great guest review from new reviewer Eric Klein.  I'll let Eric do the introductions!  Off to the review...

Hey Yo! In Scott Hall’s ever so cool greeting, I would like to say hi to you readers. My names Eric Klein and I have been an avid Wrestling fan for over 10 years. Along that time I have collected wrestling figures for almost 8 of those years. Recently the WWE ( “Get the F out!”) released the Unchained Fury: Rising Superstars series. These figures, which have begun showing up on the shelves recently include Six, all new WWE Jakks figures. Here is a review of one of those figures, the 5 time WCW champion. Booker T. Now Can You Dig That Sucka!!!!!

Packaging - ***
The packaging on the Unchained Fury series is a new packaging with a rather eye catching red color. This color, along with the chain image on the side, makes these figures stand out from the other WWE figures on the shelf right now.

Sculpting - ***1/2
As the norm with the WWE titan tron type figures, the body here is sculpted. Though the lower body and arms are perfect for Booker T, the torso is a poor choice for Booker T. I feel that a less “ripped”, possibly, Kurt Angle torso would have been a better choice for “The Book”.

Unlike, Michael Crawford, I personally love the real scan heads, as these are a huge step above the old WWF sculpted head, just compare Titan Tron Series 3 to Titan Tron series 4, the first real scan set to see how improved the likeness on the figures have become, and in Booker’s case this could never be more true. The face is one of the best scans ever done by Jakks Pacific, and compares extremely well to the source material

Paint - **1/2
For once, the paint application of this WWE figure is actually extremely good as the color on the body matches perfectly. All the white areas match as well. The paint on the face is exceptionally well for a WWE figures. The beard is exceptionally applied well. Despite all the positives in the paint application, there is still the draw back of some bleeding on the boots, the tight design on the back of the tights, and finally, the earrings.

Articulation - ***1/2
After being treated to only 5 joints on a bone crunching action figure a few years back, the titan tron figures are articulated exceptionally well with articulation at the wrists, elbows, heads, ball jointed shoulders, the neck, waist, hips, ankles, and finally the knees.

The only drawback to this figure is the fact that the right knee is very loose on my figure, as well as many other people’s figures. This is believed to be due to the way the figure was packaged in the box. Due to this weak joint, I deduct half a point from the total score.

Accessories - *** 
As do all the figures in the Unchained Fury line, the action figures all come with appropriate, and not over the top accessories. Along with a pair of elbow and knee pads, this figure comes with a travel suitcase. This accessory isn’t released that often, and thus is a welcome addition to the figure.

Value - ***
This figure is one of the best WWE figures in years and is well worth the $10 I paid when I ordered it off the internet. Recently, the figure is retailing for 9 dollars at KB and Toys R Us and for this price, I would definitely pick this figure up.

Overall - ***
An extremely well put together figure with a decent amount of articulation, and an amazing scan makes this figure one of the best WWE titan tron figures produced, period.

Seeing how this figure is part of one of the last lines to use the bodies used for the titan tron figures, it provides a perfect send off to the extremely popular TTL figures.

Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford.

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