12" Will Turner

Hutt returns with a review of the sixth scale Will Turner from Zizzle - what's the scoop, Hutt!

Pirates rock! Every time I visit Disneyland, I guarantee you I am riding Pirates Of The Caribbean six or eight times, minimum! Since I am a consummate pirate AND 12” action figure junkie, Zizzle’s line of 12” POTC figures definitely caught my attention! Since Mike already did his outstanding review of the 12” Captain Jack Sparrow, I figured I’d do Mike’s dirty work and review the Will Turner figure from the same line…

Packaging - ***
The packaging is fairly robust and is acceptable, whether you are the MIB collector, or the type that like to “free” his or her toys. 

Sculpting - **
Will Turner has a great head sculpt that looks almost, but not entirely unlike, actor Orlando Bloom. Of course the same head sculpt could also pass fairly easily as Jesus if you were so inclined to create such a 12” action figure…
Will’s hands look slightly oversized when not hidden by his big honkin’ sleeves. However, they are extremely detailed, and his right hand holds his cutlass exceptionally well.
Since his boots were actually part of the body sculpt, I’ll discuss those here as well. While it was a good idea in theory to cast the boots as part of the leg to give the figure added movement, the design was poorly executed. The boots look ridiculously huge and make Will’s lower legs appear to be WAY out of scale.

Paint - ***
Not a lot to talk about here. The only paint ops were done to Will’s eyes, eyebrows, lips, facial hair and mop. A cursory glance will also reveal that Will’s boots were actually molded in flesh tone, and actually painted black. Aside from the obvious out-of-scale appearance, the boots should have been molded in black to begin with!

Articulation - ***
The articulation on this figure is nothing to write home about. He’s got articulation at the neck, waste, shoulders, elbows, wrists, knees and ankles. It’s about on-par with Classic Collection GI Joes, except the neck has no vertical movement, only horizontal.

The idea of having a joint in the ankle was a good one, but is offset by the fact that, again, the boots-molded-as-part-of-the-body sucks. Since Will Turner will most likely be put into service either in a shelf display with other figures or relegated to finding treasure in your kid’s sandbox the articulation is MORE than passable.

Outfit - ***
This is where Will excels! He’s got an excellent puffy-sleeved 18th century-style shirt, Argyle-looking vest, a cool looking leather belt and bandolier with excellent looking molded plastic buckles, and excellent leather overcoat, with embroidered buttons.

The two issues that lose Will Turner 1 whole star:

1) The trousers that are WAY to short because…

2) The molded-on boots! 

Accessories - ****
Will Turner has exactly ONE accessory: His Pirate’s Cutlass. Molded in some kind of kid-friendly rubber that is conducive to preventing “Little Billy” from poking his own eye out, but not conducive to running any other 1/6 scale pirates through. 

Since the single accessory is appropriate enough, and I can’t possibly think of a single additional thing that would add to Will’s action figure incarnation, he gets a perfect score.

Fun Factor - ***
The rubbery sword denotes that the figures in this line were clearly meant as kids toys. Will Turner serves as a potentially fun toy if he has other 12” pirates to duel against, such as the Captain Jack Sparrow figure from this line….

Value - ****
Since I bought this figure for under $20, I consider it a bargain! The quality of the outfit makes this figure a solid deal. However, the molded-on boots make Will Turner difficult to customize.

If you only buy ONE figure from Zizzle’s line of 12” POTC it should be the Captain Jack Sparrow figure! Having said that, Will Turner would be a great addition to your collection.

Things to Watch Out For – 
The ankle joints can break fairly easily if these figures take a shelf dive. I had that exact trouble with the Capt. Sparrow figure from the same line! However the problem was easily repaired with a small drill bit, a panel nail, wire cutters and some Krazy Glue!

Other than that, watch out for bogus treasure maps, compasses that don’t point North and… PIRATES!!!

Overall - ***
The only thing preventing me from giving Will Turner a perfect score is those crummy boots!

Score Recap 
Packaging - ***
Sculpt - **
Paint - ***
Articulation - ***
Outfit - ***
Accessories - ****
Fun Factor - ***
Value - ***
Overall - ***

Where to Buy - 
I bought mine from KayBee Toys online store, but I would imagine you could purchase him from Toys R Us online and TRU’s brick-and-mortar stores.

Figure from the collection of Hutt Wigley.

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