Chiricahua Apache
War Leader

Earlier this summer, Dog Soldiers put out their first mass produced action figure, the Northern Cheyenne Warrior.  The second figure from this small company is now shipping - the Apache Warrior.

Dog Soldiers pride themselves on accurate, detailed representations of western figures that have been long misrepresented or overlooked.  They are priced at around $30-$35 each, and are available directly from their site, or from some of the other 1/6th scale dealers.

Packaging - ***
The packaging has improved since the first figure.  The nice features include the ability to remove the figure and accessories without tearing up the box, great hand drawn graphics of the figure, and excellent text on the inside flap detailing the Apache tribes.  It's clearly well researched, and is very much appreciated by someone like myself that loves western action figures.

On the negative side, some of the graphics are still too pixelated , and that hurts an otherwise attractive box.

Sculpting - ***1/2
I think this sculpt is also an improvement over the previous.  The details are slightly better defined, and the sculpt captures the look of the Native American extremely well.

The hand sculpts are also very good, and he can hold the accessories.  The material is a softer plastic to allow for greater flexibility in the fingers.

The hair is rooted, and works well for a straight hair style like this.  The head band keeps it pretty well contained, but you may find over time that it gets a little on the wild side.

Accessories - ***1/2
Dog Soldiers pride themselves on the accuracy of the accessories and outfits, and they have reason to.  The Apache comes with a rifle, knife and sheath, cartridge belt, pouch, and regular belt.

All the accessories are nicely done.  Some of the accessory details, like the belt buckles or cartridges in the belt, aren't as nice as perhaps a Dragon figure would have, but considering the limited nature of these figures and the size of the company, it's acceptable.

The rifle, with moving lever, will be most folks favorite, but I like the simple style and rugged construction of the knife.  It's one of the nicest I've seen in some time.

Paint - ***1/2
The paint ops on the face are well done, and his face paint looks appropriate.  The cartridge belt ops aren't quite as nice, but decent.

Articulation - **
The only thing really hurting this figure is the use of an old style 1/6th scale body.  With its limited articulation, clicking knees, and stiff waist, the figure can't handle many poses.

I have heard that they are considering switching to a better body in the future, and I'm looking forward to it.

Uniform - ***1/2
Another area that they strive for accuracy in is the outfit.  Again they've hit the mark, and the quality of the stitching and materials is very good.

All the pieces of the outfit - vest, tunic, pants, etc. - look great.  I'm not thrilled with the cloth boots, but they are accurate from what I understand. 

Value - ***
At $36 direct from Dog Soldiers, these are a little on the expensive side.  Closer to $30 is a more appropriate price, but you may be able to find that price sticker at one of the other on-line dealers.

Overall - ***
This figure is almost a ***1/2.  If they can just improve the body, they'll have a fantastic series on their hands.  Of course, I'm partial to anything western related, but seeing accurate figures finally being released pleases me beyond belief.

Where to Buy
As I said, you can get it directly from Dog Soldiers.  I have heard that some of the other 1/6th dealers are carrying them, but I don't have any confirmed sites right now.  If you do, let me know!

Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford

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