Outer Limits - Ikar and Ikar's Soldier

The next pair of figures in the Outer Limits line from Sideshow Toy is now out.  These two figures are Ikar and his Soldier, from the episode Keeper of the Purple Twilight.  Don't ask what the hell the title of the episode means - nobody knows.

These two figures are another excellent example of early monster make up at its best.  The suggested retail on the pair is $70, although I have a link in the 'where to buy' section where you can find them as cheap as $50 plus shipping.

Packaging - ****
Sideshow is doing the best packaging these days, at least in the sixth scale world.  On top of that, the Outer Limits boxes are the best of the best.  With excellent graphics and photos, and even better text - there's not only a long description of the episode, but production notes on various aspects - these boxes stand out as great designs.

Even if you don't care about packaging, I'd suggest cutting off the front flap and use it as a backdrop for the figures.

Sculpting - ****
It's tough to complain about sculpts this good, but there are a couple nits to pick.

Both figures look an awful lot like the source material, but I believe the ears on both are just slightly off.  They should stick out a little more, but that's a pretty minor detail.  While it looks a little off when you compare it closely to the photos, it's unlikely you'll notice it.

The hands on both figures are very unique sculpts here as well.  Ikar (he's the guy with the bigger head, by the way) has extremely long fingers, which makes the arms look even longer and stretched.

Ikar's Soldier (who looks less intelligent, just because of the smaller head) has hands that Wolverine would envy.  With three sharp, dangerous looking fingers, I have no idea how this guy goes to the bathroom.

Paint - ***1/2
The paint ops are well done, with the usual quality and consistency you expect from Sideshow.  The eyes look good, the wash on the 'gills' works, and the silver boots and hands are consistent and clean.

The only reason I'm pulling a half star is because they didn't give us glow in the dark paint on the eyes.  Hey, their eyes lit up in the show, and gitd paint would have been a great touch.

Articulation - ***1/2
The usual Sideshow body is under both costumes.  Both have neck, ball jointed shoulders, cut biceps, double jointed elbows, the cool Sideshow wrists, chest, waist, ball jointed hips, cut thighs, double jointed knees, and ankles.

The neck joint is better on Ikar though than the Soldier.  Ikar has the ball jointed neck that Sideshow sometimes employs, while the Soldier has a fatter neck which reaches down over the shoulders, allowing for far less range of motion.

Accessories - **1/2 
There aren't a lot of accessories that can go with these, but we do get one.  This is the disintegrator rifle that was featured in the show.  It's very well sculpted, matches the source material, and has great paint ops.

The only issue here is that at this price point, one accessory between two figures is extremely light.  There are also the now standard stands that Sideshow includes with all their licensed products.  These stands are nice, although ou won't absolutely require them to keep Ikar and his henchman standing.

Outfit - ***1/2
The outfits on these figures are fairly basic, but they've done a nice job matching the show.  I have no idea if the shade of gold is correct, since the show was in black and white, but it certainly looks good.

The shoes are the stand out feature of the outfit.  Rather than put new feet on the figures, they sculpted new shoes that were the big, silver claws.  These shoes can be easily removed if you like, and it means that all the ankle articulation is still there.

The only problem I had with the outfit was a lack of hems on the cuffs.  The wrists and ankles of the outfit may end up fraying due to the missing hems.

Value - **1/2
Sideshow's SRP is $70 for the pair.  While I love the license, and am very happy to have these figures on my shelf, I have to admit that the price is steep.  If you can get these down under $60, it's a far better deal, and I have one suggestion down below that is a fantastic deal.

Overall - ***1/2
Another terrific set from Sideshow.  I'm really thrilled with the Outer Limits and Twilight Zone licenses, and can't wait to pick up the rest of the series.

If you're a big fan of the show, and collect sixth scale, you can't pass these up.  For the casual buyer, the price point will end up being an issue though.

Where to Buy - 
The Musicland stores (Sam Goody, On Cue, Musicland and Media Play) have the first Outer Limits figures, but I'm not sure if these will show up there or not.  On-line:

- best deal I've seen in ages: Atlantic Toys has these sets on special for $50 plus shipping!  I haven't found a better price, and doubt I will.  Tell them I sent you!

- Sideshow themselves of course.  Retail is $70 for the pair plus shipping. (MROTW Affiliate)

- Entertainment Earth has the set for $65 plus shipping. (MROTW affiliate)

- Big Bad Toy Store has them in stock for $60 plus shipping. 

Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford.

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