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Discogod returns with another great guest review, this time of the Man With No Fear!  Take it away...

Howdy! Discogod here with a review of the second non Spidey figure from the Spider-Man (Formerly Spider-Man Classics) line - Daredevil. This is the second DD figure in the Spidey line, after wave 2's original figure, and the third overall in recent times, including the frankly abysmal Movie Daredevil in the Marvel Legends line.  Along with Kraven, he's packed one per case, making him rather difficult to find.

Now, onto the review...

Packaging - **
Functional. I much preferred the clamshell used during the Classics days than this card-and-bubble, but I suppose with a more kid-orientated direction the line needed brighter packaging.

Sculpting - ****
Wow! I wish I could give this more than 4 stars! Virtually everything about this figure is perfect! The body is much better defined than the previous DD, being more bulky and less slender. This is a dead ringer for the Daredevil from the comics and the articulation blends extremely well. The only problem is the face sculpt - I much preferred the angry sneer from the first figure. But it's a small gripe, and doesn't really detract from the overall brilliance.

Paint - **1/2
The only paint apps on this figure (excluding the accessories, which I'll come to later) are the DD logo on the chest and the face, along with a darker wash all over the body. The wash works well, and the logo is crisp and clear, but is slightly off centre, although this has been the case in
every figure I've seen.

The face is a different matter however. On my figure the paint is extremely sloppy, leaving the edge of the face unpainted. There's also a weird pink on the lower lip with makes DD look rather... Feminine. It's nothing I can't fix, but I shouldn't have to. ToyBiz aren't known for their great paintjobs, so I guess I wasn't expecting much, but it's still rather annoying.

Articulation - **** 
THE best articulated Daredevil figure ever. I'll try and list everything (apologies if I miss anything...): ball jointed shoulders and hips, bicep and upper thigh twists, double knees and elbows, forearm and waist cuts, head side-to-side, wrist, neck, ankle and feet pivot, new joint to allow the arms to extend upwards fully and mid torso pivot. That's 36 points total! The only things missing are the side-to-side ankles and joints in the hands, although the hands are like that for the (sigh) action feature. If only every action figure moved like this...

Accessories - ***1/2
DD comes with his trademark billy club and a superb  rooftop/flagpole base that contains the action feature. The club is great, flexible yet able to hold DD (if he's hanging from it), joined by a cord roughly 8" in length. The only problem is it's white - in the comics the billy club is red (although DD has used a white club before). But the best piece is the base - the sculpting is great and the paint is perfect. It's wall mountable,
there's 3 pegs to hold Daredevil and a pole to swing from (with handles to hold onto), but therein lies the problem: The pole is designed to turn, spinning DD around in an acrobatic action. The feature works well, the pole is strong enough to hold the figure and the figure can actually grip well enough to stay attached. But I don't want a big ugly string hanging down. I managed to remove it with ease, but I'd rather it not be there.

Value - ***
I picked this up at Toys R Us for 7.99 GBP. That's decent, considering a Masters of the Universe figure with hardly any articulation and inferior sculpting weighs in at the same price. In the US the figure should be in the $7-8 range.

Overall - ****
This is THE best Daredevil figure ever made, and one of the best figures I own (and I own a lot!). The few minor faults are far outweighed by the... Well, the perfect ness of the figure. You can't begin to appreciate the beauty until you hold it in your hands and play with it. And the good news? The body used for Daredevil is the new standard ToyBiz model for their superhero figures. In the coming months we're going to see Silver Surfer and Mr. Fantastic in the Marvel Legends line and Archangel and Cyclops in the new X-Men Classics line using this body, amongst others. Great news for collectors and us big kids alike...

Where to Buy:
Targets, Toys R Us and Wal-marts are all getting them in.

Figures from the collection of Matt Beahan.

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