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Our long time college bum, Sean Teeter is back tonight with a great review of a great figure - take it away, Sean!

No boys and girls, I didnít forget about you all. Hope you havenít forgotten about me. : ) 

I admit itís been a while, but home improvement and a general lack of new stock out my way has kept me from adding anything to my collection worth reviewing. Well, the dry spellís over for the moment Ėtoday I received my Sideshow exclusive Jason Voorhees New Blood figure! Thatís right folks; the bane of horny teenage camp councilors is back baby! 

I think I speak for most of the Friday fans out there when I say this is the one weíve all been waiting for. While everyone will always argue over which entries in the series are better than others (of course, the general critical populace says they all suck, but whatever), I think most modern horror fans would agree that Jasonís physical appearance in the seventh entry was the best. Not only does Kane Hodder finally take over behind the hockey mask, but damn is Jason one ugly mother . . .
The EC Tales From the Crypt/Vault of Horror look is excellent and really gives this version of the Crystal Lake killer a lot more personality than previous versions. Of course all that full-body rot could pose some problems with the execution and functionality of an action figure, but we all know that Sideshowís up to the task. So in the end, did they deliver? Letís look at the latest version of everyoneís favorite mammaís boy . . .

Packaging - ***1/2
The graphics and layout on this box are really well done. We get a nice close-up of Jasonís masked visage in the foreground, with a shadowy look at the unmasked version in the back. Thereís a brief movie summary on the back of the box, as well as some nice stills from the movie Ėincluding a good shot of Jason unmasked for comparison. Like previous Modern Horror releases from Sideshow, the cast list is on the inside of the front flap. The packaging is very collector friendly and only has a few twist-ties, including one that goes all the way through the back of the cardboard insert and around Jasonís neck.

Sculpting - ****
In my opinion, this is the best-looking sixth-scale Jason Sideshowís ever produced. The head sculpt is dead on when compared to the source material, from the empty left socket to the ripped-open cheek. The front teeth are individually sculpted and sticking out at various angles. The rotted flesh on his forearms looks great, complete with the bones protruding through the skin. The only problem here is the sacrifice of the wrist joints, but in the end itís a little thing.

The wrinkly skin texture also looks great, as do all the cuts, holes, tears, and nicks in his skin. Even if you donít like Friday the 13th, you have to admit that this is one hell of a zombie sculpt.

Paint - ****
I scanned every inch of this guy but couldnít find one instance of bleeding or slop. The entire body suit is given a nice filthy brown wash with black highlights around the wounds. The bones are a nice yellowed color and the back wound is sufficiently gory.

The head is perfect from the rotting teeth to the pale gums. The red-tinged milky right eye is also spot on. 

Articulation - ***
The overall articulation is hampered by the bodysuit, but Jason can still pull off poses aplenty. After all, I doubt that too many of us are going to be putting him into any Kung-Fu stances on the shelf. All he needs to do is loom and look menacing, which Jason can do just fine. The loss of wrist articulation is a bit of a sore spot, but you can appreciate the reasons behind it. In the end there are more articulated figures out there, but this one is certainly a serviceable job.

Outfit - ****
Jasonís standard outfit has always been a little plain, but Mr. Voorhees has never been one for high fashion. Heís always preferred the comfortable fit of work clothes as opposed to fancier fare. Did he get dolled up to take Manhattan? I donít think so . . . Did anyone actually like that series entry? I donít think so . . .

However thereís more at work here than a set of shredded work dungarees. Underneath the tattered pants and jacket, Sideshow has given us a sculpted bodysuit that covers everything except his arms. While this does limit Jasonís articulation a bit, itís a small price to pay for the final effect. The rotting cuts, holes, protruding bones, and dead skin can be seen in every rip and tear on the clothes. The front of the torso sports a rotting ribcage while the back is completely torn open to display Jasonís spinal column Ėa detail that can be seen easily through the giant hole in the back of his jacket. To top it all off, a metal chain is looped around his neck.
My only complaint is that his boots look too clean compared to the rest of his ensemble, but I doubt very many people will be looking at his feet.

Accessories - Regular: ***; Exclusive Version: ****
Mr. Voorhees comes with a decent assortment of bloodied tools, including and axe, a sickle, a tent stake, and his machete. He also comes with a broken hockey mask and a stand. The sculpting on all of these little toys is pretty decent. Scale-wise, my only complaint is the sickle Ėthe thing is just too big, especially the handle. The mask matches up pretty well to the source material, complete with the top split and bottom break.

So why only three stars? Well first off the axe and machete are repacks, and if you really want to get nit-picky, the mask is technically the same one from the Part VI figure with a chunk cut out. The blood detailing is also a problem: first off thereíre two different colors of red used here: darker on the machete and axe; brighter on the tent stake and sickle. Plus the brush strokes are off. In some cases the red is clearly painted on as opposed to Ďsplatteredí. The axe is the worst offender here Ėto the point where it looks like a red marker was used to draw the blood on. The machete splatter looks really good on one side, and a bit too brushed-on on the other. 

Also, the tent stake seems a little cheesy compared to the other nasty tools Jasonís got going on Ėitís also missing the little rope hook on the top. He used a few other things in Part VII that could have been included instead.

The exclusive version may only add one more accessory to this list, but itís such a cool-looking item that it warrants a full star on its own. For the first 750 of us who snagged this pretty-boy off of the Sideshow website, we got Jasonís tree limber. Iíve actually used this same device in real life for serious trail clearing in the Boy Scouts. We nicknamed it the BAC (Bad Ass Chopper), but never really thought about using it in the same way Jason did. If I remember right someone gets this item in the gut towards the end of the movie. The sculpting is dead on and the bloodied blade looks really nice. Despite the machete being Jasonís trademark weapon, I plan on posing the olí boy with this nasty puppy raised over his head.

Value - **1/2
Despite the excellent looks and decent assortment of accessories, I still feel the $45 price tag at Sideshow Toys is a bit high compared to other figures out there. $35 to $40 would have been a bit better. 
The exclusive version is sold out, but you might be able to find it on eBay.

Overall - ****
This is easily my favorite sixth-scale version of Jason produced so far and I get the feeling that he may go out on top. Thereís a Jason Goes to Hell version in the works, but I think this design and overall look just defines the character so well that any new version afterwards would be unnecessary Ėwith the exception of the Uber-Jason from Part X. Now that would be an interesting figure . . .

Despite the loss of articulation and the reused accessories, the final effect is simply awesome. This guy holds a place of honor on my shelf between Sideshowís New Nightmare Freddy and the Army of Darkness Bad Ash. Needless to say, he puts both of them to shame. 

To be fair, I donít own the Freddy vs. Jason version of Voorhees Ėso I canít do an honest comparison between the two. (I did have the Jason Lives version, but ditched him on eBay a while back while sorting thought my figures.) From what Iíve seen though, Iíll put the FvJ figure in a close second, followed by the Jason Lives version.

If youíre a fan of the Friday the 13th series, I wonít have to tell you to get this guy ASAP. If youíre a casual fan, Iíd recommend this incarnation over all others.

Sideshow went above and beyond with this figureís design in my opinion, and it only makes me more psyched about their upcoming sixth-scale Star Wars line. Iíd also love to see some different Modern Horror figures besides the Nightmare, Friday, and Texas Chainsaw crowd. Some Sideshow figures from the Hellraiser or Phantasm movies would be pretty cool. Or what about a sixth-scale Alien or Predator figure to go along with their excellent movie props and busts? 

But first thingís first, bring on the Sideshow sixth-scaled Vader!

Score Recap:
Packaging - ***1/2
Sculpt - ****
Paint - ****
Articulation - ***
Outfit - ****
Accessories - Regular: ***; Exclusive Version: ****
Value - **1/2
Overall - ****

Where to Buy - 
Online options include:

- Sideshow still has the regular version available for $45, but there's a wait list for the exclusive.

- Alter Ego Comics has the regular for $36.

- Killer Toys has him for $40.

Figure from the collection of Sean Teeter.

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