Iron Man 2 mini-bust
Hot Toys

Iron Man 2 mini-bust by Hot Toys

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Jeff checks in tonight with a look at a new mini-bust from the venerable Hot Toys - tell us all about it, Jeff!

I think I’m on safe ground in saying that the Iron Man movies are the most heavily merchandised by Hot Toys to date. So far we have -

1/6th Iron Man MK I
1/6th Iron Man MK II
1/6th Iron Man MK III
1/6th Iron Man MK III (battle damaged)
1/6th Iron Man MK III (cons exc grey version)
1/6th Tony Stark Mech Test

And from Iron Man 2 we have (or will have) -
1/6th Iron Man MK IV
1/6th Iron Man MK VI
1/6th Whiplash
1/6th Black Widow
scale bust MK IV
scale bust War Machine
scale bust MK V
scale bust MK VI (cons exc)
Cosbaby series 1
Cosbaby series 1

Not to mention the whole raft of unique (non retail) figures created by various Hong Kong pop artists for the Hot Toys Iron Man ColARTable Expo display earlier this year.
Iron Man 2 mini-bust by Hot Toys

Iron Man 2 mini-bust by Hot Toys
Iron Man 2 mini-bust by Hot Toys
Iron Man 2 mini-bust by Hot Toys
Iron Man 2 mini-bust by Hot Toys
Iron Man 2 mini-bust by Hot Toys
Iron Man 2 mini-bust by Hot Toys
Iron Man 2 mini-bust by Hot Toys

I’m guessing we will get the MK V as a figure before this line s through, hell there’s the potential for a load more figs like Nick Fury, Whiplash in his Mech suit not to mention an army of Hammer drones. But if the thought of trying to catch up on this line is giving you palpitations and a financial sense of dread, don’t despair… well not yet.

The bust series has just started shipping, and it looks like a cool way of having a representation of each armour suit, I’m hoping they will revisit the first movie to make the line complete as a good bust of the MK I would be pretty awesome. But for now they are kicking off with the MK IV, very similar to the MK III from the first movie, but with a few tweaks to the overall aesthetic. So, it’s a no brainer that if you skipped the 1/6th figures these are a good way of kicking off an Iron Man suit collection, but if you already have the figures (or plan on getting them) do you need these as well?

Packaging - ***1/2
Like all the other busts so far this comes in a nice sturdy cardboard box with a big die-cut window on the front and 2 smaller ones on the sides to view the contents, while the back has a full colour photo of the bust.

Inside the contents are held firmly in a clear vac formed tray that is moulded front and pack to avoid any rattling around whilst in transit. Everything is collector friendly as well, so putting him back is as easy as getting him out.
It’s a nice box, not hugely exciting one. But it’s robust enough to protect the contents well and the graphics are pleasing enough.

Sculpting - ****
Hot Toys have replicated the Iron Man armour so many times now I bet they know its subtleties better than the guys at Stan Winston who designed it.

I recently showed the battle damaged MK III figure to some people who had worked on 1/1-scale replica versions of the suit, and they were absolutely knocked out by the levels of detail and accurate observation shown at such a diminutive size, in fact they said it would have been handy for reference.

Here however, Hot Toys get to work at a larger scale meaning an even bigger canvas for all the fine detailing. The MK IV is actually a pretty sleek looking suit, and this is such an accurate depiction of it that it looks like they may have worked from computer models. It shows Iron Man from just above the waist and perfectly… and I mean ‘mathematically’ perfectly shows every swoop, curve, bolt and rivet. Apart from a couple of tell-tale lines on the shoulders it’s all pretty seamless as well, capturing the highly engineered feeling that the suit conveys, and because they haven’t had to worry about articulation, all the details are just as intended with no need for interpretation. The head/helmet/mask has a real clarity here, looking clean and unfussy whilst still having all the requisite details. The fact that the eyes and ARC can light up means they also have some deep layered details and can stand some pretty ‘up close and personal’ scrutiny. The base is made to mimic an industrial plinth, but because of its angular stepped appearance with implied areas of machining, it actually manages to have a slight Art Deco feel as well. The front section has the Iron Man 2 logo above the suits designated MARK IV name plate. On the underside of the base is the battery compartment, you’ll need a small Philips screwdriver to open tit up and three AAA size batteries to give him the juice he needs. Then just flick the tiny switch in front of the compartment on, and the chest and eyes light up… and boy do they light up.

It’s so bright in fact that I had a nightmare trying to get any good shots with them on, my camera just ‘could not compute’.

So, a clean, accurate representation, and the sculpt is actually enhanced by the addition of the action feature, as even in the powered down mode it looks better than with the lenses painted blue.

Paint - ****
Did you really expect anything other than perfection? This is a walk in the park for Hot Toys compared to many of the 1/6th figures they bring out. But they have still managed to make the colours dense and even with super crisp division lines. Both the red and gold have an iridescent quality, making them shiny without looking too glossy and fake, and a lot of the division lines are circumnavigated by super accurate matte black lines painted in. The plinth is also black, but the logo is picked out in a bronze to gold graduation with the suit number in white beneath it.

Basically there is just nothing to complain about here, everything is just as it should be… nice!

Outfit - N/A

Articulation - N/A
Well, the head turns a little, but it’s a pretty moot point!

Accessories - N/A

Value - ****
At the RRP of $64.99 this is a pretty sweet buy, especially as all the other Iron Man busts have an RRP of $74.99. I’m not 100% sure why the others merit the extra $10, well, perhaps War Machine merits a bit extra because of all the extra detail. But whatever the reason it don’t stop the fact that this is an even better deal.

Fun Factor - ***
I defy anyone to actually have much fun with a bust!
Sure they look good on your desk, and the light feature is so bright on this you could probably use it as a lamp… but fun? Lets leave that to the action figures.

However, I guess a certain sense of smug satisfaction will rise with each new addition to the line, so as you place them side by side, a feeling not unlike being a budget Tony Stark will start to wash over you, and that’s gotta be worth some fun!

Overall - ****
What we have here is a well sculpted, accurately painted, scale size bust with a super bright light up feature and all at under $60 (if you shop around).
Whilst it doesn’t have the fun factor of a fully articulated action figure, it still seems like great deal to me and I’m looking forward to lining up the other suits next to it.

Where to Buy -
Sideshow still has it available for the RRP of $64.99.

Or you can try Michael’s sponsor below listed in order of price-
Urban Collector- $57.99
Alter Ego - $58.49
Fan Boy- $59.99 
Big Bad Toy Store- $64.99 
or hit eBay where I’ve seen BIN prices of $60 to $75.

Iron Man 2 mini-bust by Hot Toys
Iron Man 2 mini-bust by Hot Toys

Iron Man 2 mini-bust by Hot Toys

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