Marmit 12" Boba Fett

DanB stops by tonight to review an oldie but a goodie - the Marmit 12" Boba Fett.  Now Dan has done some slight 'modifications', which you'll see in the photos.  Tell us all about it, Dan!

The Marmit line of Star Wars figures wasn’t very big when compared to the Kenner line but it was amazingly detailed. The Boba Fett I think is the major highlight of the line. I got mine for Christmas a few years ago and I love this figure but I recognize its flaws and we’ll go over those in detail. With a figure this expensive (mine was $140) you really need to know what you are getting.

Packaging - ***
The packaging can really go either way depending on what you prefer. This is an action figure kit so it shows off what you get pretty well but I think the way it is displayed is a little ugly. It’s just a mish mash of parts visually and doesn’t look that cool. It certainly isn’t a “collector” package in the sense that it shows off the figure because it is in pieces. If you are comfortable with that, awesome! Really though, it is a travesty to keep this figure in the package. Keeping Marmit Fett in the package is like buying orange juice and keeping it in the bottle - you don’t get to enjoy that sweet Florida goodness.

Sculpting - ****
This figure has amazing sculpting. The helmet I think is perfectly dead on. There are times I look at this figure on my shelf and I am convinced that a tiny foot tall Boba Fett is standing guard for me. I’m expecting him to actually take a step forward or turn his head! He looks so realistic. The chest armor is also very good as are the gloves/gauntlets. I really don’t have any sculpt complaints here. Of note is the antenna on his helmet. It is articulated and can be put in the up or down position. I was also really happy with his boots. They look very realistic, especially with a little bit of dirt or grime painted onto them. I suppose my only gripe here is that his arms are too long because you can’t get the gauntlets/hands on as far as they really need to be. It isn’t too bad really but it does detract, though, not enough to reduce the stars I think.

Paint - **1/2
The painting is good but there are some issues to discuss. First off, the yellow shoulder pads and knee pads shouldn’t be bright yellow like the initial release was (and I imagine this is the one most people have.) It is supposed to be more of a school bus yellow color. It’s not so far off that it stands out like a sore thumb but it detracts from the figure. Next is the “red” portion of his helmet, the area around his t-shaped visor. The color is a little off on the helmet and I don’t see why it was so. It should be a little brighter than it is to really nail it. The next complaint, while small, concerns the LCD display on his chest. It was sculpted onto his chest armor but it was never painted. I painted it myself using a small paintbrush. This figure has decent paint but for how much he costs it should be perfect. I had to customize mine to get it where I was happy and I shouldn’t have to do that at this price point.

The chest and shoulder decals are flawless and are very detailed so that is one major plus for the figure. They don’t need to be applied yourself they are already on the chest armor.

Articulation - ****
I assembled my figure long ago and I don’t want to take it all apart so I am going to trust Michael’s judgment on this section and just borrow from his review: Marmit uses their own style of body. The body is fairly thick, particularly the legs, and all of the parts are held together with screws so it can be disassembled if you so desire (although it's not necessary). While the articulation is good, it is missing two major joints - the elbows are not the double jointed style we've come to expect, although the knees are, and the neck/head post has very limited articulation. Some people swap these uniforms on to other bodies, or supply heads for under the masks, but you shouldn't have to do something like that at this price.

Accessories - ***
Fett comes with 2 guns, a blaster rifle and a blaster pistol. Both guns are a little basic on the sculpt but they look fine to me. I would have liked to have his other blaster rifle (the one included in most of the earlier potf2 boba fett figures) with the more detailed barrel, either as the included blaster or as an alternate. The pistol will probably stay in the holster most of the time I’d guess. I’ve never displayed him with it. The rifle is much better. He also comes with 2 different sets of hands for either holding his guns or more relaxed for resting the barrel or being at his side. He also comes with some shin tools which are easy to lose. I lost one of mine but I was lucky enough to find a gentleman online who made a cast for me. They can fall out fairly easily if you transport the figure. 

Outfit - ****
His jumpsuit is perfect except for one point: his thigh pouches. They are held closed with Velcro and it kind of ruins the mood. Other than that the jumpsuit rests very well on him making some great wrinkle detail. Clothing can be an issue in a 12” scale sometimes but it works very well here. The cape is also very well done. It is stitched to the shoulder armor pretty well. I put a paper clip on it to make it stay in the folder position I wanted but that isn’t necessary.

There is an ankle cloth that he has that hook on but I think they lay weird and make him look more like a toy so I don’t have them on the figure.

Fun Factor - *
You really shouldn’t let your kids be playing with this. It’s too expensive and the plastic doesn’t have any give. If you let them play with it it will probably crack somewhere (like the backpack or knee pads).

Value - **
Well, it’s a Japanese import, and they aren’t making this anymore, and it is a non-mainstream figure and it is Star Wars….and it is Boba Fett so I can certainly understand the high price tag. Mine was $140 but I recall prices around $110-130 when he was first released. A quick check of eBay shows a few auctions at $175 or more. This won’t be a cheap figure to get now but I still think it rocks. If you dig the idea of building your figure and tweaking him you can add a star here.

Other Stuff - 
I had a lot of little points to make on this figure and I wasn’t sure where to put them all so I’m just sticking them all here. This is an action figure kit so you really shouldn’t be too concerned about customizing this figure a little bit. It isn’t meant to be mint in package and with a few small tweaks you can really get a lot more from this already awesome figure. Here are some things to take note of to either improve the figure or areas of caution.

1. There isn’t a head on the skeleton/body, it’s more like a ball peg. I took cotton balls and glued them to the peg with hot glue and then put the helmet on over them. it fits snuggly and doesn’t rattle around. It’s worked quite well. You can just pull off some cotton to get that perfect fit. He also retains all of his articulation this way.

2. I painted the visor border a maroon color and I think it turned out well. This figure doesn’t have a lot of weathering to it, mostly just larger silver scratches painted on so a steady hand and a small paintbrush can easily paint this area. Use water based (acrylic) paint if you do this though just in case you mess up or slip and need to fix it. 

3. The guy who made a cast the shin tool for me did much more customizing to his Fett than I did, he soaked his jumpsuit in tea I think where as I just did some washes of brown and black on his armor to make him look a little more rugged. A quick painting lesson here: dry brushing is intended to only catch the raised surfaces and washes catch the valleys. Scratches (silver) would be dry brushed to accent the areas that would have been scratched while dirt/grime would be washed on to get into crevices. Dry brushing uses very little paint on the brush and washes use watered down paint, a paper towel is handy to wipe off the raised areas that got paint on them. I suggest doing a wash first and then dry brushing. I also did some dry brushing on his rifle to give it more detail and accent the sculpt.

4. The knee pads are very poorly designed for this figure. You have to glue an elastic band to them. It works like crap and I just hot glued mine on to the jumpsuit after struggling with the elastic coming undone too many times. It looks better and works better. Speaking of blue, you may want to consider dabbing some hot glue into his shin pockets for the tools. A little bit is all you need and you don’t need to worry about losing one. If you do I doubt you’ll be able to find someone to cast them like I did. This figure has been out for a few years now and it was kind of uncommon to begin with. Lastly, as far as glue is concerned, you may or may not want to do this but I glued my gauntlets to his sleeves. I was so sick of them not staying on and I never changed his hands in the entire time I have had him. Hot glue isn’t super glue so you could always undo it with minor problems.

5. The plastic for this figure is brittle. You NEED to have a hair dryer or hot water at the very least to heat it up to get the chest armor on otherwise you will crack it badly. I have snapped off the jet pack rocket, the jet pack thruster, a knee dart, a knee bad, and fingers because of this crappy plastic. Thankfully I was able to fix it all with superglue without any noticeable problems. Don’t get upset if the rocket pack missile or thruster break off, just get some superglue to fix it and you’ll be good as gold. Speaking of the jet pack, it is very annoying to get to stay on so I went crazy with super glue to make it stay and I don’t have problems anymore.
6. Another little thing that helps is for the gauntlet tube. If I recall, the instructions have you glue the end of the tube right to the gauntlet but I found it didn’t work well so I took a small pin and pushed it through the plastic where the tube attaches and now the tube fits over the pin and has more to “grab” when it is glued. Not noticeable at all and really helpful.

Overall - ***
This figure was a ton of fun to assemble and over the years he has been tweaked a little here and there. He has some flaws but this is pretty much a collector piece so once you get him the way you want he probably will be fine for some time. Don’t be rough with him because he is a bit delicate. Either way, this figure looks beautiful and I was very pleased with it. He isn’t cheap so be prepared to drop some money on a figure that needs a little bit of time invested into to make it really great.

Score Recap:
Packaging - ***
Sculpting - ****
Painting - **
Articulation - ****
Accessories – ***
Clothing - ****
Fun Factor - *
Value - **
Overall - ***

Where to Buy - 
I’d really only be able to suggest eBay at this point.

Figure from the collection of DanB.

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