Amazing Spider-Man
Shocker and Mad Jack

The one and only Coheteboy is back tonight with a review of two very new Spidey figures - Shocker and Mad Jack!  Take it away, CB...

Though Toy Biz's time is running out, the Spider-Man villains are still on their way. Hitting toy shelves now is Spidey's arch nemesis SHOCKER, and a lesser known bad boy named MAD JACK (a 2nd version of the character JACK O'LANTERN). Villains are normally one per wave but we're lucky enough to get two this time. Three if you count Stealth Venom!

These badboys and the rest of Wave 18 are starting to hit KB Stores and the rest so keep your eyes open!

Packaging - **1/2
The basic card and bubble works fine for me, as toys are meant to be opened... but seeing as how these retail for about the same price as Marvel Legends, I'm hoping for at least some unique information about the character on the card. What we get instead are instructions for how to operate the action gimmicks that I'll detail further below. As a generic toy, it works, but I'm sure most people would like a refresher course on who Mad Jack is. 

Sculpting - Shocker ****; Madjack ***1/2
Starting with the better known of the villains, Shocker is just about perfect in sculpt. His crosshatch design is indeed sculpted on, not just painted on. The effect looks great and we get a determined expression for Shocker which is just fine. Nothing too extreme here.

The leather threads for Shocker is also very well detailed, with wrinkles and creases all sculpted in, giving a nice authentic worn-out feel. Isn't that how we want our baddies to be? Shocker's forearms and belt are also nicely sculpted. Some may want a larger Shocker since he is rather small, but I'm not going to blame the sculpt for size issues.

Mad Jack is a really good sculpt as well but I really just don't have a good reference point to compare to. I've seen images of "Jack O'Lantern" before but I'm not too sure how similar they are in design. 

Mad Jack's head sculpt is basically an evil pumpkin head with flames. And if that's their aim, they hit the mark pretty well. The rest of his armor is very well sculpted and incredibly well defined. There's even some signs of combat showing on the armor with nicks and scrapes. Pretty impressive overall.

Paint - ***
Paint on a figure can make a great sculpt superb... or it can make a great sculpt just 'okay'. Both Shocker and Madjack fall between 'okay' and 'decent'. Madjack is basically all green with different lightness levels. Nothing too impressive here. The face is sculpted well enough to get by and since he's orange and on fire, it's pretty hard to mess that up. It just doesn't pop though.

Shocker has a great sculpt but I'm afraid some inconsistencies with the paint are keeping this guy from reaching great heights. The lines that accent the crosshatching is dark in some areas, lighter in others. It sometimes looks as if the figure is unfinished, and that's never a good feeling. The rest of Shocker is all brown so nothing that really stands out. 

Both figures are pretty good about not bleeding so you'll get the usual fare here. I also want to add that the paint could have been a lot more so that the finer details in the clothes can stand out much more. As they are now, there's a wash on it but it still stays on the bland side. It's not a major issue but just a minor nitpick.

Articulation - Madjack ****; Shocker ***
The Amazing Spider-Man line of figures are treated with Marvel Legends type articulation but because of action gimmicks, sometimes the figures aren't as great as they could be.

Madjack is the winner here with about 35 points of articulation. The head can only look left to right and he's lacking a torso joint. There's probably more articulation in the legs than he knows what to do with while the wrists are a bit funky. Madjack's left hand has a wrist and finger joint, but lacks the ability to rotate the hand. It is possible that mine is stuck forever and I just haven't realized it. The right hand is a ball joint with the ability to rotate. 

Mad Jack's right arm is where the action gimmick is tied to, and though he's fully articulated, you don't have the ability to pose that arm anywhere else. A touch minor of a drawback but still a drawback nonetheless.

Shocker doesn't hold up as well with to MadJack with only 27 points of articulation, but still pretty darn good for this price range. The biggest disappointment is of course in the arms and hands. Shocker lacks the usual elbow articulation as well as hands and wrists due to the missile launching action gimmick (more below). The legs at least are the standard super articulated legs as always.

Accessories - Madjack ***; Shocker *
Madjack again wins in the accessories department because he comes with two massive pumpkin bombs and a pumpkin glider. The bombs have holes for the peg in Jack's right hand to plug into, but it doesn't hold too well. Is it me or are his bombs too big? I have no clue. The glider is decently sculpted and painted though nothing special.

Shocker doesn't come with any accessories except for four missiles that fire out of his arms. He can only use two at a time so they give you a spare in case you need any.

Action Feature - Mad Jack ***; Shocker **
Both of the villains here have two action gimmicks each to lure the kiddies. Mad Jack has a light up head and bomb throwing arm. The light-up head is activated two ways: via a button on Mad Jack's lower back, or by raising his right arm all the way up. 

The light up head is fun for oh two seconds and the bomb throwing feature doesn't work so great since the pumpkin bombs don't fit onto his hand very well. Kids can at least use the right arm to strike down on those who confuse him with Jack from 'Return to Oz'. Or perhaps I can do that since kids these days won't know what the hell 'Return to Oz' is. 

Shocker's dual blast gimmick includes the launching missiles from his forearms. Since they keep Shocker in 'stiff arm' mode all the time, I don't think it was a worthy trade-off. They also look pretty funny since they're so huge, but with them in, he's real popular with the ladies and Aquaman. 

The other gimmick for Shocker is his vibro shock action. Turn the dial on his back and let him go! He vibrates for a few seconds as if he was 'Tickle Me Elmo'. The gimmick is... cute. That's the only word that comes to mind to describe it. It isn't necessary and now Shocker has a baby knob on his back, similar to those kid's meal toys. The vibration isn't strong enough for him to get a recall, so don't worry. You'll find your Shocker figure.

Fun Factor - ***1/2
These are toys. Great fun toys. And kids will enjoy the high articulation and great sculpts. Adult collectors enjoy those as well. The action gimmicks are a bit much but kids will enjoy playing with them. If these didn't have action features, then I'd probably give it a higher score.

Value - ****
These toys are prices at the usual Marvel Legend price that range from $7-9 and it's a great price for what you get. Well sculpted and well articulated (mostly). I've been giving these 3 1/2 stars in the value department for a really long time. But truthfully... this is the absolute BEST value you can be getting for your buck. I wouldn't say the same thing about the other figures in the wave, but for unique baddies of Spidey, this is a steal.

Things to Watch Out For  
Paint ops are always what to look out for.

Overall - ***1/2
Despite the cheap action gimmicks, these are quality figures and a lot of fun. You'll definitely want to get these for your Marvel Legends collection. Not that Spider-Man is lonely, but these will certainly fill out your collection real good.

Packaging - **1/2
Sculpt - Shocker ****; Madjack ***1/2
Paint - ***
Articulation - Madjack ****; Shocker ***
Accessories - Madjack ***; Shocker *
Action Feature - Mad Jack ***; Shocker **
Fun Factor - ***1/2
Value - ***1/2
Overall - ***1/2

Where to Buy:
These figures can be found at your local Toys'R'Us, Wal-Mart, Target, or KB stores. Expect to pay more if you go to KB though.


Figure from the collection of Coheteboy.

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