Palm Talkers Boba Fett

The latest format for Star Wars collectibles comes to us from Japan.  For several years, super deformed figures of many licenses have been popular in the Far East.  Now Hasbro has brought the concept to the U.S., with a slightly different twist.

These six different super deformed Star Wars figures (all from the original trilogy so far) have the added bonus of a talking feature.  They are called 'palm talkers', because by placing them on your palm you complete the circuit between two small contacts on the bottom of the figure and they speak and light up.

There is Boba Fett  (reviewed here), Chewbacca, a Stormtrooper, Darth Maul, C3-PO, and R2-D2.  Suggested retail is around ten bucks each.

Packaging - ***
The boxes are actually pretty nice - surprisingly nice for Hasbro!  It's sturdy, with a decent design and graphics, and it can be opened and reclosed without tearing it up.

Only one problem - the figures are really too heavy to hang from a peg with the flimsy hanger they've provided.  If you find them on the shelf, you'll be okay, but the ones hanging from the pegs are going to get damaged.

Articulation - Bupkis
Okay, maybe I wasn't supposed to expect any, but arms and neck aren't asking too much.  He's really just a big pvc, and a hollow one at that.

Sculpting - ***1/2
If you like the super deformed style, then you'll like these figures.  If you don't, guess what - you won't.

But the sculpting here is good, in the style that's intended.  There's lots of detail, with perfect proportion.

Paint - ***1/2
The paint ops are also very good.  I didn't see any slop on these, and the colors are bright and clean.  The battle damage on Fett is particularly well done, and he's probably the most complicated of this set in terms of paint ops.

Talking Feature - **
One of the big selling points on this set is the talking feature.  Unfortunately, it's not all that exciting.

I'm assumed they would use the same chips from the earlier talking Fett.  Maybe they thought that would be too instead they give him fewer lines.

He has three lines, two of which he shares with the 12" talking Fett - "He's no good to me dead." and "What if he doesn't survive?".  He also says "as you wish", but has no blaster sounds, unlike what the box advertises. If you've managed to get a blaster sound out of this guy, please let me know!

He also has a 'light up' feature.  This means there is a tiny red light in the blaster that flashes in time with the pronunciation of the words.

Both features are weak, and certainly don't make up for the price.

Value - *1/2
Most super deformed figures are only about three or four bucks at most.  These are costing nine bucks and more!  While they do have the talking/light up feature, it's certainly not worth doubling the cost of something like this.

Overall - **
Lots of folks were really looking forward to these, but I think they'll be disappointed. While the sculpting is good, the cost and weak talking feature really hurt these.  I'm betting that the Fett, Stormtrooper and Vader may sell okay, but the droids and Chewie are going to pile up on the shelves fast.

Where to Buy
I've seen these at Toys R Us for $10 each, or at Meijers for $9.  Obviously, if you have a Meijers in your neck of the woods you're a lot better off buying there.  On-line it's a little tough right now - most stores like New Force Comics and Entertainment Earth are currently sold out.  You should be able to find them here 

- Action Figure Express has a case of 8 for $80 plus shipping.  No savings there, but if you can't find them at retail... (MROTW Affiliate)

- Amok Time has the set of six for $60 plus shipping as well.

- Planet Action Figure has the set of six for $65 plus shipping.

Figure from the collection of Derek Murrell

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