Marvel Legends series 6
The Punisher

Coheteboy continues with the Marvel Legends 6 revies, covering the peg warmer tonight - The Thomas Jane version of the Punisher.  It's all yours, Coheteboy!

The legends just keep on coming! Toy Biz has been known to insert a random film-related figure in different series... if it wasn't X-Men, The Hulk, or Spider-Man that is. Series III gave collectors a pretty average Daredevil figure. Series V took a step up in quality with Blade. This time Toy Biz gives us the most recent Marvel film without a toy line: Punisher.

However you feel about the movie, there's no denying the quality of this figure. Punisher seems to be the easiest to find right now so if you're a fan of the movie or of toys based on movies, this might be what you're looking for.

Also released in this series are: Deadpool, Wolverine, Cable, Phoenix & Dark Phoenix, and Juggernaut

Packaging - ***1/2
This toy line has used identical packaging throughout the entire span of the series, which is actually great for carded collectors if they want to keep a level of consistency in their collection. Each figure and card back are encased in a plastic shell protecting it from most damage, though it is still possible to crush the bubble if not careful. As always, the comic book serves as a backdrop behind the figure and provides a visual energy to the package. 

The card back features the "Power Grid" (power and intelligence statistics) as well as a small blurb about the character, just in case you need a refresher on who it is your looking at. 

I've said it time and time again, this packaging is probably the most practical to keep both figure and comic book protected and I wouldn't want it any other way. 

Sculpting - ***1/2
I have to hand it to Toy Biz. They've really captured the pouty expression of Thomas Jane perfectly. This figure is along the same quality that we saw in the Blade figure. Excellent execution in the head as well as the rest of the body. Some areas might seem a little less detailed than they should be, especially the T-Shirt. If there was some added textures, this would receive a perfect score without question.

Paint - ***
Punisher aka Frank Castle is basically either flesh tones or black, which makes it a little harder to judge. But starting with the head for a moment, paint is very well applied. Each strand of hair, the eyebrows and eyes, even the facial hair is given decent attention. 

And of course there's the big skull on his T-Shirt. I don't know about any of you, but it seems a little off for some reason. Maybe it's too small, maybe it's not textured enough, maybe it's both? There's definitely very flat about the skull. Perhaps some weathering would have helped, just as it did the comic book versions of the character.

Articulation - ****
While Punisher here doesn't break the 40 point mark, I can't bring myself to take away stars for having 37 points of articulation, which is still amazingly good! This figure has all the right articulation in the right areas, giving you perfect ways to pose your figure however you like. What's also great is that the articulation doesn't take away from the sculpt so much either. 

Accessories - ****
Aside from the comic book, The Punisher excels ahead most of the Marvel Legends with all the accessories included. Provided like usual is a display stand... but don't let the packaging fool you. This one isn't wall-mountable! Still, the Punisher themed stand is unique and does its job well. 

Punisher also comes with a removable coat and four weapons. Some you may have seen before, but nothing here is unwanted. For a character like the Punisher, the more accessories the better. I also have to point out that the coat is fully decked out with gear! None of it is removable of course but it still is really cool to see. Keep in mind that the cloak, like most removable clothing does restrict some articulation to a degree.

While the accessories here are terrific, I guess I am slightly disappointed that we don't see the crossbow used in the film. 

Value - ****
No doubt about it, $6.88 at Wal-Mart is an amazing bargain for figures with this much detail and articulation. Even at a Toys'R'Us' $7.99 price tag, this figure is worth the money...unless you REALLY REALLY hate the movie and everything that has anything to do with it. 

Overall - ***1/2
This is a great figure. Regardless of how bad the movie is, this is a figure that looks good with the ranks of the other film adapted figures or even looks good on his own. Let's recap: Terrific sculpt, 37 points of articulation, plenty of accessories including removable trench coat, and great price make this a good figure to get. Of course, this is going to be the one that you find everywhere, so it probably wouldn't hurt to wait for a sale. 

Where to buy - 
I've seen these figures already at Wal-Mart and Toys'R'Us stores, so happy hunting! 


Figure from the collection of Coheteboy.

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