12" Ki Adi Mundi

I don't collect a lot of Star Wars these days.  Yea, it might appear different, but I'm far from a die-hard or a completist.

I still pick up most of the 12" figures though, especially the unusual or alien characters.  And if you get an alien who is ALSO a Jedi, well, you've got the double mojo whammy.

Ki Adi Mundi is one of the more unique Jedi.  With his funky head and slightly larger role in Episode 2, it's no surprise that we got a sixth scale figure.  What is surprising is that it is a Star Wars Fan Club exclusive.

The price is $24.99, plus shipping, but if you buy $35 or more from the store you get free shipping.

That's five bucks more than the usual 12" Star Wars figure these days, but not surprising since the items released through the fan club are generally more expensive than normal retail.

Packaging - **1/2
These boxes aren't very sturdy, since the last three I had shipped to me - Mundi, Dooku and the Super Battle Droid - were all smooshed on top.  That's the bad news...the good news is that all three popped right back into shape.

Just like Mace, Mundi has the Jedi Council label on the front of the package.

Sculpting - ***1/2
I really like the head sculpt on Mundi.  Hasbro seems to have gotten the guy with a big head right, which we should be very thankful for.  Just think how big his head would have been if they'd oversized it in the usual manner!

The details on the face sculpt are good, and the wash on his face brings out the highlights.  The hand sculpts are unique as well, and nicely done.

Paint - ***
As I mentioned, the paint wash looks good, and the small details are well painted.  I'm glad the eyes turned out well, since with mail order only I couldn't pick out the best one.

There's a little slop around the beard, ponytail and moustache though, bringing the score down slightly. 

Articulation - **1/2
Better than it could be, not as good as it should be.  Mundi has a good ball jointed neck, allowing him to look up and down with limited range.

The shoulders, elbows, hips, wrists, knees and ankles are all jointed as you'd expect - this is the same body Hasbro has been using for awhile now.  Too bad they didn't use the slightly improved Joe body that they used with Dooku - it would have really improved the figure.

Of course, a sixth scale body that at least reaches the bar set by other companies would be nice, but Hasbro seems unwilling to even play catch up with the Star Wars line.

Accessories - ***
Mundi has the necessary lightsaber, and the blade comes out of the hilt.  The hilt fits on to the belt as it does with most of the other figures.

The only other accessory is one hidden from view - a shoulder bag.  It is under his dark brown vest, but it's a nice little surprise.  It doesn't open - it's solid plastic - but the sculpt is good.

Outfit - ***1/2
This is a really nicely done Jedi uniform.  There's several layers, each done with great quality and stitching.  The materials are top notch, and are tailored extremely well.  There's no velcro, and all closures are well stitched snaps.

The best part of the outfit is the soft rubber boots.  I love the sculpt, with the buckles and straps on the side and the fold over tops.  Once in awhile Hasbro gets it right!

Value - **1/2
At the usual $20, this figure would have pulled another half star.  But at the inflated cost of the fan club it's not quite as good of a value.

Overall - ***
This is one of my favorite 12" Star Wars figures to date.  It would have made ***1/2 stars, an almost unheard of accomplishment for this line, if they had just given us the same body as Dooku.

Still, he's a very nicely done sixth scale character, and swapping him to a better body wouldn't be impossible.  Someday perhaps Hasbro will understand that they have to stop playing catch up with the small guys, and start setting the bar themselves.

Where to Buy - 
The Fan Club baby.  That's where it's at.  I've seen it at some shows as well, but always at more than the $25 they are charging.

Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford.

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