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The remake of Halloween hit theaters last week, and the action figure beat it by a week or so.  Tonight TrueHorror takes a look at this latest version - take it away, TH!

Hot on the heels of Rob Zombie’s take on John Carpenter’s classic “Halloween” comes Neca’s new take on the infamous Michael Myers. Michael Myers has seen many incarnations throughout the years which include the 8 films he has appeared in. (the 3rd film does not follow the Michael Myers storyline) Whether it be his mask, his size or his mannerisms, he has rarely ever had a consistent look. Neca’s last classic Michael Myers figure was easily the best 7 inch scale Myers figure to date, along with the 18 inch version being the best overall figure of the character ever made. Fans of the new Myers design were eager to get their hands on the newest envisioning of their beloved Shape. 
The new movie came into theaters a hit monetarily however it divided hardcore Halloween fans right down the middle. Some loved the new direction of reintroducing a once again menacing version of their beloved boogeyman to the screen. Others loathed the idea altogether and have lambasted Zombies vision of what Halloween should be. I believe this figure will probably have a bit of the same effect on the toy buying masses as well as the general collectible buying public. 

Packaging - ***
The Clamshell packaging is in effect here however this is a different one than the usual cult classic fair. The shell covers the majority of the card and the figure is in plain sight with its accessories packaged behind it. The package is topped off with a mock movie poster insert which works very well here. Overall it is typical 7 inch scale figure packaging from Neca and nothing to write home about.

Sculpting - ***1/2
The sculpt on this version of Michael Myers is pretty damn good. The texture of the jumpsuit is well done. The Mask which is usually the make or break it element to all things Myers is well done. The main problem in my opinion, lies in the accuracy of the hair sculpt. Plain and simple it’s much too neat and slicked back. The hair in the movie is way more wild and messy. Is it a big deal? No but it is a detail that I would expect noticed especially after a recent statement by a certain Neca sculptor stating how perfect he was at sculpting everything. Well I guess he only became perfect AFTER he finished this figure up. The Base as well deserves some mention as it was very well done as far as bases go. The Tombstone and grass are both well textured and add to the appeal of the figure. One thing should be stated, the figure I have will NOT stand without being attached to the base. Overall though the sculpt is solid and any nit picks on it should be minor. Also of note is the fact this figure is closer to 8” in height where as normal Cult Classics figures are about 7”. This may have been intentional as the actor portraying Michael Myers (Tyler Mane) is a bit taller than most people between 6’8” and 6’10” or it may have just been part of Neca’s random scale issue.

Paint - ***1/2
Painting is another one of Neca’s hit or miss departments. This time however, for the most part they have done a wonderful job. The grimy look of the overalls is replicated very well. The blood stained hands have been a point of discussion amongst collectors, some love it, and some hate it. I personally dig it and think it adds a different look to the figure and helps it stand out from prior Myers figures. The blood/rust stained knife is another nice touch. The Mask however is a bit strange to describe as in pictures it turns out okay but in person in the right lighting it is a weird mix of colors such as a blue and green mixed together…its creates a weird splotchy effect which the mask in the film has, however it does not translate well to this small scale. It is not something that can be picked up on immediately but if you look closely enough it may bother some. Also his eyes beneath the mask are a bit well…cross eyed. This becomes a moot point in natural lighting as the eyes become shadows and is a minor issue for the most part. Overall the paint is well done and aside from the eyes is not sloppy in the least. 

Articulation - **1/2
Michael Myers has 9 points of Articulation. These include a ball jointed neck, ball jointed shoulders, cut elbow joints, wrists and even though they do not move very much, the ankle joints are somewhat mobile. His pose-ability is somewhat limited however due to the sculpt on the jumpsuit which kind of hinders the forward movement on his left arm.

So while he does have the usual amount of articulation on this sort of figure he cannot really be posed as much as other figures in his scale and loses some points for that. At the same rate many collectors of this type of figure enjoy the pre-posed nature of it, so it all comes down to a matter of preference. You don’t expect a Michael Myers figure to be super articulated like a Marvel Legend figure but a slightly more mobile left arm might have bumped this category up to three stars.

Accessories - ***
There are 4 Accessories that are provided with Myers. He comes equipped with two Knives; One being his usual blood soaked kitchen knife, the other being what almost seems to be a homemade dagger which to my knowledge did not make an appearance in the film. He also is provided an alternate head based upon his Pumpkin masked head from the film. In the film I really dug the look of it, however in toy form it just comes off as kind of goofy in my opinion and doesn’t really translate well at this small size. I personally would never display it with this head but perhaps someone out there does like it and it is still a nice inclusion for those that do. Rounding out the package is the Tombstone base which includes a grassy bottom which connects to Judith Myers tombstone. The tombstone is well sculpted and fits snuggly onto the base. Myers fits onto the base via two foot pegs but it may take some slight effort on your part to get him onto both pegs as they don’t line up perfectly with his feet. Overall the accessories are decent as there are only so many items to apply to a Michael Myers figure, yet the ones provided compliment the figure nicely. 

Fun Factor - **
While this is a great Michael Myers figure, I don’t know how much fun anybody will be having with this due to the Articulation and inability to stand without his base. Someone might say its fun to swap heads or knives, but other than that the only real fun that comes from this is having a cool display piece, for some that is enough but for a category entitled “Fun Factor” it probably doesn’t cut it. 

Value -  ***
I found my Myers for $15.99 at Hot Topic. Granted it is pricier than most “Cult Classic” styled figures. However once I had it in hand it was apparent that it was a larger figure with a larger base than most. I feel the size along with the independently released nature of the figure warrants the price I paid, not to mention not having to deal with hunting it down or ordering it online and paying for shipping. I believe it can be found for a cheaper sale price elsewhere but probably no less than $13.99 so the extra $2.00 was fine by me to get it right away. This is a large quality figure and once attached to the base is close to half the size of most boxed sets. So $15.99 seems reasonable.

Overall - ***1/2
While certain things such as the Articulation and Fun Factor may not measure up. That does not stop this from being great for what it is, a statue-esque figure of the new incarnation of Michael Myers. It is better than Neca’s prior Michael Myers figure which I thought was great till I placed it next to this one. The Paint is well done, the Sculpt is for the most part accurate if it weren’t for the hair issue it would have been higher rated. The accessories are nice and add to the overall look and appeal of the figure. It’s a little pricier than most figures in its class but it’s also a little bigger and heavier. I would say for any Michael Myers fan this purchase should be a no-brainer. However, this new Halloween film has really divided the fan base, so I would say it is up to you the consumer to decide whether or not you like this version of Myers first then decide if tonight is the night, he comes home with you. 

Score Recap:
Packaging – ****
Sculpt – ***1/2
Paint – ***1/2
Articulation – **1/2
Accessories – ***
Fun Factor - **
Value – ***
Overall – ***1/2

Where to Buy - 
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Figure from the collection of TrueHorror.

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