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It's been a long time since Jonathan Mullins did a guest review, but he's back tonight with a great one - take it away, Jonathan!

My name is Jonathan Mullins, and I last reviewed Sideshow’s General Custer way back in 2005. I want to thank Michael for letting me do another review.
I have had a hard time over the last couple of years finding any action figures that really jump out at me. Sure, there are lots that I look at and think, Yeah it’s cool. I’ll think about picking one up. But, nothing that makes me say, “Dang! I gotta have that!” That is until I saw Medicom’s 12” RAH Schocktrooper.

I don’t know if it was the red color scheme or what, but something said I had to have it. Now, clonetroopers are not my thing. I don’t have to have them all. In fact I never really gave any thought to owning one. I just don’t think they are that special. But the Shocktrooper. WOW. I showed a picture to my wife and she even thought it was pretty cool. And she dosen’t even like Star Wars!

The only problem was that it being Medicom, the price was $149.00 dollars. Now I know a lot of people have no problems spending that kind of money, but that was too much for me. My wife said I could buy it if I really wanted it. I tried to rationalize it six ways from Sunday. It was an exclusive to, it was limited to 1,000 pieces, and so on. But still $149.00 for a toy was too much to rationalize away. I finally decided not to buy it and put it on my wish list for when a rich relative died and left me money.

However all that changed a couple of weeks ago. I was looking around on one of the Star Wars toy sites that I frequent and saw that was going to start having a weekly sale on six different items. One of them was the Shocktrooper for $74.99! A quick phone call to my wife to see if we had money in the account, and the Shocktrooper was soon on it’s way. And now here we are at the review.

Packaging: ***
Packaging for me is just a way for the figure to get to me in one piece. Once I take the figure out, it usually goes in the trash. There is the same style of box as other Medicom figures. It is very collector friendly though. I was able to pop the figure out with no problems. No twistys! The figure will pop back in with no problems.

Sculpt: ****
All armor. The Shocktrooper has the unique red color of it’s division(troop?). All of the armored pieces are sculpted well and fit together well. It looks like the reference photos I’ve seen.

Most of my sixth scale Star Wars figures are packed away, but I stood him next to my Plo Koon and he was just a bit shorter. (I figure Plo is an alien, so he would be taller.) But he is a good size next to my Hasbro Ki-Adi Mundi.

Paint: ****
As I said before, when I saw pictures of this guy, I had to have one. The red paint is just so striking. The red really brings out a lot of the details in the sculpt. 

There are also the many scratches and dents representing battle damage. While cool and all I would have like to have a clean version also. I know when the Shocktroopers were shown in Revenge of the Sith, it was near the end of the Clone Wars and they had been fighting for a few years, so the battle damage makes sense. Still a clean one would be nice.

When my wife saw it out of the box, she asked me if I had already scratched it up. I said, “No it’s battle damage”. She just rolled her eyes and walked away.

Articulation: ****
Excellent articulation. The arms came out kind of wonky when I got it out of the box and I had to take off some of the arm armor to get them to look naturally. I seem to be having the same issue Michael did on his 501st trooper with one of the arms not coming close to the body, except on mine it is the left arm instead of the right. The right foot seems a tad loose also. All other joints are tight.

Accessories: ***
He comes with another set of swappable hands, both gripping. The right hand has the index finger extended so it can fit in the trigger guard.

The hands are very easy to swap out, much better than the Sideshow hands. I always have a hard time getting Sideshows hands off and on. Actually they come of at the drop of a hat. Getting them back on is the hard part.

He comes with a blaster pistol with a folding stock. The stock on the blaster doesn’t unfold into a rifle position, but I was able to pop the stock off. There is a tab at the end of the stock near the trigger and a little tab near the end of the barrel, to allow you to take the stock on and off. You might not want to do it too often, as the tabs might break off, but you get a couple of options with the blaster. I prefer the stock off as I can get the grasping around to fit on the barrel easier.

There is also a clear stand included. I have never seen on like it. There is a around base, and a plastic pole that goes up. Then there are two half circles that have screws in them that you can use to make them tight to the pole. The only problem is, is that the circles are to small to fit around the waist and to big to fit around the legs. You shouldn’t need the stand anyway.

Outfit- ****
Pretty much covered in the paint and sculpt sections.
I do like black body suit under the armor. It is nice and tight. It does tend to bunch up at the crook of the elbow and the back of the knees, but now that I think of it, real clothes do that also.

Fun factor- ****
It’s fun for me. Not real sure you want to give a kid this one to play with. The armor is nice and sturdy and could probably withstand some play, but over $100.00, I wouldn’t want my 13-year old playing with it.

Value: *(original price), ** (sale price)
For me, personally, $149.00 is way too much to pay for a toy. However since I was able to get it half off, I give it an extra star. 

Things to Watch Out For -
Couldn’t find a thing wrong with him.

Overall: ****
I REALLY wanted this guy! The $149.00 price point was what was holding me back. Like I said before, I can justify a lot of things, but action figures over $100.00 I have a hard time justifying. Ok, scratch that, I have a hard time justifying action figures over $25.00-$30.00. I realize that I am old school and can remember days when I could get a sixth scale toy for under $20.00, (OK just to show how old I am, I can remember getting sixth scale action figures for under $10.00! How’s that for old school?), So I really have to want an action figure to start paying big bucks for them. I realize times change, and prices go up, but that dosen’t make it any easier to swallow.

Am I glad I got it? You bet. Will this be my only Medicom figure? Don’t know. I see some that I like, but none jump out at me like this guy did. If one does, I look at it and see. If I can get it for half price, I’ll definitely get one! :)

Score Recap:
Packaging - ***
Sculpt - ****
Paint - ****
Articulation - ****
Accessories - ***
Outfit - ****
Fun Factor - ****
Value - *(original price), ** (sale price)
Overall - ****

Where to Buy -
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Figure from the collection of Jonathan Mullins.

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