Cy Girl Destiny

Sean Teeter is back, this time with a sixth scale review - a Cy Girl to be exact.  Take it away, Sean!

No Star Wars figures this time around folks. Instead you get my first sixth-scale figure review, for better or worse.
Blue Box has made some impressive figures over the past few years, including my all-time favorite, Lucifer the Sniper Assassin (reviewed elsewhere on this site). So when I saw my chance to pick up a couple of bbiís Cy-Girls at $26 a pop, I jumped at the opportunity. Up tonight is Destiny, the all-purpose large-weapons girl. 

Packaging - ***
As previously mentioned in the Mr. Crawfordís Aurora review, these two girls share the same box. While the graphics are nice and colorful, I do feel that itís a tad cheap not to give the Destiny her own packaging. Like all Cy-Girl boxes, this one isnít collector friendly, since the accessory pack on the inner flap has to be ripped open.

Sculpting - ****
All of the Cy-Girl figures have somewhat generic head sculpts; thereís nothing really unique to their looks. Each one is made to look like an attractive woman who could pummel your ass if they wanted to. Destinyís look is nice and clean, with no signs of that overt Barbie syndrome found in so many other female figures. Her face seems to be a tad sharper than some of the other Cy-Girls. Her hair is rooted and cut nice and short, mainly because of her helmet. It looks very cool and definitely adds to her ďall businessĒ look.

Paint -  ***1/2
Destinyís sculpt is complimented nicely by dark red lips and a great set of brown eyes. The lashes and eyebrows are nicely done, and give her a nice stern but sexy look. I have to say that Destinyís probably got one of the better faces in the Cy-Girl line.

Accessories -  ****
Destiny comes with four pairs of interchangeable hands, an I.D. card, a stand, a pair of black wrap-around shades, the same Maggy Hammer pistol and holster found on other Cy-Girls, a sheet of decals, and . . .hmmm . . ., oh yeah, her Vulcan assault gatling cannon.

The pistol works well with this figure, and the holster fits her hip nicely. Three pairs of the hands all have the same fingerless glove style in different poses, but the fourth pair is done up in solid black with orange relief to match the outfit. The decals are for adding numbers to Destinyís arm guards. I donít think she needs them, but theyíre an option if you care to go for it. 

The true star of this figure is obviously her Vulcan. The gun is simply wonderful. The body itself is made up of an independent rotating column of six barrels, a rotating outer cuff with an orange guard on one side and a hand grip on the other, an opening and closing heat exhaust barrel, and a separate rotating trigger grip. The chain ammunition belt can hook into each side of the cannon, and an adjustable strap can be used to balance the gunís weight over Destinyís shoulder Ėwhich is a good thing, since her wrist joints arenít strong enough to hold the weapon up. The amount of detail and articulation on this item truly makes this figure.

Articulation - ***1/2
Destiny has joints at the neck, elbows, wrists, waist, knees, ankles, as well as ball-jointed shoulders and hips. In other words, itís the standard Cy-Girl body, but itís still good. The design allows for great posability, and it always helps to have tight joints.

The only weak spot here are her wrists, which seem a tad limp in comparison to other figures, but this just might have to do with the heavy weapon she has to tote around. Luckily, the shoulder strap included with her Vulcan can take the strain off her wrist joints.

Outfit - ***1/2
Destiny comes decked out in a two-toned flat black and glossy-black pleather body suit and separate wrap-around neck collar. The outfit is nice and snug over every inch of her frame, yet is still flexible enough to accommodate the figureís joints. There is a little interference with the waist and left elbow, but itís not a huge deal. Over the body suit, Destiny sports a pair of upper arm guards, a protector vest, a right thigh guard, knee-high boots, and her helmet. The vest, thigh guard, and arm guards are all done in glossy black pleather, which adds nice contrast to the main body suit. In turn, each of these pieces has bright orange outlines. The vest and arm guards also have various symbols and lettering, identifying Destiny as a member of the Power Assault Squad. Judging by her choice in weapon, she is the Power Assault Squad . . .
The outfit works very nice, and looks great with the shiny black highlights, but still seams like it could have used a little more color. She almost looks like a cast member from the unnecessary Rollerball remake that came out a little while back.

Destinyís helmet is also all black, with orange highlights, and a silver Cy-Girls symbol in the center. The visor is nice and dark, but still allows you to see her face when closed. The chinstrap is a nice addition but totally unnecessary since Destinyís helmet is so tight, it canít fall off. Itís very hard to fit all her hair into the helmet, and youíll most likely have a little row of blonde hanging out the sides, but itís a small complaint.

Value - ***1/2
On average you can find Cy-Girls for around $30 or under. If you can get her at $25 or lower, bump that score up to four stars. Sheís an excellent figure.  Good Stuff to Go has her, and several other Cy-Girls at $26 a pop.  Entertainment Earth also has her for $29.99.

Overall - ***1/2
I have to say that this is one great-looking figure, and I have no reservations about giving her a perfect over-all score. I have yet to be disappointed by Blue Box, and judging by the look of their newer Shi and Cutey Honey figures, I doubt I ever will be. To find a figure like this at such a reasonable price just makes me want to be the first kid on my block to collect them all. She might not be perfect, but hot damn is she close. Itís a rarity for an accessory to truly make an action figure, but in the end, I think Destinyís Vulcan says it all. I could have done with a sidearm other than the oft-used Maggy Hammer, but at least it fits her demeanor. So if you like attractive female figures who look like theyíre ready to kick ass in style, itís your destiny to buy this one.  Címon, I had to get one bad pun in . . . 


Figures from the collection of Sean Teeterr.

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