Evil Ash

It's almost October, and for the last several years that means one thing for toy collectors - another assortment of Movie Maniacs.  This year we are treated to a set featuring some resculpts of past characters, along with brand new movie themes.

There are two Terminator figures in this assortment - the T-800, and T-1000.  For the Freddy fans, there's a new version of everyone's favorite nightmare stalker.  On a more modern note, the Blair Witch is here - in two versions, one with a 'tree' head, and one with dreadlocks.  Candyman gets his due this time around, and finally, the figure I'm reviewing here, Evil Ash from the Army of Darkness.

For those of us in the Midwest, Meijers is usually the first store to get in any McFarlane product.  That was true once again, and they are selling them for $7.99.  I've also seen them at Suncoast and Media Play, but you'll be paying a couple bucks more.

Packaging - ***
The new cardbacks are brighter and more colorful than previous series.  McToys always does a great job with the graphics, and this is another nice example.

The rest of the line is pictured on the back, along with several other recently released items.  In particular, the new Jaws set looks great!

Accessories - ***1/2
We get a couple nicely detailed swords, and the usual Movie Maniacs background with movie poster.

The swords fit nicely in both hands, once you manage to get them IN the hands.  Be careful, since breaking the handles is possible.

The poster and holder are pretty standard for this line, but this time they've only surrounded the poster on three sides, rather than four.  I'm not sure why, and it doesn't lend as much support to the cardboard poster.  Ripping it on that edge is a distinct possibility.

Sculpting - ***1/2
Once again, absolutely beautiful work.  McToys does sculpting better than anyone else in the business right now.

Out of this entire assortment, I think that Evil Ash and the dreadlocks Blair Witch were the best looking, although I bet Candyman is pretty cool if you get him off the card and open his coat to reveal all his nastiness.

So why did I take a half star off?  Because of the pose.  With so little articulation, the choice of pose for the sculpt is crucial.  The pose of his arms is awkward, and hurts an otherwise great figure.

Paint - ****
No matter how good the sculpting is, with poor paint ops it makes no difference.  Here we see what great paint ops are, from the exposed bone and muscle on the face, to the details of the clothing.


Articulation - **
Neck, shoulders, waist, wrists and ankles.  All of them are cut joints, and what are here have very limited range of motion.

There's really only one pose he can take, and as I said it's an awfully awkward looking one at that.

Value - ***
At eight bucks, you great great sculpting, nice accessories, and if you're a fan of the movie, a great character.

I have a hunch that McFarlane isn't making huge margins off these, but for the consumer this price point is a good bargain.

Overall - ***
With just a little more articulation, or at least articulation that gave some poseability, these would be easy four star material.  But McFarlane Toys certainly knows sculpting and paint, and I'm going to be picking up the Jaws deluxe set as soon as it hits.

Where to Buy
Retail stores like Meijers, Suncoast and Media Play already have these.  I suspect Target, Wal-mart and Toys R Us can't be far behind.  On-line, there are tons of choices as well - 

- Tower Records on-line has a case of 12 for $120 plus shipping.  I'm betting you'll get the tree head version of Blair Witch here, though it's no guarantee.

- Entertainment Earth has a case at only $100 plus shipping.  Buying cases works great if you have others that you can split the figures with! (MROTW affiliate)

- Action Figure Express has a case for a $100 plus shipping as well. Search for Movie Maniacs.  (MROTW affiliate)

- Comics Infinity has a set for $60, plus shipping.  That's a little more than retail though, but their shipping is quick and reliable.

Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford

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