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Jeff Parker is back tonight with another terrific Hot Toys review, this time covering another in their Appleseed series. Give us the scoop, Jeff!

It’s been such a busy year in 1/6 collecting that it feels like an eternity ago that I reviewed the first two Appleseed figures, Deunan and Briareos, however in reality it was just eight months ago in January.

At the time of the review I hadn’t seen the new movie, but I’m glad to report that now I have. There’s no denying the animation is top quality, but in terms of story I still prefer the original (c’mon Hot Toys, how’s about some figures from that one!). As I mentioned in the last review, one of the many plot devices in Ex Machina is the emergence of Tereus, a flesh and blood man, cloned from Briareos DNA (there’s a nice hi-res shot of the two bad boys here).

This obviously sets up all kinds of problems for the relationship between Deunan and Bri, and I feared this movie might paint Tereus as a black or white character but thankfully they don’t, he certainly helps stir things up, but he’s just kind of there as a new part of the team and spends the first part of the movie as Deunan’s new ESWAT partner while Bri goes a little haywire.

Packaging: ****
This box is perfectly attuned to the first two Appleseed figures and as he is, like them, part of the Movie Masterpiece Series (MMS) we get the nice shiny metallic sleeve, this outer sleeve has an image of Tereus from the movie sans head protector and mic, but all other pictures are of the figure. The inner box is the classic flap, fronted, 5 panel design, inside the flap the windows are die cut to show the various parts rather than a large window, this is obviously because of the ‘kit form’ nature of the figure. The whole thing is covered in an abundance of images. Inside the tray he’s held in place by 5 twisties and is in a semi kit form like the others. So, all you have to do is pop on his head boots and hands, then strap on his thigh holster and he’s ready to rock’n’roll.

Sculpt: ****
Tereus is an Anime character, not a ‘real’ person, so sculpting is a bit easier… not easy… just easier. That doesn’t mean HT have taken any less care, I would imagine just as much observation has been lavished on Tereus as there was on such recent 1/6 works of art as the Bruce Wayne head with the new TDK Batman. And like the recent Resident Evil (Bio Hazard if you are in Asia), and indeed the first two figures in this series they’ve managed to nail the transfer from pixel to 3D reality very well. This is a great likeness of the character and the ponytail, loose strands of hair and the mic on his head are all applied as separate pieces, in the movie his loose hair at the front is a little wispier, but this is still a great representation. Like his comrades virtually every square inch of Tereus’ is sculpted, as his skin-tight body glove and armour are all made from rubber, silicone and plastics. His outfit is like a hybrid of Deunan’s and Bri’s sharing many elements but also having it’s own unique ones, like the design of his pectoral and abdominal armour. He also comes with a sculpted HECATE P-08 pistol, HECATE stg 1002 futuristic assault rifle the same as Deunans and a new pistol unique to him. He has six hands, two fisted, two relaxed and two gun grip, all these hands swap out easily and hold the guns well. 

You may notice if displayed alongside ‘real world’ figures, i.e. figures based on representations of actors from live action movies, that his head seems a little small, but this is again accurate to the source material, and he fits perfectly with Deunan and Briareos.

Paint: ****
As this is a CG character the paint apps have to be good at representing the character as seen on screen rather that ‘ultra’ realistic. So after the amazing paint jobs HT have done on recent releases like Davy Jones, The Joker and Batman this must have been a walk in the park for them. However, though more straight forward it is still a great job, with some lovely subtle work on the mouth, eyes and skin-tones. As I said this is based on an Anime/Manga type of character, so the eye paint mimics this showing multiple light reflections, unlike Hot Toys ‘real’ person paint apps where they let the glossiness of the paint do the work. This is all top quality with absolutely no slop. 

Just par for the course on HT ever continuing, faultless paint apps!

Articulation: ***1/2
Any figure with this amount of rubber clothing and rigid armour is going suffer some degree of immobility. But like the two that came before him I was surprised at just how much movement he still had. Under all of his attire is the True-Type body which can do a very decent job of mimicking human anatomy, but when fully kitted up in his ESWAT armour that body is gonna struggle for any extreme or deep stances, so the three star score is purely down to restrictions caused by the outfit, not the base figure. But if you approach this figure with that in mind I think you’ll be very happy.

Accessories: ***1/2
As I said above Tereus comes with a HECATE P-08 pistol and a HECATE stg 1002 futuristic assault rifle, he also has another silver pistol and the traditional HT stand, so pretty much the same as Deunan, just swapping out her knife for his gun. Not the biggest selection ever but it covers everything he used in the movie. Both the pistols have a cocking mechanism and removable clips; the assault rifle also has a spring loaded cocking action and coloured lenses in the sight. He has six hands, two fisted, two gun-grip and two relaxed, a nice selection. Lastly he comes with a stand, emblazoned with the movie logo and character name, I got mine to stand fine without it, but it’s there if ‘stands’ are your bag!

Outfit- ****
You could pretty much read the last ‘Appleseed’ review linked above for this section. Suffice to say they have done another amazing job. This outfit sits right between Deunan’s and Bri’s in both terms of scale and design, only having subtle differences from both, and as mentioned above most of those are in the chest and abdominal areas. Hot Toys seem to have mastered the art of making 1/6 characters with multiple layers of clothing or armour still look to scale without bulking up and looking ‘toy’ like!
Obviously there is always going to be a compromise or pay-off, in this case it’s the slight loss of articulation, but as I also mentioned I was impressed and more than happy with the amount of poses I could still get him into. A small work of 1/6 genius!

Fun factor- ****
I admit Tereus isn’t as much of a ‘must have’ as Deunan and Bri, unless you are a big fan of the anime, but ‘at the moment’ it looks like we might not be getting any more Appleseed figures. I still wonder if they might make Manuel Aeacus (maybe as an exclusive?), with his cybernetic head and mecha-arm he’d be an easy sell, and most parts of Tereus would be re-usable.

But back to the matter in hand, Tereus looks great along side the other two so it’s full marks for me.

Value: ***
This is one beautifully put together figure, with a nice range of accessories, his outfit is a work of art and it all comes nicely packaged. However $149.99 (SST price) is still a lot of money… increasingly the norm, but still a lot. If you can get it nearer the $120 mark (which is possible) you can add another star.

Overall: ***1/2
It’s literally just the price keeping this from perfection! A fantastic companion for the other two and very glad I picked it up. I imagine he’ll be a slow burner in terms of sales, as the pull isn’t as instant as either Deunan or Bri, but I sense he’s a future classic, great figure!

Score Recap:
Packaging - ****
Sculpt - ****
Paint - ****
Articulation - ***1/2
Accessories - ***1/2
Outfit - ****
Fun Factor - ****
Value - ***
Overall - ***1/2

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Figure from the collection of Jeff Parker.

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