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Earlier this summer I provided reviews of the popular Marvel Legends Series IV (Beast, Gambit, and Punisher). Who would have knew that it would take me months to finally obtain my very own ELEKTRA figure? Better late than never right? 

For those of you keeping tabs, this is the first female figure released in the Legends line so without further ado, here's an extreme close-up of Elektra in all of her 40-points of articulation, if she were president she'd be Babe-raham Lincoln GLORY!!

Packaging - ***1/2
The clamshell style packaging continues in Series IV like all the series prior. I also fall in the group of fans of this style packaging. It's sturdy and easy to store with a smaller chance of crushing your toy. And of course who doesn't like the strong whiff of freshly painted plastic when you finally open the shell up. 

Elektra here has a high amount of twisty ties, so get out those nail-clippers for quicker removal!

Sculpting - ***1/2
There's a small matter of preference I'd like to address. I think Elektra is incredibly well sculpted and fits very well with the other Legends. However, she does posess a huge amount of articulation that takes away, but not very much, from the sculpt. The sculpt itself is pretty amazing and I know it is unfair to take off half a star because of the articulation, but I think the sculpt could have been that much stronger if this were to be a more static figure. But no matter, this is a very strong likeness to galpal of Matt Murdock so let's not get carried away. 

Honestly, I do like the sculpt of the other Elektra figure produced earlier this year over this one, but this is still very good. 

Paint - **1/2
This might be a problem I have, but my Elektra is a bit sloppy. There's parts where the red bands on her thighs aren't carried out fully and there are flecks of red that trickled elsewhere on the leg. But since Elektra isn't warming the pegs anywhere, I couldn't choose the best one out there. It's a hit and miss usually and mine is halfway in between. 

This might be a personal opinion, but I found the...well... the cheeks to be a bit on the crusty side. It's as if this action figure could get cheek burns! Chips of skin-toned paint were coming off from the edges and it's quite disappointing. But it's not so bad since they're covered up but that shouldn't be an excuse!

Articulation - ****
Wow. Wowzers. FORTY POINTS OF ARTICULATION, people! This really is incredible. There really is too many points to list but here's just a sample: two in the neck, torso, waist, ball-jointed shoulders, upper bicep, mid-bicep, upper elbow, lower elbow, wrist, and hands. The rest of the articulation lies in the legs and feet. That's a lot of joints!

So the question is, how much is too much? Is forty points too much for a figure? My answer is no. You can pose the figure in so many ways with this many points of articulation, but it is more difficult to find the right balance. It is interesting though that with this many points of articulation, poor Elektra cannot sit down. Her leg joints are just not designed to do so. 

Accessories - ***1/2
Out of all the Marvel Legends, Elektra here probably has the best assortment of accessories. Not only does she come with a detailed base, she comes with FIVE other accessories.

The base itself can stand on the table or can be hung on the wall and includes about three different spots to place Elektra on, though you might be limited with those. The paint on the base is very well done and looks great.

Of the other accessories, four are weapons: a pair of blades and a pair of sai. The fifth piece holds all the weapons in place and can be attached to Elektra's back.

Value - ****
For only $7.99, to get a figure loaded with articulation and plenty of accessories, this is a GREAT value. I would probably even pay $15 max for this figure if I really wanted it, but Marvel Legends have this way of showing up eventually. Of course take off a star if you pay $15 for this. 

Overall - ****
As strong as the entire line of Marvel Legends were, Series IV has got to be the best of the bunch so far. Elektra here seals the deal. Elektra isn't my favorite but she certainly is very very high on the list. I'm letting the poor paint quality on my sample slide here because I know that there are decent ones out there, but this figure is amazing regardless. Elektra is one of the more impressive Marvel Legends to date offering a whopping forty points of articulation and a well thought out assortment of accessories. Elektra is quite the leading lady in the line and will be the one to be compared with down the line. I ask Toy Biz now to BRING IT ON! 

Where to Buy:
Wal-Mart, Target, and Toys R Us are the more reliable places to stock Marvel Legends, all priced in the $7.99 area.


Figures from the collection of Coheteboy.

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