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Hello everybody! After really enjoying doing my first review a few weeks ago I am glad to be able to do a few more for Michael.

I have to admit to you that I have never seen any of the Evil Dead films and when I watched Texas Chainsaw Massacre I despised it (horror movies aren't my thing). But that doesn't stop me from really liking these figures. Leatherface and Ash have already been made as smaller figures by Mcfarlane (of which I have the Ash but not the Leatherface) so although I can't speak for the previous Leatherface, I can tell you the Ash was an okay figure. But it had some problems like the likeness, trouble standing up, and the shotgun wouldn't fit in the hand. But in my opinion they have been fixed for this larger version, so lets get to it!

Packaging - **1/2
The packaging is pretty good with nice graphics and picture of a "gasp" slightly better looking Ash prototype! The figure itself is fairly well displayed but the accessories are not (I don't nitpick...I swear). There is a picture of Ash on one side and Leatherface on the other. A window can also be found on the left side. The usual Mcfarlane advertisements are on the back. Here are my "beefs": it's very easy to get a bent one if you keep them in the package ( But who would do that?), look how much room there is between the head and the top of the box, a smaller box would be nicer, and last but certainly most important.... twisty ties! I know the figure needs to stay in place but unless you have an exacto knife and some patience your gonna have raw, bloated, and bloody stubs where you used to have hands. I would have to say that Ash probably looks better in the packaging than Leatherface, but lets get to the figures.

Sculpting - ***1/2
Here is were they start to shine. This isn't just a upsized version of the previous Ash - it's a whole new and much better sculpt. Since I don't have the previous Leatherface I won't speculate on the sculpt being old or new but I can tell you it rules. The Leatherface looks just like I remember him. His skin-mask is extremely sick looking (you can even see his rotting teeth underneath). He really looks menacing, just like the local grocery "meat man", he's heavy set with a very realistic blood-splattered apron. From his dirty (or sweaty?) shirt down to his black jeans and cowboy boots, he looks fantastic. As for Ash, although I haven't seen the film, judging on a figure basis, he also looks great. Unlike the previous small figure this beast looks like he really is laying waste to baddies. Where the small figure couldn't hold the shotgun, he does very well (you can also put it in the holster). The face looks a lot like Bruce Campbell, but to me, it's still not perfect. There are scrapes everywhere, hands, arms, chest, and face. Overall, two fantastic sculpts.

Paint - ***
The paint, although overall well applied, isn't perfect (what is?). First of all, the arm paint on both of the figures doesn't match the torso. There are also nicks on the face and hand of Ash where paint has scraped off, but they are small and yours may not have nicks. On the good side the bloody scrapes and apron are very realistic. The blood looks real and it's splattered all up Leatherface and Ash's arms and the chainsaws also have great blood splatter on them. Unlike the previous Ash chainsaw, which looked like somebody took a paint marker and drew streaks on it, this one really looks like it's done some slicin'. Some companies like "shudder" N2toys, have absolutely no idea what a good paint job is, but Mcfarlane has it down (almost) perfect.

Articulation - **1/2
Leatherface has four points (neck, shoulders,and waist) and one fantastic pose. Ash has eight points (neck, shoulders, hands, waist, and feet) and could be posed a few different ways but has a great main pose. They stay pretty tight after moving them around and both stand up fairly well. As you can probably guess since they are such behemoths, that the joints are very visible on Leatherface but (to my surprise) all but two are hidden on Ash. There isn't much else to say about them but that I wouldn't expect much more from future figures. If they keep them able to stand up and give them a great pose, they'll keep me happy. (A note about the Ash glove to chainsaw change - they can be switched very easily and stay in tight. Nice!)

Accessories - **
Although the accessories that come with them are well done, they definitely need some more. Leatherface has a chainsaw, and that's it. Ash has a shotgun and chainsaw. I do know the previous Leatherface came with a bucket o' limbs and Ash had a little mini-Ash with a poking fork and a book. Those things would have added a lot to these figures. They have the bare essentials and thatís it.

Value - **1/2
They are both $30.00, the price is pretty high if you don't have much to spend, but Ash fans are rabid so price doesn't really matter to them. If you like both characters and can only afford one, go with the Ash, but both are almost worth the money. 

Overall - ***
Overall if you really like the characters they are a great find, but there are a few problems which overall don't amount to much but are noteworthy. A great sculpt, good paint job, and decent accessories and articulation amount to two nice figures.

Where to Buy
You can probably get them at Spencer's Gifts or Meijers. Online they are available at: and, the latter of which I have ordered from previously and received good service. Have Fun!

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Figure from the collection of Derek Murrell

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