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Guest reviewer News2Me is here with a look at the overlooked but classic Power Rangers - tell us all about them!

Power Ranger fans are a rare breed. While most fans wait with eager anticipation for the slightest little piece of merch for their favorite property, PR fans have had a steady stream of product for the last 16 years. To most that would be enough, but not to the PR fans. You see, while the phenomenon that is Power Rangers may have lost steam over its run, the U-S market has yet to see any quality, show accurate figures of the rangers and their evil counterparts. Sure, we had the nice 8 inch line back in 1993 when Mighty Morphin Power Rangers first hit the airwaves. But it wasn’t enough. We wanted well sculpted, highly articulated action figures that looked like the Rangers on screen. Who would have guess it would take Ban Dai almost 2 decades to give the fans just that.
Mixed in with the current line of Jungle Fury action figures are chase figures dubbed the “Super Legends” line. The title comes from the 15th Anniversary video game of the same name that was released last year. So far there are 4 of the Super Legends figures, all 4 have been designated as chase figures. The first wave featured the Green Ranger and Lord Zedd, and the second wave, reviewed here tonight consists of the White and Gold Rangers.

Packaging: **
The packaging here is a throwback to the early 90’s Power Ranger packaging. With the same color scheme and graphics. There isn’t much personalization beyond the sticker for each figure and its your typical bubble card back so over time it will show some heavy wear. That is if you can even find one not bent already.

Sculpt: White Ranger **1/2; Gold Ranger ***
I was actually very impressed by the sculpting on these figures. They measure in at about 5.5 inches, but the level of detail is pretty impressive. The White Ranger is the simplest of the two. He has a well sculpted helmet with great detail and his shield also has some well done details. Saba, his sword is very well done too and is perfectly in scale with the figure. The work on the gauntlets and the boot tops are also very well done and in scale with the rest of the figure. He even has the sculpted ridges on his gloves and boots just like the actual costumes. They have managed to work in some folds and details to give the illusion of the costume over a body but beyond that his base body is very standard.
The Gold Ranger however has some amazing detail on his body. When you remove his shield there is some very intricate design work on his chest and around his shoulders and upper back. Its all very clean and very well done. it’s a shame that it is covered up mostly by his shield. Speaking of, there is some fantastic sculpting on his shield with very clear and deep lines and not one soft detail. His staff is also well sculpted and in scale as well. The Gold Ranger is a totally different body than the White Ranger. Size wise he is a tad bulkier than his fellow Ranger and his arms and legs are slightly different sculpts. The detail work around the gauntlets and the “knee braces” is also nice. GR also has the same sculpted hands and boots adding that extra bit of realism to the figure.
If there is one thing that knocks a whole star off this section is the fact that  there are visible silver pins and screws where they articulation is. Many figures now have the sculpts work around the joints and can hide them pretty well. But these are right out there plain as day for all to see. Seeing as these are geared towards the collector, this is something that makes it look so very toy-ish.

Paint: White Ranger **1/2; Gold Ranger ***1/2
While these guys have above average sculpts, the paint still leaves a little bit to be desired.
While a majority of the figures are molded in color, SOME of the painted detail is a little sloppy. First, the good stuff. White Ranger has excellent cut lines on the golden diamond on his costume. The paint work and cut lines on his shield between the black and gold is also very well done. All the gold on the gauntlets and boots is consistent color wise, and the helmet, with the exception of a few spots is also nice. The cut line between the belt and the torso is also well done. But, there are some messy spots. There is a little bit of bleed on the boot tops and a few little slop marks on the black visor. Saba is cast in silver and there is no paint on him. Shame, would really be a nice addition.
Gold Ranger fairs a little better, but not much. Again, all the gold color is very consistent and matches up very well from the harder plastic to the softer plastic. There is some extremely well done work on the GR’s helmet especially the small detail in his visor. They even managed to add in a glossy finish to his visor and there is no bleed or slop onto the gold outline. Most of his arm bands and knee braces are clean with only a little bit of bleed from the gold to the black or gold to white. It is minimal and actually I was able to remove most of it just by using my fingernail. Like the WR his staff is molded in silver with no paint detail. The one part that does knock off a half star for him is the weird gold smear along the wrist of his left gauntlet. There is a small gold ring around the wrist and it looks like a finger touched that end before it was dry, smearing the paint. it’s the only really glaringly obvious paint blunder on the figure.. The rest can not really be seen unless you are an inch away.

Articulation: White Ranger **1/2; Gold Ranger **1/2
Both figures feature identical articulation AND have the exact same range of movement. So in the interest of saving space I will combine the description.
Both figures have 13 points of articulation. Some of it is nice, some could be better, some need other missing articulation to really be useful. There is a cut neck, that’s right no ball joint, so any really dynamic poses looking up or down is out.. Its just left and right kids. There are pin /disk shoulders on the darker colored figures this isn’t as obvious, on the White Ranger its glaringly obvious. The range on the shoulders is like a pseudo ball joint, it can move forward and back and out to the side but it doesn’t have a full range like a ball joint would afford it. Next are the pin elbows and ball and cut wrists. The hips are a ball and post style. This style has a ball joint at the hip and then a post in the upper thigh. Its actually the most useful articulation in the figure with a great range of motion.
Sadly there is no cut at the bicep or any waist articulation. While you can get the figures into some pretty deep stances, there is no real way for them to look natural. With no upper arm articulation you have to rely on the cut wrists, well that just ends up looking awkward. And both head are sculpted looking slightly down…A ball jointed neck would have gone a long way here.

Accessories: White Ranger ***; Gold Ranger ***
The rangers don’t have much, but what they do have is pretty nice. Each come with their weapon of choice and their removable shields. As I said before in the Sculpting category, I really like the sculpt of both shields and they fit well and do not hinder the articulation at all. They are in scale and look great on the figure. Both rangers also come with the weapons we saw them use on the show. They are in scale and can be held in either hand. They look great, albeit a little bland with just the silver color.

Fun factor- White Ranger ***; Gold Ranger ***
Even though the Super Legends line is geared towards the adult collector. Ban Dai has still made them toys. With the exposed joint pins these will not be next to any premium Format figures. That being said, if kids see them they will have a blast. They are well constructed and do look great on the shelf with the other 5.5 inch rangers that have been released.

Value: **1/2
This is a toss up. Depending on where you buy these will determine what value they are. I found both of mine at Wal Mart for 9 bucks. But I have seen them as high as 12 at Meijer and Target. They also are going for the mid to upper 30’s on the secondary market.

Things To Watch Out For -
Paint applications. Sadly theses are short packed so you will not have a chance to pick the best its usually just one of two hanging on the pegs.

Overall: White Ranger ***; Gold Ranger ***
I think Ban Dai got close on this line, but fell a little short. Since these are geared towards the adult collector, there should have been a little more care in the design of the figures. That being said they are still above the mass market quality we have seen lately. And kids will love them. I think Ban Dai is very close to reaching a point that will make fans happy. A few tweaks here and there, especially in the articulation section.. Adding just a few more things, and you might see a line that can rival Marvel Legends in terms of articulation. Regardless of the design or the paint, PR fans are loving the line. And if the number of ebaY auctions or being in the top ten of ToyFare is any indication, we may see more of this line in the future.

Score Recap:
Packaging - **
Sculpting - White Ranger ** ; Gold Ranger ***
Paint - White Ranger ** ; Gold Ranger ***
Articulation - White Ranger ** ; Gold Ranger **
Accessories - White Ranger ***; Gold Ranger ***
Fun Factor - White Ranger ***; Gold Ranger ***
Value - **1/2
Overall - White Ranger ***, Gold Ranger ***

Where to Buy -
Wal Mart, Target, Meijer or the secondary market.


Figure from the collection of News2Me.

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