Sinister Six Part 1
Dr. Octopus, Kravin and Green Goblin

Coheteboy checks in with a new Marvel Legends review, but this time it's so big, it has to be split in two!  I think he's just trying to act like QT...take it away, Coheteboy!

Tired of waiting for only one new Spidey villain with each series of figures? Interested in getting a few never before released Spidey villains in Marvel Legends style? Well you're partially in luck! The latest gift box set comes with a total of seven figures, one of them being an all new Spider-Man. Making up the Sinister Six are a few older figures (Dr. Octopus, Kraven, Venom) and a few new ones (Black Cat, Elektro, Green Goblin). 

Since there's so much going on in this set, I have to break the review in half... which is still a lot of material for one review, so let's get started!

Packaging - ***
All seven figures are packed into a sturdy box, clearly displaying each figure inside. The front and back of the box detail statistics and the amount of articulation each figure has, but no descriptions of each character can be found. Pictures of the enclosed poster book can also be found on the box. Getting into the box will take patience as always, as you'll come face to face to twist-ties, so get that nail clipper handy (that's at least what I prefer to use). Overall, the packaging works well and you get a good look at the toys inside. 

Sculpting: Dr. Octopus ** 1/2
Doc Ock is a repaint figure and I find the sculpt lacking. It's not horrid but it is certainly outdated by today's Marvel Legend standards. His headsculpt is passable but the body needs more work. Maybe a belt would have helped his appearance but not by much. 

Sculpting: Green Goblin ***
Essentially a repaint of the Hobgoblin figure with a new head, Gobby looks alright but not great. I really don't understand why they went with the yellow lens for Green Goblin when each piece of art from the poster book shows him without. His facial expression is pretty menacing without going overboard so it could have been worse. Just don't have too much more to say since the body isn't original. Not too exciting.

Sculpting: Kraven ** 1/2
So far this set is pretty disappointing! Doc Ock is a rehash, Green Goblin is a repainted rehash with new head... and now we come to Kraven. Welp... it's a new head and it looks like he got kicked in the groin. I have nothing else to say.

Paint - Kraven and Green Goblin ***; Dr. Octopus **
Let's start with Doc Ock.... it's pretty bad. Alright alright it's not THAT bad, but it's pretty darn boring. Aside from his head, hands and feet, he's all green. The painters at Toy Biz did try to make the green a little more interesting but it's not a good sculpt to begin with so any amount of paint wouldn't help much. His face makes use of a few different shades and the eyes underneath the goggles are painted blue. The teeth are individually painted and relatively clean so I give them props for that.

As mentioned above, Green Goblin is basically a repainted Hobgoblin. Instead of blue and maroon, he's green and purple. All the edges are clean on this figure so no complaints here.

Kraven has a few differences from the first release. His vest is noticeably a darker shade of brown, and his pants sport an entirely different breed of cat. Whereas the first Kraven had more of a leopard spot motif, the new Kraven has more of a tiger stripe look. Chest hair and arm hair are also very visible on the new Kraven where it was non-existent in the original.

Articulation - Kraven & Green Goblin ***; Doc Ock ** 1/2
Out of the three, Kraven has the most points of articulation with 26. Green Goblin is a small step behind with 23 points. And Doc Ock has the least articulation at 14. A better count would say that Doc Ock has 16 points of articulation if you count the ball jointed shoulders, and it'd be 20 points if you count the four tentacles. While this isn't a low amount of articulation, it's just not up to snuff when compared to the 40 points and above of the more recent figures.

Accessories - Kraven ***; Dr. Octopus & Green Goblin ****
The set itself comes with a poster book and a unique display stand but each figure will vary on accessories. Kraven comes with two knives and a contraption that fires two rockets. Dr. Octopus's accessories are pretty impressive since he comes with four individual bendie tentacles that can be reattached and he also comes with a removable lab coat. The Green Goblin also comes with quite a bit on top of the display stand. He comes with his glider, a removable pouch, and two pumpkin bombs.

Value - n/a
Will detail in part 2.

Overall - n/a
Will detail in part 2.

Where to buy:
This set was purchased at Toys'R'Us for $39.99.


Figure from the collection of Coheteboy.

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