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The line is coming to an end, but it's not quite done yet. Norm checks in with a look at what is likely to be the last wave of Indiana Jones 3 3/4" figures. What's the scoop, Norm?

Itıs all but been confirmed that the Indiana Jones line of 3 3/4² action figures will not continue in 2009 due to lackluster sales of the first three waves. Thereıs plenty of debate as to why the line didnıt succeed. The limited availability of the Last Crusade wave was certainly a clue that the line was in trouble. As a huge fan of the original IJ trilogy and a supporter of the toy line, I would have been heartbroken if I didnıt have figures representing each of the movies. Fortunately, I was able to find a set last week from an online retailer for premium prices. Imagine my shock when I found that they had already arrived at my doorstep.


Packaging: ***
Itıs your standard IJ packaging, the same as what weıve seen from previous basic figures. The cardbacks all have a small screen shot and bio of the character. Some are actually pretty amusing.

Sculpt: ****
All six figures are probably the best the IJ line has had to offer. The whole series has impressive amounts of detail and uncanny likenesses to the characters. Indy is an entirely new sculpt, even the head. The likeness is inching its way closer to Harrison Ford. The open, torn shirt helps it stand apart from previous Indy figures. Iım keeping my Indy carded, along with one of each of the other Indys representing each of the other films.

Short Roundıs head looks a tad big, but his body is appropriately small. Willieıs gown is sculpted with ornate detail on par with Hasbroıs Queen Amidalas. Her head is probably the prettiest of all of the female figures from the IJ line. The veil is sheer soft goods and not removable. Underneath the removable necklace and lei, they managed to nicely capture Kate Capshawıs heaving bosoms. However, her skirt is very stiff and static.

Mola Ram looks pretty much dead on to the actor. The removable headdress is a very nice touch. The Chief Temple Guardıs gorgeous face sculpt oozes joyful intimidation. The chest wrapping on both figures is actually a separate piece, which I havenıt attempted to remove. Both have the appropriate physiques. The Temple Guard is also very accurately detailed, but as the only army builder, maybe the dullest of the bunch.

Paint: ***1/2
Again, these figures have the best paint applications so far in the IJ line. I like to examine my figures before purchasing, so I was particularly nervous about receiving these sight unseen. However, I was not disappointed. No messed up eyes, no major paint splotches, very clean lines. Short Roundıs shirt has a very nice plaid pattern, and his cap has pinstripes and an altered Yankees logo. The Temple Guard has notably clean face paint.

Articulation: Short Round, Chief, Guard ****, Willie, Mola Ram ***
These figures also have the standard articulation youıd find on previous IJ figures. Ball socket heads on all, some movement is more restricted than others. Cut waist, Ball hinge shoulders, ball hinge elbows, and cut hips. The guards each have cut wrists, ball hinge knees and ankles. Shorty lacks cut wrists, but has ball socket ankles, a very nice touch for a figure of his size. Willie and Mola Ram each have cut hips under the skirts, but no knee or ankle articulation, which would have restricted movement anyway. Each figure has all the articulation they need.

Accessories - Willie **, Mola Ram ****, the rest ***1/2
Each figure comes with appropriate accessories and weapons. The Thugee Guards each come with a fist dagger, which can be sheathed on their chests, and a unique sword, which can be sheathed on their belts. Short Round comes with a big torch to bring Indy out of his trance, a small knife, and Indyıs gear wrapped in his whip, which can be slung over Shortyıs neck or shoulder. Willie has the same knife as Shorty, and thatıs it if you donıt count the necklace and lei sheıs already wearing. Mola Ram is the series winner here though, with a soft good sash, removable headdress, dagger, Chalice of Kali, and a flaming, nondescript heart. He can hold the chalice pretty easily, but the heart is tricky to get into his hand. The sheer number of relevant accessories makes him one of the best figures in the entire line.

The figures continue to include relics. Shorty comes with an Anubis Statue, Willie comes with a Philosopherıs Stone, Mola Ram comes with a Chinese Lion, Chief comes with an awesome Spartan Helmet that could probably fit 1:12 figures, and the Guard comes with a Sun Dial. They are all nice inclusions that I throw in a bag. They each come with a sticker respectively, and a Crystal Skeleton order form, which is still being offered.

Fun factor- Short Round, Mola Ram, Chief ****, the rest ***
Willie is a gorgeous figure, but very scene specific, and too static and stiff to pose. The Temple Guard is really well articulated, but as a single soldier, could use some company. The Chief looks plain scary, ready to beat the crap out of pulp adventurers or slave children. Mola Ram could look a little more maniacal in the face, but the dude comes with a FLAMING HEART, which makes up for his lack of expression. Shorty was a great sidekick character, and appropriately, this figure can side-kick with strategic balancing. Whatıs not fun about that? Unfortunately, kids wonıt understand exactly how much fun these figures are since they, for the most part, have not seen the classic movies upon which these figures are based. Double unfortunately, adult collectors who would actually appreciate these figures will probably have an extremely difficult time finding them, as the TLC wave might indicate.

Value: **
I scored the full set from for $69.99, about $80 shipped. Thatıs about $13 per figure. Would I have preferred to pay the retail prices of $8 each? Natch. Would I actually have been able to find these at bricks-n-mortar? Highly unlikely without a miracle. Yes, I ate it on the price, but I have them and I wonıt have to hunt for them. And I have finally have characters representing each movie. Thatıs worth it to me.

Overall: ***1/2
Itıs bittersweet that I write this review, knowing that the line is coming to an end. While Iım relieved itıll give my wallet a break, itıs very sad to think about the lost potential for the IJ action figure franchise. Like I said, Iım super psyched to have figures from each movie. Thatıs a BIG deal for me. The price was steep, but the quality is the highest itıs been from Hasbro.

Score Recap:
Packaging - ***
Sculpt - ****
Paint - ***1/2
Articulation - Short Round, Chief, Guard ****, Willie, Mola Ram ***
Accessories - Willie **, Mola Ram ****, the rest ***1/2
Fun Factor - Short Round, Mola Ram, Chief ****, the rest ***
Value - **
Overall - ***1/2

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Figure from the collection of Norm.

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