WOS Arcade and Church Playsets

More Simpsons!  The next couple weeks are certainly going to be Simpson filled.  At about the same time last week that I came across the Treehouse of Horror, I also found the new regular playsets.  This wave includes the Church with Reverend Lovejoy, and the Arcade with Jimbo.

The Church looks pretty much like the prototypes, but the good Reverend has changed a bit.  The Arcade is distinctly different, having two less arcade machines than the prototype.  The box shows a picture of the original Arcade for those that might find it interesting.

I picked these up at a Media Play for the inflated cost of $27 each.  Once they hit Toys R Us and Target they should be $20 each as usual.

Packaging - ***
More in the same vein as the rest of the World of Springfield.  I do like the graphics and colors, but I think that the line is due for a packaging makeover in 2002.

Sculpting - ***
The WOS figures usually get better marks on sculpting, and if I didn't like the work on the church and arcade quite so much, this would have even been lower.  Why?  Poor Lovejoy really disappointed me.

As I was saying, the sculpting and detail on both the arcade and church is great.  The arcade machines have varying coin slots on the fronts, and the overflowing garbage is nicely done.

The church pew, podium and plants all look great, and both sets can hold three figures alright.  They are a little cramped, but that's been true of every set.

Jimbo's sculpt is good, although he might seem small to most folks.  I think his scale is actually pretty good, considering that he's really just another one of the kids.  Let's face it, Milhouse's head is really much too big, and that can throw things off with the other figures.

But Lovejoy just doesn't seem right.  Actually, his profile is pretty good, but looking at him in the box from straight on, he looks too thin in the face.  Add to that the lighter than normal yellow skin color, and I think he's one of my least favorite so far in all of WOS.

Paint - ****
Not a single problem here.  Of course, most of the arcade is actually stickers, but those are done well and applied neatly.  The church has more complicated paint ops, and they are all nicely done.

Articulation - **1/2
These figures have 20 points - nope, not really, but I've told you about the basic 4 points so many times I was getting bored.  Neck, shoulders, and waist, once again.

Accessories - ***1/2
Both figures get a fair share of new accessories.  Jimbo and the arcade come with a melting ice cream sandwich, video cassette (although I'm unsure if it's supposed to be a movie or a video game), and the re-used video camera.

The good Reverend has three accessories, two of which are really exceptional.  The Good Book is a simple re-use, although it makes obvious sense.  But he also comes with his conductor's hat and small toy train, perfect accessories for this character (and something that I doubt we'll see re-used any time soon.)

Value - ***
These are a good value at $20, but since I was less thrilled with Lovejoy than usual, they took a bit of a hit here as well.

Talking Features - ***
I haven't been through every character and every possible line, but I did test out Lovejoy and Jimbo extensively.  Lovejoy disappoints here as well, with fewer cool lines.  That could be the fault of the character of course, but something about Flanders would have been good.

Jimbo is much better, with several great lines.  You won't be disappointed with him!

Overall - ***
If you're into WOS, then you certainly don't want to pass these up.  The church is important for the Sunday Best figures, which we're supposed to get more of next year.  Even though Lovejoy is less than thrilling, he's still crucial to any Springfield display.

The better set here is really the arcade, but I suspect that most folks will buy the church first.  Go figure.

Where to Buy
Retail stores like the Sam Goody family (Sam Goody/ Media Play/ Suncoast) have them, as does Electronics Boutique.  They haven't shown up at retailers like Toys R Us and Target yet, but should within the next couple weeks.  On-line, lots of folks have them as well - 

- I can't recommend Rick at Newforce Comics enough.  Great service and price, and pre-ordering through Rick is always a good idea.  He always has the best price on the web!

- Action Figure Express has the pair for fifty bucks plus shipping as well. (MROTW Affiliate)


Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford

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