Shmi Skywalker

Welcome back to Matt Totsky!  He's guest reviewing today with the new Shmi Skywalker figure from the Power of the Jedi line.  But hey, I'll let him tell you all about it!

When Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace was released in May 1999, fans were treated to a massive onslaught of figures from the film. And while wave after wave featured endless Darth Maul, Jar Jar and Qui Gon variations as well as a host of other characters, one prominent character was conspicuously absent: Shmi Skywalker. Hard core fans were clamoring for this figure in much the same way they once were for Aunt Beru. The figure was actually supposed
to be in one of the earlier waves, but got delayed and there were even rumors that it was cancelled altogether. Thankfully that wasn't the case and Shmi has recently been released in the latest wave of POTJ figures (along with a new X-Wing Luke, a new Han Solo and a Battle Damaged Darth Vader).

Packaging - **
There's nothing new here. This is the same POTJ packaging that we have come to expect from Hasbro in the past year or so. And like the past POTJ releases, this one comes with one of those cool little Force File cards. This one is packed with interesting tidbits about Shmi: as a girl she was captured by space pirates and sold into slavery, she can always sense when Anakin is nearby, and after the pod race she learned that Watto hired an assassin to take down Qui Gon. I wish this Force File would have clued us in on how she got mysteriously knocked up with Anakin, but it doesn't. Still, I like the
good 'ol Force Files (G'OFFs).

Sculpting - **1/2
The sculpt is adequate, but nothing out of the ordinary. Part of this lies in the design of the character. Shmi is a rather drab looking woman, not some cool alien podracer or Jedi. This is just a basic Shmi, which beats and Expanded Universe Shmi as Jabba's Slave any day in my book. The face looks like actress Pernella August.

Paint - **1/2
Again, this is adequate. I don't know if I could have expected more since the character's costume is so basic.

Articulation - **
The articulation on this figure is kind of limited. There are shoulder, elbow and waist joints, but not much else.

Accessories - *
Shmi comes with a little gadget that looks like an intergalactic cell phone.  Not too much to get excited about here.

Value - **
I paid close to seven bucks for this figure. I guess that's the going rate, but I felt that the value of Star Wars figures was much better when they were around $5.00.

Overall - **1/2
This is a decent representation of a second tier Star Wars character. The simple fact that she is Darth Vader's mom and Luke and Leia's grandmother makes her a must have for all serious Star Wars collectors. But if you just like the flashy cool looking characters, then I would pass on this one.

Where To Buy - I found this at Target. I haven't heard of this wave showing up in any other "Bricks and Morter" stores yet, but I'm sure they will in due time.

Figure from the collection of Matt Totsky

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