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Guest reviewer phalen is back again today, this time with a review of Little Enid.  Who is she?  Check out the review for all the details:
If you caught the hit independent film "Ghost World" this summer (check out Ghost World, it may be coming soon to your area or still be playing in your town) then you probably fell in love with Thora Birch all over again. Birch plays sarcastic, yet lovable Enid Coleslaw in this adaptation of Daniel Clowes' (Enid Coleslaw is an anagram of Daniel Clowes, BTW) graphic novel of the same name.

While by no means a merchandising monolith (that would be antithetical to the spirit of the film) this movie's success has resulted in several very cool and interesting items available for purchase. First there's the screenplay and graphic novel from Fantagraphics Books, the soundtrack album on Shanachie Records and through Diamond Comics / Previews comic book dealers a wonderful item called the "Little Enid Action Doll". Also available is a special "Punk" edition of the "Little Enid Action Doll". Check out the end of the review for places to buy the "Little Enid Action Doll" in both versions.

Today I'll be reviewing the "Punk" version of Little Enid, primarily. She is produced by Press Pop Gallery in Japan and is said to be limited to 500 worldwide.


Packaging - ****
You just can't beat kitschy throwback packaging featuring space & western motifs - all 5 full-color printed sides featuring all new artwork by the creator, Daniel Clowes. The box itself makes a nice display with or without Enid standing beside it.

Sculpting - ****
While there isn't a depth of detail to the sculpt of this 5" vinyl figure, the spirit of the character and the movie is captured perfectly in a cartoon caricature-style sculpt. Keep in mind that this figure is based on the comic book and not on Thora Birch's likeness.

Paint - ***
The paint job is extremely well done with crisp lines and little bleeding. There isn't much detail work though, so this only gets a three.

Articulation - **
Though you wouldn't expect any more from it, this figure has only three points of articulation at the head and shoulders. What would have been nice is if there was some way to move Enid's legs and match the neat little cartoon that you can see if you visit the movie's website.

Accessories - ***
It would have been nice if Enid's glasses were removable or she came with a record or other items like "Goofy Gus" that are mentioned in the movie and comic. Her purse (black for the "Punk" version and yellow for the regular Enid) is a great little touch that adds to the figure nicely, though.

Value - **1/2
Both versions of this figure are extremely well made and I expect that they would stand up to quite a bit of abuse (who'd want to abuse little Enid, though?) At $30 from Fantagraphics, the "Punk" version gets two stars. Definitely worth it for those who were as touched by the movie as I was, but a high price tag when judged entirely on it's own merits. With a street price of between $16.99 and $19.99, the regular version of the little Enid action doll is much more reasonable though by no means a bargain, so that's a three there for a combined average of two and a half stars.

Overall - ***
This figure isn't particularly above average as a figure; the selling point here is how well the attitude and character of the toy mesh with the tone of the movie and the comics on which it is based. This is one hip chick whose seriousness and campy sensibility will get you right where it counts. If you like what you see just looking at the figure, go see the movie or pick up the graphic novel; you'll thank yourself for it.

Where to Buy
Little Enid Action Doll - Explosion Toys has Little Enid for $16.99. You can probably get it from your local comic book shop for around $19.99 if you just can't wait to get your hands on it or you want to save on shipping costs.

"Punk" Little Enid Action Doll - I only know of two places where you can purchase this item. - Fantagraphics has her for $30 and Giant Robot has her for $34. I find Fantagraphics' site to be the easier of the two to navigate. You might want to phone in your order and check on availability...

"Punk" Little Enid figure from the collection of phalen180.

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