Hellraiser Series 2
Butterball, Surgeon, and Angelique

Last week - Friday actually - I reviewed the first half of the new Hellraiswer figures from NECA (Natcional Entertainment Collectors Association).  That review covered Pinhead, Skinless Julia and Barbie

Tonight's review covers the final three in this second series - Butterball (from Hellraiser 1 and 2), Angelique (from Hellraiser 4) and Surgeon (from Hellraiser 6).

There's some good news on the price frontl.  Retail prices this time will be $10 - $13, and Spencer's has gotten on board at the $10 price point!  That's good news for fans who are looking for to buy the entire series.

These figures will be hitting over the next two weeks, depending on where you live, and will be carried by Spencer's, the Sam Goody family, and other specialty stores.  If you found Hellraiser 1 at at store, they'll probably be carrying series 2.

NECA runs a Hellraiser specific site, and they have instructions up for both Julia's dress removal, and the construction of the Pillar of Souls.

I've included more photos of the pieces to the Pillar of Souls with this review - enjoy!

Packaging - ***1/2
I pretty much said it all the first time, but these look terrific.  With character specific graphics and text, they give a consistency across the line, and yet each card is unique.  It's a great design, and the close ups on the front really stand out.

Sculpting - ****
Similar to the other three figures in this series, the sculpting here is top notch.  Every wrinkle in their clothes is detailed, every fold, every painful wound.  But the real highlight here is the head scuplts on all three.

Angelique isn't one of my overall favorite figures, but I really do like the head sculpt.  Not so much for her exposued skull look, but for the structure and detail in her face.  Rather than look like a zombie or mannequin, there's a lifelike appeal to her eyes, nose and mouth.

Butterball is my favorite of this trio, and his head sculpts - both with glasses and without - are fantastic.  The sculpt work around his belly wound is alright, but the paint ops don't quite fulfill the need for realism.  The hooks in his stomach and back of his head look great, and his  hands are sculpted to hold accessories.

Surgeon has the most impressive head sculpt, matching the very painful and grotesque appearance in the film.  Both his flesh and the head gear are covered in detail, and overall this is one of the most impressive head sculpts in the series.

Paint - ***1/2
The paint ops are much better than average, but there was still the occasional issue.  Angelique has some bleed between the skin tones and the black of her dress, while the blood work on both Surgeon and especially Butterball isn't as realistic as you'd expect.

But the paint ops on the heads is top notch, and I didn't have a single issue there.  There's not much opportunity to shine on the body work, since it's predominately black, brown or gray, but the colors are at least consistent and even.

Articulation - Angelique **; Butterball, Surgeon ***
Articulation has never been a big area for this line, but it's not generally poor either.

Angelique, like the other females in the overall line, is the weakest in this department.  She has neck (but it's very restricted due to the 'wires' from her head to her shoulders), shoulders (again restricted by those wires), and forearms.  Her body is a solid piece, but at least the pose is well designed, and she stands fine on her own.

Butterball is similar to Barbie, although he does have a little more articulation. He has neck, ball jointed shoulders, cut elbows, waist and wrists.  The arms have a fair amount of posability, and the lower body is similar to Pinhead and Barbie.

I had expected more articulation with Surgeon, since he's not one of the 'chubby' guys.  But he only has neck, shoulers (not ball joints), pin elbows, wrist and wasit.  The pin elbows are better than the cut joints, but overall he's not better articulated than Butterball.

Accessories - Angelique **1/2; Surgeon, Butterball ****
The accessories with these three are every bit as impressive as the first three, although Angelique is a tad light in comparison.

She has a Lament Configuration, just like the one we got with Pinhead in the first series.  She can hold it in her right hand, but be careful - moving the shoulders too much can break her 'wires'.

Surgeon has an impressive array of implements.  There are six deadly, bloody tools attached the the chains (real metal as well) that hang from his clothes.  All six can be easily removed and replaced, and placed in his hands.  If you think six is an impressive number of utensils, check out Butterball!

See all those tools in his belt?  There's 11 all together - 11 accessories! They all come out of the belt, and he can hold most in one of his hands.  Since he also comes with a terrific, easy to swap head, he wins the battle of the accessories hands, er heads, down!

Let's not forget that every one of these figures also comes with one section of the ultra-cool Pillar of Souls.  I've added quite a few pictures of the Pillar this time around so you can see the fantastic detail and paint work.

Value - ***1/2
At $10, these are a terrific price.  This line proves you don't have to spend $13 - $15 a figure for great licensed action figures.

Overall - Angelique ***; Surgeon ***1/2; Butterball ****
If you liked the first series of figures, you're going to love these.  They've stepped up the quality all around, and I had a tough time deciding whether Surgeon was going to get that extra half star to put him in the realm with Butterball.  A little more articulation for him, and he would have been four stars easy.

Just as importantly, this series shows what terrific work NECA can do.  With the two series of Hellraiser and the Gremlins, they've made a big splash in the realm of licensed product. 

Where to Buy - 
Your best bet is Spencers if you're going shopping locally, although Sam Goody and Media Play should have them as well. On-line:

Killer Toys has them for just under $10 each, a great price!

- Time and Space Toys doesn't have the second series listed yet, but if you missed the first series they have the full set of six on sale for $60.


Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford.

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