Spytroops Cobra Commander/Switch Gears

Coheteboy is back tonight with another Spytroops review.  This time it's Cobra Commander and Switch Gears!

Hasbro's G.I.Joe vs. Cobra line continues to deliver more new product with yet another sculpt of the crowd-favorite, COBRA COMMANDER. The first and second Cobra Commander figures in the Joe vs. Cobra line were based on the hooded version of the Cobra leader. Here for the first time since the early 80s is a face-plate Commander (yes, I'm ignoring the orange face-plated version). And for those keeping count, this is approximately the 14th Cobra Commander figure (give or take including paint variations) released. 

SWITCH GEARS is a completely new character from what I can recall. Dubbed as the G.I.Joe Tank Driver, my guess is that he's to drive the PATRIOT GRIZZLY tank recently released. 

Packaging - ***1/2
The Spy Troops packaging is attractive and works very well. The card is is a decent small size even though two figures are packed together. The insert shows off some nice illustrations of the characters and serves as a file card as well as housing Joe comic #6 written by the legendary Larry Hama. The figures themselves are very visible through the bubble so collectors can find their toy in perfect shape if necessary.

One new complaint is more a matter of opinion. The old-school G.I.Joe sign art has not grown on me at all. I do like it on the 12" figure packaging, but I feel that it doesn't suit the 4" figures so well. ESPECIALLY if that same logo is put onto the vehicles... yes, even with that little head in it too.

Sculpting - SWITCH GEARS: ***, COBRA COMMANDER: *** 1/2
First, let's get the negatives out of the way. Negatives include: head too small, shoulders too big, waist too high, legs too long. With all that said and done, the figures are pretty decent. 

SWITCH GEARS is a pretty good figure overall but very generic looking. Not much to say, only wish the outfit itself was a little more interesting. 

COBRA COMMANDER is an entirely new sculpt and looks very nice. This version is a combination of the early 90s hooded version mixed in with the face plate giving CC a more regal flare. Not quite his character but looks good nonetheless. 

Paint - ***
There doesn't seem to be a lot of paint applications on these figures since the bulk of the figure is one solid color with some trimmings. Even still, all the applications appear to be clean and solid. No real complaints here.

Articulation - ***
Both figures in this set have the standard issue 14-point articulation which consists of: ball-neck, ball-jointed shoulders, cut biceps, elbows, waist, legs, and knees. I took an entire star off because we have seen that the Joe figures are capable of additional points in the wrists, heel, and feet areas, which would make these figures a 20point wonder. Unfortunately that isn't the case here, but it's enough.

Accessories - ***1/2
What you can always count on with G.I.Joes are the accessories. 

SWITCH GEARS comes with the most here since he is graced with the Spy Troops gear. Three of his accessories here allow him to be disguised as the leader of the B.A.T.S, OVERKILL. The effect works fairly well and doesn't intrude on the aesthetics of the actual figure. SWITCH GEARS also comes with his rifle and his normal removable helmet. 

COBRA COMMANDER also comes with four accessories, which is a lot more than usual. The cobra staff is the same mold from the previous figures but looks a lot better here. It's given a more polished look so it doesn't look as plastic as the others did. There is also a removable cape that can be attached on the back. It's a nice touch. Lastly, CC has two guns which he'll never really use.

Value - ***1/2
Two figures for $7.79 isn't a bad deal at all.  But with the amount of articulation that we have seen possible on a few other Joe figures, I would pay $1-2 more if that were to become standard.

Overall - ***1/2
I always tell myself that I'm going to quit collecting the Joe line because of my hopes for more realistic style sculpts, but I'm just a big Sucker with a capital 'S'. Especially when it comes to Cobra Commander. Being one of
my favorite characters, I cannot pass him up. I'm a bit indifferent about Switch Gears. It's a different figure but nothing exciting to say the least. Better than having a repaint though. So overall, I recommend this set mainly for Cobra Commander. The version I've been waiting for has finally come... sorta. 

Where to Buy:
I've found that TARGET stores were the quickest to get the latest series but WAL-MART and TOYS'R'US also recieve new stock consistently. 


Figures from the collection of Cornelius aka corpsey.

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