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It's a MiniMates kind of day!  I have another guest review up today of the Powerslave MiniMate from the Iron Maiden license, and I did a review of my own of these at Movie Poop Shoot.  Here's another voice on the Star Trek MiniMates - Jeff Kaupas!

I have been a classic Star Trek fan for a long time; itís probably one of my favorite Sci-Fi series as well, so when I read that Art Asylum was coming out with the 3 inch tall MiniMates versions of them, I knew I had to get a set! There are six figures in all, which include Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock, Dr. McCoy, Khan, Mugatu and the Gorn.

Packaging - **
Not much here, and not collector friendly, but they are small figures on a standard bubble card. The only differences between all of the packages were the names of the characters on the inserts placed inside the bubble. I did notice that on the Mugatu is spelled Mugatu on the package insert, but on the back of the card, it is spelled Mugato, so Iím not sure which is the correct spelling.

Sculpting - ***
I donít know if you can really call it sculpting since the MiniMate bodies are pretty much all the same. Individually the sculpting would be the hair styles and they did a good job representing each characters likeness.

Paint - ***
Not too much paint here, but what is here is well done. The faces are good caricatures of the actors and are easily recognized as to who they are supposed to be.

Accessories - * to **
Accessories varies between the figures, each comes with a puzzle piece stand and they are all identical pieces for each figure. Captain Kirk comes with a phaser, Spock has a tricorder pouch and an extra hand doing the Vulcan sign, Dr. McCoy has the tricorder pouch, the Gorn comes with a club and phaser of some sort, Khan & Mugatu came with nothing but the puzzle piece stand. I had hopes for at least three accessories per figure, but they fall flat here.

Articulation - ****
This is where the MiniMates really shine as I counted 14 points of articulation on a three inch figure! The feet, waist & hands turn; elbows & knees bend; hips, shoulders & neck are all ball joints, so youíll be able to put these guys into many different positions. All of the figures can be taken completely apart, so I can see a lot of customizing potential with these figures as well.

Value - ***
I bought these individually for $5.99 for a total of $35.94 for the entire set. I looked around the net for these and could not find them on other sites (maybe I didnít look too hard!), but eBayís average seemed to be around $8.00 individually.

Overall - ***1/2
I'm a big fan of anything classic Star Trek, so I really liked these figures and hope that the series continues to grow. I threw in a size comparison picture because I had friends ask me if the figures were the same size as Lego figures, as you can see they are bigger than an average Lego figure.

Where to Buy - 
I picked up the entire set from

Figure from the collection of Jeff Kaupas.

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