12" Sebulba and Chubas

This latest wave of 12" Episode 1 figures have been out for a few weeks, but already Target has them clearanced!  I picked up this extra Sebulba tonight for $4.94.  The original retail - and what you'll most likely pay elsewhere - is $20.

The 12" Star Wars figures are some of the most hit and miss figures produced.  There is very little consistency in the line in terms of quality, style, and sculpting, so it's always impossible for me to tell in advance if I'm going to like one of these or not.



Packaging - **1/2
For Hasbro packaging, this isn't bad.  They've gotten away from the window curling around on top, always a great place for tons of smooshing, and the background graphics on this particular figure are really great.  The figure is displayed well in the package, but as always you have to destroy it to get him and his chubas free.

Sculpting - ***1/2
Many sculptors get used for the 12" line, or at least in comparison with lines done by other companies.  The one that did this work (Scott Andrews, who does great work) has done an excellent job capturing the look of the character.

Articulation - ***
Not a whole lot here, though I'm not too surprised.  There is seven points all together - shoulders, hips, elbow (swivels), and a ball jointed neck (okay, so that's technically 8).  I do want to point out that while it's not oodles of articulation, what's here actually works. You can pose Sebulba in a number of cool ways, and if you get his back arms just right and his front feet just right, he can stand perfectly on just his hands.

Quality - ***
Sturdy, well constructed, and not likely to fall apart any time soon.

Accessories - ***
I'm sure they figure twenty bucks was a little steep for a figure this small, so they threw in three chubas instead of one.  Of course, there's not much to do with the other two, but at least they're trying.  And the chubas are pretty cool, made of a rubbery material and looking like frogs on the highway a day after their demise.

Value - ***
Twenty bucks was pushing it.  It's still not a bad value, just getting close.  On clearance this kicks butt!  If you can find one of these puppies at $5, don't hesitate to grab it!

Overall - ***
I bought one of these at full price, but couldn't resist picking another up this cheap.  In sculpting, this figure is a real winner, and on top of that the articulation, while limited, works very well.

Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford

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