Cyclops (no visor) and Jean Grey
Minimates two pack

Tonight's guest review is from first timer Lighdramon.  He takes a quick look at the Cyclops and Jean Grey two pack of Minimates.  It's all yours!

I'm Lighdramon, and I frequent many boards. I go to, Action Figure Times, American Dream Comics/TNI, and fwooshnet. This is my review of the Cyclops/no visor and Jean Grey minimate 2-pack.

Each series of Minimates contains 7 figures: three 2-packs and a variant figure packed with the figure the common form of the figure is with. Series 3's variant figure is Cyclops w/no Visor, and he is packaged with Jean Grey.

Packaging - ***
Nothing new here, but they are compact and easy to store if you collect MISB, or have a lot. I do like the city-scape background, and comic-like text.

Sculpting - *** 1/2
Sculpting on these little babies are excellent, for the few things that are sculpted. On Cyclops, we have his hair and belt, both of which have plenty of detail. Although Cyke's hair is plenty loose. A few little pieces of tape on the back of the head should fix this problem. On Jean, we have the hair and necklace, nicely done as well. The main idea here is paint over sculpt though, and that's what keeps them nicely simple.

Paint - ****
Paint is great, where most of the detail is. There is no sloppiness and very little inconsistencies. The expressions are very well conveyed, but why does the no visor version have a goatee and the visor version does not? It's not that big of a deal. Just something odd.

Accessories - Bupkis
This particular set does not contain any accessories, so I have to give it a goose egg here. I can't see any accessories that would be included here, though. The accessories of other sets are very well done, however.

Value - ***
I paid $12 for these on eBay, but since it is a chase, it was worth it. If you could find these at retail, more power to you.

Overall - ***q/w
I love these little guys! The only reason this isn't getting a **** is because of the loose hair and other little nitpicks. Still this is one of the best lines these days. I can't wait until Series 4, 5, and 6 to come out!

Where to Buy:
Uh, I got mine off of eBay. You could probably find these at Media Play and the rest of those stores, if you're lucky.


Figures from the collection of Lighdramon.

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