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Travis is back tonight with a guest review right in line with the current holidays - scare us straight, Travis!

Thanks to Michael, I'm back for my third guest review! If this were a horror movie series, this review might have a tagline with "Revenge" or "Returns" in the title, but I'll just call it "number three". As I said before in my other reviews, I have been a reader of Michael's for years and never once have I not been entertained. He's so entertaining, in fact, that I read all of his reviews no matter if I have interest in the figure he's reviewing or not. That says a lot. Add to the fact that he truly cares about figures and toys and also the people he's met with the same interest. I've said this before, but it deserves mentioning again: Michael took the time and found the elusive "Jedi Temple Assault" K-mart exclusive set for me (see, they don't have K-marts where I live anymore.) and got it for me without a moment's thought. He has been friendly and helpful ever since I first contacted him, years ago. Anyway, without further ado, on with "Review # 3: Review's Revenge Returns!" Oh, and always, I apologize in advance for the cruddy photos.

I have always been a fan of Horror movies and love all the cool villains the movies offer. Freddy, Jason, Michael Myers...those names may make some people shiver and cringe, but I've always viewed them as the real stars of the films and I root for them, no matter how much I know they'll lose and die again at the end, no matter what the movie poster said. 

Lately, it seems, that Horror and Toys go together quite well and today, I received something in the mail that I've wanted for a long time: a Chucky doll from the "Child's Play" series! There are many different versions of him out there, but this one is the new Sideshow Collectibles 14-inch Chucky Figure. It comes in two versions as well: Normal Chucky and the "slightly mangled and stitched back together again by Jennifer Tilly" version from "Bride of Chucky". This review is for the normal Chucky figure and with all the different versions of Chucky Dolls out there, did Sideshow get it right and make "the gri gri work"? Let's find out... 

Packaging - ****
The package the figure comes in is huge (18" tall and 9 & 1/2" wide) and, in a smart move, Sideshow designed the box so it can be used with either version of the Chucky doll they sell. Although the box isn't as good as the breakthrough packaging they use on the 12" Star Wars line, it really isn't necessary here. The photos are mainly just headshots of both versions of Chucky and there's some basic text on the back of the box describing both Chucky as a character and the doll inside. 

The box is also collector friendly, if you don't mind a few twist ties (five for the doll, 3 for the stand) and the doll can be removed and replaced with a little patience. There's no tape holding the box closed and takes no time at all getting inside. Like I said, sure it's not the Star Wars packaging they are spoiling us on, but in no way bad. The only way it could've been perfect was if it were designed to look like the "Good Guys" packaging from the films, but that's not worth deducting points for.

Sculpting - ****
This is a Horror fan's dream (or is it nightmare) come true!!! 

The major sculpting areas of this doll are Chucky's head, hands and feet, all of which are done with a great attention to detail. There's no doubt that anyone couldn't recognize who this doll is supposed to be. His face is sculpted with an evil glare and smile and he has an expression that's not as extreme as the other versions of Chucky on the market, and that's a good thing. Most of the Chucky's I've seen have an overly huge grin or appear to by in mid-scream or something. This Chucky has an expression of mischief or evil intent and that's exactly what Chucky should have. His head sculpt is exact in every way to the movie version with the perfect head shape and placement of features. His teeth, chin cleft, nose, and lips are highlights, but it's in his eyes where the head sculpt truly shines. Instead of just painted on, Sideshow used real doll eyes and to say they are awesome is a major understatement! They are absolutely beautiful and evil at the same time and something every Chucky doll before it has missed out on.

Moving on to his hands, they have the typical doll hand look that Chucky had in the movies. His four fingers and thumb on each hand have their fingernails and both hands are sculpted in different poses. His left hand is open and his right almost has a "kung-fu grip" and could probably hold a kitchen knife nicely.

Lastly, his feet are sculpted to look like his little Good Guys shoes, complete with socks and laces. The bottoms of the shoes also have the little Good Guys logo and designs that were featured early on in the first film and are key to the beginning of Detective Norris' investigation. Although the movie version had fabric shoes and real laces, the fact that these are sculpted does not detract from the overall appearance of the doll in any way. 

Paint - ****
Again, his head, hands and feet are the only thing painted and they are all expertly done.

His head and hands have airbrush shading effects that really add to bring out details. He has some nice dark shading around his eyes and his lips are the perfect shade of pink. His teeth are nice and white before he apparently stopped brushing later on in the series and he has the painted on eyebrows and freckles that they show being airbrushed on him at the beginning of Child's Play 2. 

Oh, and I know it's not painted, but his hair is the perfect shade of red from the film!

Articulation - ****
Well, Chucky is a doll and doll's aren't usually known for their articulation. What he has works nicely though. Instead of just straight doll arms with no articulation, Chucky has ball jointed shoulders and a cut joint at the elbows so his arms can be displayed straight or bent at the elbow. He also has swivel joints at the wrists. His head is mounted with a tight ball joint and has a lot of movement. Like his shoulders, he also has ball jointed hips. So, all in all, he has 9 points of articulation and considering he's a doll, that's more than average. 

Outfit - ****
Chucky's Good Guy outfit consists of his striped, long sleeved shirt and overalls and they are exact in every detail. The clothes are made out of quality material and are in perfect scale down to the two little red buttons on his chest. His shirt has the exact 7 colour stripe design from the movies and his blue jean overalls are decorated in all the little Good Guys "accessory" pictures, like cowboy accessories, workman accessories, etc and all are printed in 4 colours each.

Accessories - **
If I were disappointed in the least with this figure, this is where it'd be. 
Chucky comes with one accessory: a doll display stand. This isn't a bad stand in any way and it's made of heavy duty metal and has a foam padded top where the doll's feet would rest, complete with Chucky logo. I'm not disappointed, but I wish there was an included scene specific accessory like a knife or something. (of which, there were many!) Especially since his right hand is sculpted in a holding position. Oh well, I'm off to grab that kitchen knife I mentioned earlier, I guess... 

Fun Factor - ****
I've said it before and I'll say it again: I wish I had this figure as a kid.
Oh sure, I totally admit that this figure isn't every kid's cup of tea, but my room used to be decorated in Horror movie posters and it would've fit right in. If the kid in question is a Chucky fan, this figure is heavy duty and will hold up to abuse nicely. Besides, Chucky didn't look pristine long, no matter how many times somebody repaired him.

Value - ****
I purchased this figure on-line for $39.99 which is $10.00 cheaper than the advertised Sideshow order price, but it's more than worth what they are asking. I got a great deal and if you can get it that cheap or lower, you won't regret it in the least. If you order it direct from Sideshow for $49.99, you still won't be disappointed, so if you're a Chucky fan, what are you waiting for? 

Things to Watch Out For:
Well, for starters, if you wake up one day and the doll is sitting on your chest with one hand on your forehead chanting, "Ade due damballa. Give me the power, I beg of you!", I'd worry.

Other than that, I'd try real hard not to get his clothes dirty and you might need to fix his hair fresh out of the box. Mine had a cowlick, but it was easily smoothed out.

Overall - ****
This figure deserves the four stars and more. It really is the best Chucky doll I've ever seen, but I really wish it was to scale with the actual prop from the movie. Oh sure, it'd cost 10 ten times as much, but man, if only...

The quality, heft and appearance of this figure is amazing and worth every cent. I hope to get the scarred "Bride of Chucky" version soon and can't wait to see that one in person, too!

Packaging - ****
Sculpt - ****
Paint - ****
Articulation - ****
Accessories - **
Fun Factor - ****
Value - ****
Overall - ****

Where To Buy:
Sideshow currently has this version on backorder () until the first quarter of 2007, but the "Bride of Chucky" version () is available and shipping now! I bought mine through ebay, but most of the prices on there are a little high.

Figure from the collection of Travis.

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