12" Jeepers Creepers

I like horror flicks. Always have. And they don't have to be 'good' flicks either - there's a lot to be said for a truly cheesy B monster movie. Horror is a genre that just seems to scream "do me bad". However, my wife does not like horror flicks. No sireee. So I see most of them on DVD, and Jeepers Creepers was no exception.

It wasn't a great flick by any stretch of the imagination (and I haven't watched part 2 yet), but it did have a fairly cool looking monster with a seriously rude attitude. It was only a matter of time before we had an action figure of this dude with the devilishly good looks, without the good. Majestic Studios has stepped up to the plate with this sixth scale version, second in their line of Film Freaks.

We should be seeing these figures pop up at specialty retailers like Sam Goody or Media Play in the very near future, at a price around $35 to $40. There are also a handful of on-line retailers carrying the line.

Packaging - ***1/2
Earlier in the week I reviewed the Return of the Fly figure, also from Majestic. The packaging for Mr Creep is far superior in style and design, with fantastic graphics on the front cover, and decent if not overly verbose text all around. This type of box, with a flap or 'fifth panel', have been made popular by Sideshow. Majestic does a great job here with the design, but the non-collector friendly nature of the interior (you'll have to tear it up to get the figure out, so no chance of putting him back in the box later) hurts the score slightly.

Sculpting - ***
JC's head sculpt is quite striking, and extremely detailed. As a character, he's a bit of a Freddy rip off, what with his charred, sinewy appearance, but there's far more detail here than in the face of his colleague. The sculpt has a lot of depth as well, with the texture of his skin and muscle standing out very nicely.

The hands are also extremely nice, with a great sculpt and the ability to hold the accessories appropriately. So why the slightly lower than expected score? It's all about the scale, man. The head seems very small on his shoulders, as if they made a mistake in calculating expected shrinkage. His pin head bugs me more the longer I look at him, and it's really the only disappointment that I have with this figure overall. We all know how embarrassing shrinkage can be.

His long white hair is done rooted, rather than sculpted, and that's a good choice considering it's so long and straight. It does seem to jut out of his head at a rather odd spot, more off his neck than his skull really, almost as if he's some sort of weird, aging hippie. The effect works better with the hat on, but that hat is a whole 'nother kettle of fish.

Paint - ***1/2
The paint ops are predominately on the face and hands, and are nicely done with clean lines.  The face wash looks great, highlighting the detailed sculpt.  The eyes and teeth are neat and clean, and while I'm not sure how movie accurate it is - there's little time in the film to make detailed notes about his face tones - it is a unique look. 

Articulation - ***1/2
The articulation is excellent, similar to other top level sixth scale bodies. He has neck, ball jointed shoulders and hips, chest, waist, double jointed elbows and knees, super poseable wrists, cut thighs and ankles. He's really only missing the cut bicep joint that we see on Dragon, bbi or Sideshow, and he has similar wrists to Sideshow, where the hand can move forward and back, and also twist.

I had a little more trouble keeping him standing than the Fly. Buzz boy has bigger feet though, so that might be helping. JC's joints seemed pretty tight, and there was no floppiness at the hips or knees.

Accessories - ***1/2
There are only two, but both are exceptional. He comes with a nasty looking axe, complete with blood streaked across the wicked blade, and the head of a unfortunate victim.

The sculpting on the axe is great, and it has both a medival and evil appearance. He can carry it in either or both hands, and the realistic sculpt and paint application make it look great in any pose.

The head is also well sculpted, with rooted hair. You can bunch up the hair and twist it between his fingers, so he can carry his prize around with him. I had a little trouble getting this to work reliably, but with a little fiddling you can get it to look quite real. The paint application on the face was less appealing, having a bit of a mannequin appearance, but the gore bits looked great.

Outfit - ***
The outfit is fairly bare bones, but overall the quality and workmanship is very good. There's the outer coat, burlap style shirt, belt/harness, pants and boots. Oh, and let's not forget that hat.

The cloth pieces are all made from high quality material, and the tailoring is very good once again. The outer jacket has some false wear and tear added to it that works fairly well, and there are even snaps on the front even though it's unlikely that you'll display him with the coat closed. The pants, shirt and belt all look good, and work fine.

The sculpted pieces - the hat and boots - have their good and bad. The boots are the good, the hat is the bad. The boots are somewhat basic, but serve the purpose and look fine. That hat on the other hand...

Okay, maybe I'm being a bit harsh here. Sixth scale hats - hats, not helmets - are extremely tough to do well. Make them of plastic, and the end up too thick and unrealistic looking. Make them of cloth, and they end up floppy and unrealistic looking. Sideshow has hit the mark a few times, especially with their Wyatt Earp hat, but even they have their misses (for example, Freddy's hat could use some improvement).

JC's black hat is made of thick plastic, with some simple sculpted marks to imply texture. It doesn't work particularly well, and while the interior is sculpted to fit his head nicely, it's large size combined with his pin head make for a less desirable overall appearance.

Value - **1/2
In the sixth scale market, a good figure (appropriate articulation, good sculpting, accessories and articulation) should sell in the $30 range. Start getting higher end accessories, throw in some die cast, add some really unique or complex outfits, and the price slides up into the $35 - $40 range. At around $40, these are really about $10 too much. I'm betting you can get them for closer to $35 though if you shop around, and that helps the value score a bit.

Overall - ***
This was a tough overall score.  When I first started writing the review, I thought for sure he'd end up with only **1/2 stars - that's how much his pin head and hat were bugging me.  But the problem is, when you take it all into consideration, including the rest of the outfit and the accessories, he's a B figure, not a C+.

After seeing this figure and the Fly, I'm really looking forward to the next release in the Film Freaks line.

Where to Buy - 
These will be available at most comic shops, the Sam Goody family of stores - Samy Goody, Media Play, Suncoast - and Tower Records stores. 

Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford.

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