Spytroops Heavyduty and Heavywater

Coheteboy is here with another Spytroops review - two heavyweights!  Take it away...

With yet more and more Spytroops toys arriving, I just can't help but pick more of these up. Personally, I'm not a big fan of the SpyTroops gimmick but I really don't mind having more accessories packed in. In today's pairing, we are given yet another resculpt of HEAVY DUTY and we are also treated to an entirely new character called HEAVY WATER, which in a sense are the Crimson Guards of the Toxo-Vipers. These are the elite of the elite who handle the very dangerous sludge. Why he is called HEAVY WATER is anyone's guess because there are a ton of other great names to be had. Perhaps Crap-Viper or Ooze-Vipers sound too rediculous for a team that has someone like RAPTOR or CRYSTAL BALL.

Packaging - ***1/2
I say this time and time again but the Spy Troops still has decent packaging and is just the same it has been. The card is is the perfect small size with two figures packed together. The insert shows off some attractive illustrations of the characters and serves as a file card, as well as housing a Joe comic written by the legendary Larry Hama. The figures themselves are nicely visible through the bubble so collectors can find their toy in perfect shape if necessary. 

Sculpting - HEAVY DUTY: ***, HEAVY WATER: *** 1/2
There have been countless repaints of HEAVY DUTY but here we are given yet another sculpt of Roadblock's cousin. The first version in the Joe vs. Cobra line was far bulkier than needed but had a certain attitude to it. This resculpt is looking a bit more relaxed about things which can be a good or bad trait depending on preference. Like the previous Joes in this latest wave, the costumes designed have been very boring visually (not to forget UGLY). HEAVY DUTY'S costume could have belonged to just about any other Joe, w hich is a true shame. There was a time when the costumes WERE a lot of how the character was. This latest version tells us nothing. Very unfortunate.

HEAVY WATER falls under the "pretty darn cool" category though he seems a little out of place. HW looks as if he was pulled right out of a science fiction movie or video game, and I'm really ok with that. There's a lot moving parts to this figure and it's sculpted pretty nicely. Now if only it had a better coat of...

Paint - ***
Paint in the G.I.Joe toys have been relatively consistent from figure to figure, so there's not much to expect here. HEAVY DUTY could have benefitted from a better combination of colors but it's all painted decent enough. HEAVY WATER actually could have done better with a few different shades but it's fine. No bleeding on any of my figures so it gets a solid score. 

Accessories - ***1/2
Though HEAVY DUTY came with a whopping six pieces to play with, three pieces combine to form one weapon. The other pieces involve a pistol and helmet & armor to be disguised as Nullifier (pilot of the AGP in the old days). I'm uncertain how the new Nullifier looks but sure doesn't look anything like the original!

HEAVY WATER doesn't fare too badly with four pieces. First, there's the backpack with several hoses that connect to various arms and legs. There's also a belt to be worn and two different guns.

Articulation - ***
Both figures in this set have the standard issue 14-point articulation which consists of: ball-neck, ball-jointed shoulders, cut biceps, elbows, waist, legs, and knees. I took an entire star off because we have seen that the Joe figures are capable of additional points in the wrists, heel, and feet areas, which would make these figures a 20point wonder. Unfortunately that isn't the case here, but it's still good.

Value - ***
Two figures for $7.77 isn't a bad deal, especially if they have the amount of articulation that these figures do. But with the amount of articulation that we have seen possible on a few other Joe figures, I would pay $1-2 more if that were to become standard. 

Overall - ***
The G.I.Joe sets have been a hit and miss as of late, but there's certainly more "hit" with this set. Most in thanks to HEAVY WATER, who just looks cool no matter what line he's meant for. HEAVY DUTY could have used a better looking outfit but is a pretty decent figure regardless. 

Where to Buy - 
This set was picked up at TARGET, but can also be found at TOYS'R'US and WAL-MART.


Figures from the collection of Coheteboy.

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