Sideshow Toy continues their line of James Bond figures with the Internet exclusive Jaws.  This classic villain from the film Moonraker is in all his glory - all seven feet of him!  Well, the sixth scale version of seven feet anyway.

The Bond line is pretty impressive, with over 20 figures either produced or in the works, including at least one version of every Bond.  It's been a dream come true for Bond fans, and this figure is certainly one (along with the upcoming 'Q') that they've been clamoring for.

As I mentioned, this is an Internet exclusive, available for U.S. customers at the Sideshow website only.  At fifty bucks though, he's one of the more expensive figures Sideshow has produced.  He's a 'limited edition', just like the rest of the line, but his edition size has not yet been announced.  I got mine a little early, but you should see these shipping in the next few weeks..

Packaging - ****
You might recall from my previous discussions of Sideshow packaging that I like them best when they are both beautiful and collector friendly.  Most of the time, they are one but not quite the other, especially when a stand is included.  Normally the stand is attached to the insert, making it impossible not to destroy the packaging in removing the figure.

This time they've managed to do all three - make a beautiful box using art from the original movie poster, include a stand AND make the package collector friendly.

Rather than bubble seal the stand to the insert, the stand is included with the removable tray.  This means Sideshow gets an extra gold star here, and I'm certainly happy to see them go the extra mile or even two to make their packaging the best in the business.

Sculpting - ***1/2
The likeness is very true to the film, and looks just like the great Richard Keil.  This is the second head sculpt we've gotten from Sideshow for this particular actor, the first being the Kanamit figure from the Twilight Zone series.

The hair style looks great, and he has a great glare - you're about to be chomped.  The only sculpting issue I had was around the trademark teeth.  I don't have a good reference picture to be sure, but something seems off about the teeth.  It's not a major problem, and it might just be my poor memory, but these teeth don't quite look like I'd expected.

Still, overall the head sculpt is fantastic.  The hands have a pretty basic sculpt, but he can still hold various items, although none of his accessories are really designed to be held.

Paint - ***
The paint application is extremely clean, just as you'd expect from Sideshow.  The hair line is good, the facial tone consistent and appropriate, and the coloring of the teeth looks realistic (or at least as realistic as a mouth full of metal can look).

The slightly lower than normal score in this category relates to Jaws slightly lazy right eye.  I was very surprised to see this, since Sideshow is well known for excellent paint ops especially on the eyeballs, but this time the two pupils didn't quite match up.  This isn't too big of a deal normally, since you can pick out a good one off the shelf, but since this is an Internet exclusive, you won't get that chance.

Articulation - ***
The normal Sideshow body is one of my favorite sixth scale bodies.  Here we have the slightly altered version which we got with the Kanamit and Jason (and the upcoming Jason from Freddy vs. Jason).

He sports the longer torso, arms and legs required to get him up to this abnormal height.  That means a few less points of articulation though - he has neck, ball jointed hips and shoulders, double jointed elbows and knees, cut biceps, cut thighs, waist and ankles.

He gets a slightly lower score than normal due to the loss of the chest joint, and the ultra-useful special Sideshow wrists.  He's a little better than Jason though, since he does still have a neck joint.

All the joints were nice and tight too, which is a credit to Sideshow.  Early reports were that there was some floppiness in the legs, and rather than send them out that way, the release is delayed slightly to insure all the joints will be nice and tight.

Accessories - ***1/2
There are four accessories - the aforementioned stand, his goggles, parachute pack, and ???.  It's a little light for a $50 figure, but the quality of all the accessories is top notch.

His goggles and altimeter fit nicely, with tight bands.  The sculpt on the goggles is great, and he looks good with them on his face or up on his forehead for that styling villain look that's all the rage.

The parachute pack is great, although there's no actual parachute here.  It's made from a satin-like material, and the buckles work perfectly.  It was easy to put together, unlike so many of the 21st Century or Dragon backpacks and riggings.  Once it's on, it looks great, and it only takes a minute to put it on or remove it.

The final accessory is the standard Sideshow stand, with the movie imprint on the base.  It works fine, but I didn't find the need to use it.

Outfit - **1/2
His outfit is tremendously basic - shoes, pants, shirt, tie.  The tie is not part of the shirt but rather a separate piece, and here's a warning for you - be very careful removing the twisty tie around his torso.  Mine was looped inside the tie and shirt, and if I hadn't noticed, I might have torn the tie completely apart.

The shirt looks fine, but the tailoring on the pants leaves a bit to be desired.  They have those cool bell bottoms of course, but the belt line is so high on the figure he looks like my grandfather.  I actually dropped the belt line down a bit in these photos, so you can imagine just how high it was to start.

The best part about the outfit though is the shoe sculpt. These are huge shoes!  They look great though, and fit easily without being clownish.

Value - **
Jaws is on that bleeding edge of new higher prices at Sideshow, running $50 rather than the usual $40.  The edition size hasn't yet been announced, and he is a website exclusive (at least in the U.S.), but that's still $15 more than he should be.  I suspect the Bond license wasn't cheap, but compared to other sixth scale figures - even those from Sideshow - Jaws is a worse value.

Overall - ***
Don't get me wrong - I'm really happy to have this figure in my Bond collection.  For me it's always about the villains, and Jaws is one of the top bad guys from the entire series.  The only thing pulling this score down is the top dollar you'll have to pay.

Where to Buy - 
For the moment, Sideshow is it.  It's an exclusive to their site, at least for U.S. customers.  Some comic shops might buy multiples, but with a three per person limit, I wouldn't expect to see these too many places.  At $50, he's one of the more expensive Sideshow figures released so far
.  These should start shipping widely by the end of November.

Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford.

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