Porkins, Boss Nass, and the Gungan Warrior

The lastest wave of Collection 2 includes three new figures - Boss Nass, Jek Porkins, and a Gungan Warrior.  These are shipping with several of the earlier Collection 2 figures.  The Gungan is currently the short pack, although that's likely to change over time.

We all know who Boss Nass is, although we've already gotten one figure of him.  The Gungan Warrior looks like all Gungans, well, except for Nass.  And Porkins is one of the most unique characters ever produced - the overweight, stubbly faced X-Wing Pilot.

Currently, these are showing up mostly at Targets, but there are reports they are hitting TRU's and Walmarts as well.  They are still running $6.79 at Target, where the reduction in sticker price obviously hasn't sunk in with management.

Packaging - ***
I like this new, vibrant card art.  It shows motion and action, with great colors.  It's also pretty sturdy, great for those MOMC collectors.

Sculpting - ***1/2
All three of these figures kick butt, although the Gungan is probably the least exciting.  The sculpt on Porkins is fantastic, and this version of Boss Nass is far superior to the original.  He's head and shoulders above him, literally, and looks far more as you would expect him to in this scale.


Articulation - **1/2
Nothing exciting on Porkins or the Gungan, although they are decent.  But if that was it, these would have only received a half star less.  The extra half star comes from the fact that they used very interesting cut joints at the elbows of Nass, giving him the chance to do some great poses.

Accessories - **
They are lucky to be getting two stars here.  The only reason they are is the great shield and atlatl, along with Porkins great helmet.  The helmet is removable with some terrific goggles.

Unfortunately, that's it.  Not even a blaster for Porkins, or a staff for Nass.  Maybe if stores were following Hasbro's instructions and charging less than six bucks for these, it wouldn't be so bad, but at almost seven bucks we're getting ripped.  Oh, and those little paper sheets don't add jack.

Value - *
I think I've made myself clear on this one.  Charge me at least a buck less, preferably two and you'd see me a whole lot happier.  I'm not sure if Hasbro is trying to make up for low sales by higher margins, but it isn't going to work.

Overall - **1/2
Porkins is a definitely the best of this set.  He's a must to have with your other pilots, but he really needed a blaster.  The Nass is a real improvement over the previous one, and I'm not too thrilled with the Gungan Warrior, but that may be because I hate the average Gungan.  Shortpacking him is a smart move - let's hope they don't start shipping heavy packed Gungan cases.  But at seven bucks these are still way overpriced.

Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford

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