Boba Fett
Marmit vs Medicom


"The following is a guest review.  The review and photos do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Michael Crawford or Michael's Review of the Week, and are the opinion and work of the guest author."

This isn't so much a guest review as a guest comparison - Jeff checks in tonight with a look at how the Medicom and Marmit Boba Fett figures stack up against each other.  Take it away, Jeff!

Well I guessed as Michael has already run two reviews on the Medi Boba Fett, and pretty much told you all you could need to know, a third might be a little surplus to requirements. 

But I know a lot of you good people out there are interested to see just how much he differs from the Marmit Fett (and if youíre not, indulge me, itís an excuse for more Fett pics). So consider this more of a photographic comparison than a full review. I also include a few detail shots. My only real gripe with the new Medi is how fragile the knee darts are, mine were broken in the box, not clean off but kind of hanging. I managed to super-glue and straiten but be aware when handling.

And the other point that I know has become something of a bone of contention is the helmet size, Iím afraid Iím with Michael on this one, though only slight I feel itís a few percent too big. As youíll see in the pics, Marmits is about 5% too small, and the shape is slightly off as it doesnít flare out at the bottom. But if it had been somewhere between the two in proportion to the bodyís it would (in my ever so humble opinion) have been spot on. I also had to re glue the Velcro back onto the back and shoulder armour, not a big deal but also not something you should have to do on a $150 figure.

So to sum up Iíd say this is the best pose-able Fett out there, hell, it might even be the best Fett out there period, but itís not without a few issue that keep it from that all important four star rating. So Iíd award an overall ***1/2.

And a big thanks to Charles @ kidultgarden on eBay for shipping so fast and packing so well!

Figure from the collection of Jeff Parker.

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