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Hey all - another great guest review today!  This time it's from Gary Anderson, and is of the new licensed figures from Dragon, Biohazard. Gary has done a great job - on to the review!

Hi, this weeks review is done by me, Gary Anderson. This is one of my first reviews so hopefully the pictures are great in case the review isn't as informative as Michael's. Remember that he is a pro at these reviews. I would like to thank Jeff Kaupas from the Front Line email group for taking the pictures. When I first stumbled across these figures listed on Dragon's website, I freaked out because I'm a huge fan of Dragon, Resident Evil and 12" figures in general. I went crazy trying to find these figures because I read that they were exclusive to south-east Asia. I checked all my online sources and not one of them said they would be able to get them. I even emailed ebay sellers I had bought from in the past who specialized in Dragon figures. These were very hard to find and I had to resort to for mine.

Packaging - ****
I would rate this packaging the same as any packages Dragon has used for their 12" figures. Easy to open and remove the figures and accessories as well as put everything back in for a Mint in box appearance without tearing anything up. The graphics are minimal but still nice and clean. Both boxes sport the graphics that the figures have on the backs of their vest and jacket. Claire's says "Let Me Live" and the figure looks like a female avenging angel. Chris reads "S.T.A.R.S. Raccoon Police Dept.". I have images of those on the figure below.


Accessories - ***
Overall the accessories are great! They come with almost everything they have in the game. Would have been cool to have come with the Magnum for Claire and the Mac 10's for Chris in addition to everything else they did come with. I think the box type Rocket Launcher would have been nice as well. My favorite weapons of the bunch are the gold Lugers and Crossbow that came with Claire. The Crossbow really fires the bolts, just ask Jeff since I accidentally shot him with one when messing around with it. Chris came with some standard gear but its still pretty nice. I like the Grenade launcher and the colored coded shells for it. Dragon makes the best weapons in my opinion. It would be cool to see a special Biohazard (Resident Evil) set of weapons that are a bonus for these sets. The game features lots of weapons.


Sculpting - ***1/2
The likeness is perfect on these figures. The hair matches as well as the expressions of the characters from the game. I personally think Claire is better than Chris but that could be just because my Chris seems to have some over spray on the mouth area. Claire's pony tail is poseable as well. Her head is more of a right left turn posing because she doesn't have a joint in her neck like Chris. Her head was off on mine when it arrived, but was easy to slide back on.
Articulation - Chris *** Claire *
I would have to rate these differently because Chris primarily has the Standard style of Dragon body which is very good. The only thing I don't like about his body are the hands. They are the bendy kind with the separate finger articulation. Nice in appearance but a bitch to get him to hold anything real good with. I much prefer Dragon's stiff no finger articulation hands which Claire is sporting on her body. I just don't know if he can handle a hand transplant with those soft skin arms. Claire's body totally scares me. She is just one big bendable figure. I don't think she would last very long with a lot of bending and posing. Maybe someone with experience of her body type would say different. She is still very poseable so I gave her 1 star. I would have loved to show you her body type but the clothing is so tight to her I don't think its possible to get it off without damaging it or her in the process. They may have assembled it on her. I will most likely transfer her head and clothing to a Eve 2.0 when they come out.
Paint - ***1/2
Excellent job, not much they could get wrong here. Not perfect because my Chris figures mouth bugs me a little. Have to squint my eyes at it to like it. The detail painting on the grips for the Lugers is really outstanding.
Value - **1/2
The value of these if your a big Resident Evil fan, seems to be fair. At least the price I paid, 120.00 total for the pair. Anybody that offered to get them for me in Japan, Singapore and Manila couldn't get them for anything less than 160.00 for the pair plus shipping. A couple of them did offer to trade for stuff they can't get so that may be a good option for some of you. My set came from Singapore via ebay and I bid on at least 5 sets before I won one at 120.00.


Overall - ***
I think they are very close to a perfect score. The only reason I wouldn't make it perfect is for the fact they are really too expensive and very hard to find. Claire's body scares me and I much rather have had a Eve body on her instead of the bendable one. But if your a Resident Evil fan like me you will probably pay the 60.00 each for them. Unless you live in Asia and parts of Europe you just can't find them. I would love to know the real reason why they didn't bring them to the USA. Well thanks for reading my review. I hope it was of some help for anyone wanting to know more about these figures from Dragon.


Figure from the collection of Gary Anderson

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