G.I. Joe RAH mini-bust
Warrant Officer Flint

Palisades Toys makes some exceptional mini-busts.  They really do.  I'm not a huge fan of G.I. Joe Real American Heroes - it was after my time.  For me, the only 'real' G.I. Joes were the 12" versions.  But Palisades can make a believer out of anyone, fan or not!

They've added another mini-bust to their series for the Real American Heroes.  This is the eighth mini-bust, and it's Warrant Officer Flint.  The only Rhodes Scholar in the group, he is a tactical planner and leader of men.  John Wayne would be proud.

These mini-busts retail for around  $40, depending on where you pick them up.  As always, I have some suggestions at the end of the review, but you can find them at many on-line dealers and local comic shops.

Packaging - ***
Palisades does a nice job with their packaging, and the Joe line is no exception.  The mini-busts are well packed, and the number one requirement - protecting the vitals - is covered.

Sculpting - ***1/2
The sculpts on the Joe busts are all top notch.  Flint is one of the best of the entire bunch, simply because he has a tremendous amount of detail in is clothing and 'accessories' on his body.

The sculpt, particularly around the face, is a rougher style than say, Scarlett.  But that seems appropriate for such a rough, tough hombre.  This is clearly not a man to mess with, and they've captured a facial expression that's serious without being constipated.

The detail work on the shirt, cartridge belt, shotgun shells, belt and emblems is excellent.  This is easily my favorite sculpt of the series.

Some folks may find the switch from arms to no arms and back again a tad inconsistent, but the consistent bases help maintain some symmetry within the line.

Paint - ****
The paint ops on Flint are excellent overall.  There's a little bleed at the borders of some of the more diverse colors, and the occasional sloppy line, but there's nothing series or obvious.  A routine inspection won't turn up serious issues.

The yellow shotgun shells make a nice contrast against the darker colors of his uniform, and the skin tone is even and consistent.  The weathered appearance of the base gives it a realistic look, and they've managed to use the paint application to highlight and even improve on the great sculpt.

Quality/Design - ***1/2
I mentioned the facial expression in the sculpting section, but I wanted to reiterate what a terrific overall design this is.  Flint looks flinty, and the set of his shoulders and crease of his jib imply a man who would just as soon cut your throat as talk to you.  And no, I have no idea what the hell a jib is.

Accessories - ***
This is really the first time I've ever had a mini-bust with an accessory.  Sure, some of the Gentle Giant busts have separate arms that you attach after, but the shotgun is really a separate item, with a real elastic strap, just like you might get with the usual sixth scale action figure.

The sculpt is good, although rougher than you would see in the sixth scale market.  It's a well down pump shotgun, with a pistol grip stock, just the kind of thing to use up close and personal.

Value - **1/2
The mini-bust market isn't a cheap one.  Most busts run in the $35 - $45 range, no matter what the license might be.  Since these fall within that range, they also fall within the average but nothing spectacular rating for the value section.  If you're collecting mini-busts, you won't be surprised by the price.  If the normal mini-bust seems too expensive to you, then this one will most likely seem too expensive as well.

Overall - ***1/2
I already mentioned that I'm not a big RAH fan, but I can certainly appreciate the exceptional work, detail, and attention that has gone into these mini-busts.  I'm proud to display these on my shelf with mini-busts from other companies like Gentle Giant, Sideshow and Bowen, and the big fan of RAH won't be disappointed.  To get the entire line is going to cost you some serious green, but if Flint is one of your favorite characters, you'll want to seriously consider picking this one up.

Where to Buy - 
Your local comic shop may carry these, or you can use one of many on-line shops:

- Beans Toys has him for only $30, the best price I've seen.

- Aisle Sniper has Flint for $40, and some of the earlier busts for as little as $33.

- Killer Toys has Flint for $35, along with some of the other past releases.

Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford.

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