12" Rocketeer

We have a terrific guest review tonight from a new reviewer - just call him Coheteboy!  This is the new 12" Rocketeer from Medicom - take it away!

For those who haven't seen Disney's The Rocketeer (1991) directed by Joe Johnston, I'd personally have to say that you're missing out on a gem; a solid entertaining picture.  Positive reviews, however wasn't enough for Disney as the audiences just weren't flocking to see this film in the theater.  Which is probably why you won't see a sequel, a themed attraction in the Disney parks or any new Rocketeer merchandise.

Overseas in Japan, it's another story.  Medicom picked up the license to produce a number of beautifully sculpted vinyl dolls for Disney, as well as some Kubrick action figures, and the 12" Rocketeer (aka Cliff Secord) for their Real Action Heroes line.

Limited to only 2,000, this Rocketeer won't be easy to find since it is sold only in Japan and if you do find it in a specialty shop here in the States, it won't come cheap.  Hopefully, the few Rocketeer fans out there can use this review to see if you really want to fork out the dough for this amazing figure.

Packaging - ****
The box for The Rocketeer is impressive to say the least, with an opening flap on the front similar to the Star Wars Collector Series.  The artwork on the front and back of the box are both excellent and unique while leaving the sides black makes the art stand out that much more.  The window reveals enough of the figure to keep any toy collector satisfied but we all know that a toy this well made has to come out of the box.

Sculpting - ***1/2
The sculpting really only applies to the helmet and it is done extremely well.  It is film accurate which is very welcome during these times of hit and miss sculpts.  The paint applications are also a delight, giving the proper shade and shine as seen in the film.

The helmet, unfortunately, isn't removeable but Medicom has gone so far as to sculpt on straps around his chin and the helmet actually does look removeable at first glance.  Even the back of Cliff's head is visible giving the illusion of a removable helmet.

Paint - ****
There's not much to say here, since the helmet and jetpack are all that requires paint and Medicom did a spectacular job on both.  Very well defined.

Articulation - ****
You can't get much better than this figure.  Even through the heavy layers of clothing, the Rocketeer is easily poseable with plenty of articulation.  The majority of the points here are ball-socket joints making posing extremely easy.  There are even an extra set of hands (w/o gloves) that provide even more articulation in the wrist. 

The one minor flaw, and I really mean minor is that the set of hands (w/ gloves) are fisted without any extra articulated fingers.  But since the Rocketeer doesn't fly Superman style, this is a very minor quibble.  An extra set of hands do add to the score.  Unfortunately, due to the amount of layers on this figure, it is nearly impossible to see just how many points of articulation there really is.  And I'm not about to strip it down... EVER.

Outfit - ****
The outfit is probably the one thing making this figure a notch above anything else.  From the boots to the pants to the jacket, everything is right on target.  The leather jacket contains ACTUAL buttons and a working zipper.  No velcro!  On top of that, the jetpack (it kinda counts as part of the outfit) is strapped in with a buckle as if it was the real deal.  Medicom spared no expense in the fine details and it really shows. 

The problem with such a detailed outfit is the trouble you'd have to go through to remove something such as the rocket pack.  Since every small button really works, getting him back together takes quite a bit of time.  You soon appreciate that the rocket pack has already been safely secured upon removing The Rocketeer from the box.

Accessories - **1/2
The Rocketeer doesn't come with any real accessories, but the one he does come with is a GOOD one:  the rocket pack.  This removable rocket pack comes already strapped onto the figure and be glad it does (more on that below)!  Just look at how much effort was put into recreating the rocket pack.  It could have easily been an accessory with no paint applications but there is definitely fine detail put into it.  This isn't an Ultimate Jango clip on Jet pack either... this is a fully rendered accessory.

I suppose the extra set of hands can be considered accessories but that's about it.  Where the Rocketeer lost points in this category would be of course to not have a removable helmet and a pistol (since he did come with an extra set of hands).

Both blades are nicely sculpted, with a good paint wash, but the plastic is a little flimsy, due to safety regulations.

Value - **1/2
It's a tough call to decide if this figure is worth your money.  It certainly is if you're a fan of the film and since this is the ONLY accurate toy of the Rocketeer ever made.  And it probably will be for quite some time, since Disney is afraid to take risks in things that didn't quite succeed despite how good the product turned out to be.  Even if another company produced their own Rocketeer figure, you can be sure that it won't match the quality found in this figure.  Because the figure was selling out in Japan and limited to only 2,000, I felt the $175 I paid at a Toy Show was worth the trouble.  (yes, I liked the film that much).

Overall - ****
A picture is worth a thousand words, and seeing photos of this figure was enough for me to crave it no matter what the cost.  Being such a fan of the film, this "Real Action Hero" is the most perfect Rocketeer figure that can ever be produced.  Nothing in the States has come this close to perfection.  The sculpt, articulation, outfit are all extremely well done.  But if you wanted to pose your Rocketeer figure with other 12" figures, you might notice that he comes out a little short.  Despite his "shortcomings", you will not be disappointed.  Medicom has a long listing of amazing toys and dolls and the thought often comes to mind, "how would the 12" Star Wars toys look if they were done by Medicom?"  They'd probably be like The Rocketeer: perfect.

Where to Buy:  The hardest part of getting this figure is exactly that... finding a location that sells it.  This item can only be found at specialty import stores so call around and ask for their price.  There are plenty of auctions on Ebay at a variety of prices going no lower than $150.  Most of these are on shipped from overseas so be expected to pay $25-30 on shipping.  If you can find one in the states, it'd be a good idea to pick it up.

Figure from the collection of Coheteboy.

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