Marvel Legends Series 5
Colossus, Nick Fury and Sabretooth

Coheteboy is back to finish off the Marvel Legends series 5 reviews.  And he's got some fantastic photos - let's hear what he thinks of the second half!

Last time we took a look at Mr Fantastic, Silver Surfer, and Red Skull. Today we'll take a closer look at three more figures in series 5 of Toy Biz's Marvel Legends. 

Don't forget that there's still a Wesley Snipes version of Blade to yet be released and we'll cover that once it hits the stores. 

Packaging - ***1/2
This toy line has used identical packaging throughout the entire span of the series, which is actually great for carded collectors if they want to keep a level of consistency in their collection. Each figure and cardback are encased in a plastic shell protecting it from most damage, though it is still possible to crush the bubble if not careful. As always, the comic book serves as a backdrop behind the figure and provides a visual energy to the package. 

The cardback features the "Power Grid" (power and intelligence statistics) as well as a small blurb about the character, just in case you need a refresher on who it is your looking at. 

I've said it time and time again, this packaging is probably the most practical to keep both figure and comic book protected and I wouldn't want it any other way. 

Sculpting - Colossus ****; Sabretooth *** 1/2; Nick Fury ***
Just ignore the scores for now because all three of these figures are incredibly well sculpted and might only need slight adjustments if any to be perfect. But since we have Colossus here, I'd have to adjust the scores accordingly since the level of detail in Nick Fury just doesn't compare.

Let's start with Nick Fury, which might be the least popular of the series. I personally never read any comics with this character, but I knew enough from collecting Marvel Comic Cards as a child. I probably would have went with a different figure to be made but personal preferences aside, Nick Fury is a very well sculpted figure. Some may gripe ever so slightly about his snarl, but it doesn't bother me much. There is a really cool feature here as he has a working holster with track on his chest with pistol fitting nice and snug. Though Nick Fury is a simpler figure than many other Legends and has less detail in his outfit leading to the lower score in sculpting overall, don't read too much into this because he is indeed a well sculpted figure.

Moving up the scale is the villainous Sabretooth, rival to X-Men's Wolverine. Sabretooth has a fantastic sculpt and it's very well near perfect in my opinion. The detail in the fur/hair is very well appreciated and just adds to the quality of the figure. I would only have one complaint and that is with his facial expression. It's very accurate to what you might see in the comics but I think it can be improved. Most angles appear like he's having a good chuckle. 

Lastly we have the mighty Colossus. This guy, my friends, is an AWESOME figure. Say goodbye to the awkwardness of Thor and say hello to the figure that demands attention. The head sculpt, arms, legs, hands are all precisely executed. I couldn't have asked for a better sculpted figure. This is a "wow" 100%. 

Paint - ****
I usually have issues with some or more figures but in the case of these three, I had a perfect batch. I love the detail that Toy Biz has been putting into the figures by adding different shades and tones to solid colors. Doing so creates another level of depth that wouldn't have been achieved otherwise. I have no complaints here.

Articulation - ****
All three of these figures have different amounts of articulation but they all deserve a perfect score in this department. Nick Fury has the fewest with a mere 33 points. Even the giant Colossus has 37 points. And if you thought Elektra and Rogue have a lot of articulation, Sabretooth has an amazing 44 points of articulation!!! 

Nick Fury's amount of articulation is pretty much the standard that can be found with most Marvel Legends but seeing 37 and 44 on Colossus and Sabretooth respectively is incredible. What sets these two giants apart from the rest just extra joints here and there. Sabretooth for example has three points of articulation in each hand alone! Colossus has two finger joints in each hand and also features a brand new shoulder joint allowing him to reach his arms up higher than normal. 

As incredible as Colossus is, I still have just one complaint in regards to articulation: very limited head movement. He can look side to side very easily but can't do much going up and down. His head snaps on much like a ball-joint but doesn't function that way. Aside from that, all three figures here are just great. 

Accessories - Nick Fury *** 1/2; the rest: ***
Compared with the first batch, the accessories found here are pretty lacking. But then again, there's not much needed for most of these guys to be complete. 

Sabretooth and Colossus both come with comic book and a very nicely sculpted & painted base. Sabretooth's base is the foot portion of a defeated Sentinel while Colossus is the upper body portion. The bases are wall-mountable though you couldn't do too much with them there. 

Nick Fury comes with comic book, rocket pack, pistol that fits into his holster, and a two piece flame that connects to the rocket pack. The two-piece flame base resembles the water base that came with Namor but plugs in nicely to the rocket pack, putting Nick in a somewhat awkward flying mode. Because of the angle, there aren't too many poses that do Nick Fury justice but it's still cool nonetheless. The flame base is attractively painted and it's always great for options to position figures in varying heights.

Value - ****
No doubt about it, $6.88 at Wal-Mart is an amazing bargain for figures with this much detail and articulation. Even at a higher $8.99, these are well worth it. 

Overall - ****
What more can I say? These are fantastic figures. I love great sculpts as much as the next guy but I love really really good sculpts with TONS of articulation even more. Out of these three, Colossus is my favorite and Sabretooth comes a very close second. 

Since this wraps up 6/7 of series 5, what do I think of them all together? Personally, while Colossus was the one figure that excited me the most, it turned out that Silver Surfer is actually my favorite figure of the series. There's just something really cool about a silver dude on a surfboard. And as badly executed as Red Skull is, Nick Fury just happens to be my least favorite of the bunch, simply because I never cared for him as a character much. But in the end, this is one rockin' series and I can't wait to see what's next.

Where to Buy - 
So far the only place I've seen these are at Wal-Mart stores. When they'll pop up at Target and Toys'R'Us is anybody's guess but it'll happen eventually.


Figures from the collection of Coheteboy.

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