Clone Wars
Mace Windu

Sean Teeter squeezes in tonight with a guest review of the new Clone Wars Mace Windu.  Take it away, Sean!

For something thatís been talked about since Star Wars: A New Hope, the Clone Wars are certainly getting an interesting treatment by Lucasfilm. Theyíre animated in three minute segments for television. Oh yeah, thereíre also a few toys out there for sale. 

Well tonight I have a new hope of my own, because Hasbro has released a new Mace Windu figure. There hasnít been a good one since the very first preview figure for Episode 1. So how does the new one fair?

Packaging - ***
I like the red dust explosion on the card, along with the blue stripe on the side. While not as nice as the gold stripe Saga packaging, I think itís eye-catching and neatly done.

Sculpting - ***
Wait . . . Iím giving three stars to a Mace Windu in this category? Let me check my window, I think I saw a pig fly by . . .
First off, the head actually bears some resemblance to the super-cool Samuel L. Jackson, and even better, thereís nothing really goofy about it. Iím not so crazy about the partially open grimace, but it doesnít look that bad.

The shoulders do inhibit the arm movement, but itís a small thing. The outfit is highly detailed and covered with creases and wrinkles in all the right places. The hands are also sculpted well, and donít have any trouble holding his light saber. The only weird spot is the proportion of his head to his body: Maceís melon should be a little bigger, especially with that long neck it sits on. In the end, heís not perfect but Iím happy with this version of Mace. If only we could get a regular one now as opposed to an Extended Universe version.

Paint - ***
Except for around the neck area, thereís almost no bleeding to be found. Basically Maceís robes are either dark or light brown, with white pants and undershirt. The boots have dark coppery shin guards on the front. Everything is very nicely done, but simple.

Articulation - ***1/2
Hold the @*$%#!!! phone! Strap on your snowshoes, Hell has just frozen over! Hasbro has finally made a well-articulated Mace Windu!
Ten points, count Ďem: ball-joint head, limited ball-jointed shoulders, limited ball-jointed elbows, wrist cuts, a waist cut, and hip cuts! 

The ball-jointed elbows are an absolutely brilliant touch by Hasbro and add quite a lot of poseability to the figure. Mace can hold his light saber with a classic double-handed grip or go single-handed. The ball-jointed neck affects the look of the head just a bit but is a nice touch. I would have liked some knee joints, but Mace has no problems standing on his own.

Accessories - ***1/2
Mace comes with four accessories: two removable wrist gauntlets, a removable Jedi Tunic, and his trademark purple lightsaber.

The gauntlets are okay, and frankly I can live without them. They donít add much of anything to the figure itself, and can get lost behind desks and bookcases pretty easily. The tunic is actually just the lower skirt, which is attached to two pegs in the front. He looks kind of silly without it, but it does allow him to sit easily in the Jedi Starfighter.  

The real winner here is the lightsaber, which is a brand-new sculpt. The hilt is movie accurate down to the belt peg, and the paint ops are very detailed. This is the first 3 ľĒ Mace Windu to sport the accurate hilt. I just wish the blade was removable, but we canít have everything.

Durability - ***
Heís pretty solid all around. The head pops off pretty easily, but snaps right back on. No problem if you want Mace to be on the losing end of a lightsaber battle every now and then. 

Value - ***1/2
Mace is a pretty solid figure all around, and at $5 heís a pretty good value. At Target, heís even less at about four and a half bucks. If you see him, get him. Crazy Star Wars has him at a pre-sell price of $7.50. Star Wars Figures is pretty high at $10.99. As always, Ebay is always an option.

Overall - ***1/2
He has his flaws, but this is definitely the best 3 ľĒ Mace Windu on the market. His detailed lightsaber and excellent arm articulation shine. The only thing holding him back from four stars are his limited shoulder joints and lack of leg articulation. I would have loved a completely removable tunic as opposed to just the skirt section, especially since he looks a little ridiculous without it. I can see why Hasbro did it that way (easier to sit in vehicles), but it still comes off a little weird. Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by this figure, especially with the lightsaber, articulation, and lack of useless action features. Heís definitely a worthy addition to your Star Wars collection. 

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