V for Vendetta

Last year saw the release of the controversial film V for Vendetta. The fact that this film was deemed controversial at all goes to show where the U.S. is in its current political ideology. Unfortunately.

The hero of this film, and of the graphic novel on which it was based, is V. Dressing up like Guy Fawkes, the anachronistic V battles the fascist leadership of a near future Britain. Is he a hero or a villain? Sane or insane? That's left up to you to decide.

NECA landed the rights to do a number of collectibles based on the film, including this 7" scaled action figure. It hit some Hot Topics in time for the fifth of November, but I just received mine from the online dealer this last week. Expect to pay around $13 for him.

Packaging - ***
It's the usual clamshell, with a nice looking paper insert. Good graphics, a little text, and a solid display of the figure itself. And you know I love how well those clamshells hold up to shelf wear!

Sculpting - ***1/2
The sculpt is very well done, with excellent proportions from head to torso to limbs, a very good approximation of the Guy Fawkes mask including sculpted moustache and goatee, and nice texturing on the clothing. The texturing on the shirt is particularly impressive, with a knitted sort of cross hatch pattern that looks extremely realistic.

The cape is made from a soft rubber, and is sculpted to look best either with the hands posed pushing it back, or with the hands holding the knives to the side. The soft rubber hair has a good, natural flow to it, and the mask looks very much like a mask - smooth and unblemished - and not just like an odd looking face.

The figure stands fine on his own, and the hands are sculpted to hold the knives tightly. If you're looking for a V figure to fit in with your other Cult Classics or Movie Maniacs style collection, then you should be quite pleased.

Paint - ***
From a distance, the paint job holds up well, but close inspection will give away the issues, particularly on the mask.

The body, cape and boots are predominately a matte finish, and several of these pieces are done in softer rubber. The black is fairly consistent, and a dry brushing is used on the boots to create some highlights. This overall black contrasts nicely with the bright glossy mask, and the silver daggers in the belt.

The mask is where I've seen the most issues, particularly in the moustache and eyebrows. These thin lines tend to be too thick or too thin, or even have small dots off line like on mine. When picking yours out, pay particularly close attention to the work on the mask for any problems.

Articulation - **
Unfortunately, V doesn't have much in the way of useful articulation for any sort of posing beyond the basic stance. There's articulation here, and more than you might expect, but most of it is rendered useless by a few missing joints.

For example, he has a cut waist, ball jointed hips, and cuts at the top of his boots. But without knee joints, the joints really don't give him any options beyond putting his legs a little further apart or a little closer together.

He also have a ball jointed neck, easily the most useful joint he sports, and the head can tilt and lean pretty well even with the soft rubber hair.

There's ball jointed shoulders and ball jointed wrists, but again, these joints are pretty useless without elbow joints. That's particularly frustrating with the ball jointed wrists, because the tilt and turn extremely well, and could have been so useful had there been some elbows to help out.

Accessories - ***
There's six daggers, all of which can fit in their appropriate slot on his belt, or be held in either hand. The sculpts on these are solid, and they look good on or off his body.

Then there's his hat, which is a soft rubber, and fits on over his noggin' quite easily. He looks much better in the hat than out, and you'll probably only be displaying him that way.

Fun Factor -***
A little more articulation would help make this a better toy, but considering that it's intended as a 'collectible' first and an action figure second, we're probably lucky we got the articulation we did. Kids could actually have some fun with this guy, and he's scaled to fit in with other 7" figures.

Value - **1/2
These run around $13 - $14, depending on the retailer. That's a nice, average value, given today's specialty market.

Things to Watch Out For - 
If you're buying these off the peg, watch those face paint ops. Otherwise, it's unlikely you'll have any issues.

Overall - ***
The figure has a few paint issues, but the sculpt is excellent. He really does need more articulation though, and this figure simply reminds me of how many people I'd kill to get a great sixth scale version of this character. This is a character that Medicom would do amazingly well!

But for the collector of 7" figures, with a shelf full of heroes, villains and monsters from their favorite films, this guy will fit right in. He really only has one pose, but thankfully it's a great one.

Score Recap:
Packaging - ***
Sculpt - ***1/2
Paint - ***
Articulation - **
Accessories - ***
Fun Factor - ***
Value -  **1/2
Overall - ***

Where to Buy - 
These have been out at Hot Topic for three weeks or so, but you can also snag them online:

- YouBuyNow has him listed at just $12.

- Amazing Toyz and CornerStoreComics both have him in stock at $12 each. And they also have the new 12" statue and prop replica knife in stock!

- Alter Ego Comics has them for $12.74.

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Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford.

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